Mastering Airsoft CQB Cleaning Tactics

In the high-intensity world of airsoft, close quarters battles (CQB) matches are some of the most thrilling and demanding. The tight spaces and fast-paced action require both skill and strategy to come out on top. However, keeping your gear and workspace clean is crucial if you want to stay ahead in any airsoft match, especially in CQB games. In this article, we will discuss the essential cleaning tactics that all players must know for effective CQB gameplay.

Cleaning Your Airsoft Gun

The performance of your airsoft gun directly impacts your success in a CQB match. Regular maintenance of your weapon ensures that it stays functional, accurate and reliable throughout multiple rounds. Let’s go over a few key components that need your attention:

  • Barrel Cleaning: Any debris, dust or grease in the barrel can significantly affect the accuracy of your shots. Make it a habit to inspect and clean your barrel after every game. To start, turn off and disconnect your gun from its power source (battery or gas supply). Remove the magazine, and use a cleaning rod with a cloth wrapped around it to push any grime out of the bore.
  • Gearbox Maintenance: The gearbox is the heart of an electric powered airsoft gun. It requires occasional cleaning and lubrication to ensure smooth operation and prevent wear and tear. A detailed disassembling and cleaning should be done by a professional technician at least once a year. However, players can open up the gearbox themselves to perform simple tasks such as greasing gears and inspecting for damage. Knowing how to maintain your gearbox will prolong the life of your airsoft gun and improve its performance.
  • External Care: The exterior of your gun should also be kept clean, focusing on where dirt accumulates most – like around magazine wells, trigger guards, and sights. For an example, cleaning external parts of an airsoft AR15 would help improve its reliability and ensure continued functioning throughout matches. Remove any loose dirt with a soft brush, then use a cloth and specialized cleaner to wipe down all exposed surfaces.

Airsoft Gear and Props Cleanliness

In addition to keeping your gun functional, cleanliness extends to your gear as well:

  • Protective Equipment Maintenance: Your protective gear, such as goggles and face masks, should always be cleaned after each game. This not only prevents fogging issues during gameplay but also helps maintain your health by reducing bacterial buildup. Gently wash lenses with warm water and a mild detergent, then rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Clothing and Tactical Gear: Tactical vests, gloves, holsters, and other wearable items should be regularly washed or wiped down after each use. Sweat and dirt build-up reduces comfort and increases wear and tear. Simply follow the care instructions provided on their labels, and be mindful of velcro attachments that may hamper cleanliness.

Battlefield Cleanliness

Maintaining a clean play environment is just as essential as personal equipment care. This not only ensures enjoyable gameplay but also helps to maintain overall safety:

  • Secure Hazardous Objects: In the heat of a CQB game, hazards like exposed wires or broken glass can cause injuries if left unchecked. Make sure these objects are removed from the field before every match, paying extra attention to areas with high foot traffic and frequently used cover locations.
  • Keep the Ground Clear: Used magazines, empty gas canisters or dropped items can create tripping hazards during a fast-paced airsoft game. Ensure your designated playing area is free from such clutter and designate specific zones for reloading or replacing spent items.
  • Limit Debris Impact on Matches: Keeping windows clear of debris can make a significant difference during games. Players who regularly brush or wipe away accumulated dust and dirt after each encounter will experience reduced obstructions and improved visibility, enabling smoother gameplay.


4 Tips For Avoiding Stress This Holiday Season

Although the holiday season is supposed to be one of the happiest periods of the year, when we get to spend time with people we love most celebrating all of the festivities, in truth it can be one of the most stressful periods of the year for most of us.

Between the pressure of choosing the perfect gift, to being able to afford it all to the long lines and crowded parking lots.— the holiday season can be stressful.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some of the best steps for weeding out the stress of the holiday season, and making more room for joy and celebration.

Plan Early

One of the biggest causes of holiday stress is feeling like you don’t have enough time to accomplish everything you need to get done. Instead of waiting until Christmas Eve to buy your gifts, plan ahead instead. This won’t just help you avoid the last-minute stress of racing the clock, but it will also help you save money. Buying certain items off-season often means better deals. So if you can manage to purchase a few months before Christmas, you could save potentially hundreds of dollars.

Be Realistic

Another reason why Christmas can be stressful is that many people have unrealistic expectations. Instead of going with the flow or being realistic, they have a specific vision in their minds of how things should play out. If anything even slightly deters from the vision in their head then they can get neurotic. Sound familiar?

Instead of focusing on making a picture-perfect Christmas, focus on making one that’s full of meaningful moments and joy. Remember, the point of the holidays isn’t about what’s in your stocking, or how many presents you received— it’s about love and togetherness.

Practice Balance

There are all sorts of temptations to give in to during the holidays. It’s easy to cave and have a few extra Christmas cookies, or allow yourself a glass of eggnog every night. After all, it’s the holidays, right? However, these indulgences often turn into extreme guilt and unnecessary weight gain. While enjoying yourself is perfectly fine, and even encouraged, overindulging could be unnecessary stress added to the holiday season that you don’t need.

Enlist Help

If you’re hosting the holiday celebrations, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Even though you may want to believe that you can take it all on yourself, the truth is that you may be signing yourself up for a burnout. Enlist other family members to help with holiday preparation work.

Whether it’s meal prep, wrapping gifts, or decorating, delegating tasks to other members of the family will reduce your stress load and create more of a festive atmosphere since everyone’s doing their part.


Things you need to know before hiring a wedding photographer

Wedding or elopement preparation takes a lot of time and energy. Even if you are a good planner, you don’t do it every day. That’s why it would be good to look through some tips for hiring a professional photographer for your special day.

Hire in advance

Never delay hiring a professional photographer. Good ones are always busy. If you really like a professional, do not waste your time. Also, remember that an experienced person will cost more. And there is no need to save money on photography. Yet almost every professional has wedding or elopement packages with different services and prices. So you will be able to choose the most comfortable one. Your wedding album should be the most beautiful reminder of Big Day. Pay once, have sweet memories forever.

Discuss the timing

Discussing the wedding day timing with your photographer is very useful. Not every hour of a day is suitable for taking photos. If the sun is too bright, the photo session can be delayed. The sunset hour, in turn, provides us with soft, warm lighting. Doing everything as planned is as important as having a schedule on hand. The photo session takes more than just 10 minutes. Being late will affect the duration of the photo session and the quantity of photos you will get.

Stop chasing perfection

Do not try these top 5 face expressions you’ve rehearsed before the wedding. The harder you try, the less natural you will look. The same rule applies to the poses. Unnatural poses add too much tension, which is noticeable in the photos. Do not hesitate to be yourself. Express your sincere emotions – laugh, dance, have fun with the love of your life. Together with the newlyweds, true love and happiness are the most beautiful elements of the photo session.

Share some references

If you work with a professional, the quality of photos is never a question. But you still need to point out what moments you would like to shoot. Showing pictures for reference is always a good idea. Every wedding is different. So, even a portfolio of the chosen photographer will contain a lot of different photos. It would be amazing if you could find some reference pics among them.

Do not chase trends and do not ask for thousands of pics. Carefully check the terms and conditions of the wedding or elopement package you consider. Most likely, the total quantity of photos is indicated in the package description.

Rehearsal photo session

A love story or engagement photo session is a great opportunity to check the professional skills of the photographer. It will also help to get used to each other. So, on the wedding day you won’t be shy and work in tandem.


Ways to Shop for Gold Jewellery Online

Gold is a precious metal, and it has been used in the manufacturing of jewellery since ancient times. The most common form of gold jewellery is gold rings, which are typically made from gold or silver.

Jewellery is not just a fashion statement; it can also be an investment. You should consider buying gold jewellery if you believe the metal price will increase. This might be because there will be more demand for it due to its rarity or because it may become more valuable due to its use in industries such as electronics and aviation.

Find the Best Gold Jewellery Deals with Simple Tricks

There are several ways to find the best gold jewellery deals. However, it is essential to note that you should not buy jewellery from a place that is too expensive. To avoid getting ripped off, be sure to do your research before gold jewellery shopping. There are simple tricks that will help you get the most bang for your buck when buying gold jewellery online:

  1. Read reviews and compare prices
  2. Compare prices of similar products
  3. Make sure that the website has a good return policy
  4. Check out their customer service
  5. Make sure that they have a good warranty
  6. Get a coupon, promo code, or discount code from them to save more money
  7. Read the shipping information carefully
  8. Read customer reviews

What style of Gold Hoop Earrings are you looking for?

Gold hoop earrings are a popular jewellery item, and they are usually worn by women and can be used as a fashion accessory. You can find different styles of gold hoop earrings; some have thick, elaborate designs while others are simple and elegant. You can also find them in different colors such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, black gold and more.

The most popular earring style is the classic hoop style that has been around for centuries. Today jewellery companies have taken the traditional design and made it more modern with unique twists on the classic design like oversized hoops or diamond-shaped hoops with a single row of diamonds around the hoop.

Best Places to Buy Trendy Golden Hoops

Golden hoops have been around for a long time, and they are still popular as ever. They are also one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery you can wear. There is a wide variety of golden hoop jewellery on the market, so it is difficult to say which is the best place to buy them. However, some online retailers sell gold hoop jewellery at affordable prices if you want to buy a gold hoop online.

The Road Ahead

This blog provides essential information about buying gold jewellery online, such as what you need to know and what you should look for when purchasing. It is an excellent start for anyone who wants to buy their first piece of gold jewellery and is unsure where or how to start.

Do you have any questions about this article? Click here to contact us today.  

Tips For Quickly Boosting Your Confidence

Many things in life can knock our confidence. One word, one look, one mistake, and so on – they can all make us feel as though we’re not good enough. The truth is that these things don’t matter, and as long as we love ourselves and continue to move forward in life, we’re doing well, but that doesn’t mean those things won’t reduce our confidence levels, despite knowing this.

If you know that your confidence is lacking and you need to boost it quickly to feel better, there are a number of things you can do. Read on to find out about some of them.

Have A Makeover

It’s important to note that looks aren’t everything and that there are plenty of other things to focus on in life, but if you want to boost your confidence levels, a makeover can work wonders. The trick is to do it for yourself, not for anyone else. If you’re making these changes for yourself, you’ll truly reap the benefits. If you do it for someone else, you’ll still feel less confident, no matter how great you look.

If you have physical insecurities, these can seriously limit how confident you feel, which is why a makeover can make such a difference in your life. Visiting Your Laser Skin Care for Los Angeles laser hair removal is an excellent idea, for example, as body hair can cause many confidence problems. Learning how to put on makeup, having a haircut, or even going shopping for new clothes will all give your confidence the boost you need.

Get A New Hobby

Hobbies are important, and if you don’t have one, it’s time to start looking into getting one. Even if you do have one, adding another – or doing more with the one you have – is a great way to boost your confidence.

Hobbies build confidence because they are a safe space to explore skills and grow those skills. Whether you choose to play a sport, do something creative, or collect something, every time you do more, you’ll learn more, and the more you learn, the more confident you will be about your talents. Remember, you don’t have to be good at what you do for a hobby to enjoy it, but you do have to try to get better, and this is the key.

If you want a boost of confidence, think about your hobby. Think about what you knew and what you could do when you first started and think about where you are now. Can you see how much you’ve learned and how different you are?

Smile More

Smiling boosts your confidence in a variety of different ways. Firstly, going back to how we look, smiling is generally considered more attractive than a frown or a neutral expression, so when we smile, we can feel confident knowing we look our best.

Another benefit of smiling is that it actually makes us happy. Next time you’re feeling down, try an experiment; smile. Even a fake smile can produce the same ‘happy hormones’ that a real smile does, and you’ll feel a lot better very quickly.


Kill Boredom Playing a Logic Puzzle

Logic puzzles are a great way to test your analytical skills and have a lot of fun at the same time. A logic puzzle is basically a description of an event/gathering/contest, etc. You are given some specific information (a list of people, objects, places involved) and several conditions that describe the relationships among these elements. Your task is to use this information to deduce the full details of the situation.

Tutors can use logic puzzles as an instructional tool for teaching deductive reasoning skills. They can also be used in job interviews for testing prospective employees. Solving logic puzzles is also a great way to entertain yourself and pass your time without a computer or TV.

There are some excellent reasons for including logic puzzles in your list of things to do

* Deductive Reasoning – The ability to make inferences from specific statements to reach a logical conclusion is a vital skill that is not only needed by scientists and engineers but also by people belonging to all walks of life.

* Verbal Reasoning – It often happens that schooling gamers who can solve math problems but have difficulty relating with others do well on logic puzzles. Since some young gamers typically have difficulty in verbal reasoning, solving logic puzzles can help them improve their skills in this area.

Logic puzzles are sort of like mind teasers but with a much more logical approach. They require you to deduce the connections and relations between seemingly random things and arrive at a solution based on that.

Logic Puzzle Rules

Logic puzzles are like crossword puzzles. They have a set of rules that determines what words can and cannot appear and how the puzzle is to be solved. For example, in a simple crossword puzzle, you can place only one letter in each word. If you write two words that mean the same thing, you get an open box, so don’t write two words that mean the same thing.

In logic puzzles, you can use any rule. There are no prohibitions. In fact, you are allowed to violate rules. But if you do so deliberately, your solution will be wrong. In a crossword puzzle, there’s no obvious way to tell whether a given answer box is open or not.

Benefits of Logic Puzzles

A large part of the appeal of logic puzzles is the satisfaction that comes when you get them right. But there is a deeper satisfaction: it is the satisfaction of having made a discovery. That’s the part that is hard to describe. They are beautiful, almost perfect in their simplicity and elegance.

There are several different kinds of logic puzzles, but they all share a common theme: make a sequence of statements that makes logical sense but which is not true. They come in all sorts of forms, but the most common ones involve finding an apparently empty statement that can be turned into one that does make sense. For example, some puzzles are about finding the word or phrase that fills all the blanks.

Finally, a logic puzzle is a problem that can be solved by thinking about it. The goal of solving a logic puzzle is to solve the problem, not necessarily to develop the cleverest solution. It doesn’t matter how good your solution is as long as you can solve the puzzle. As long as you know the game’s rules and follow them, you’ll enjoy playing logic puzzles.


Why it is essential to gift toys to your dogs

Have you ever experienced the joy of seeing your dog’s excitement receiving a toy? Nothing ever beats the happiness of seeing your little munchkin having fun! Dog toys are not luxury anymore; it’s a necessity. Research has found that buying gifts for your dog triggers happiness and brings good health. It brings forth their fun side while also motivating them to be active.

Imagine how much your dog misses you when you leave them alone at home! That’s when toys come in handy to keep them occupied till you return to your poochy. Apart from that, it keeps them from developing weird behaviours and helps socialise.

These days, you can get the best custom-designed dog toys and personalised dog collars that match your pup paw-fectly. However, unlike cats, dogs are more likely to play with any object they get, so you will need to keep a close eye on your dog to avoid any accidents.

Toy Ideas to Gift Your Dog

Want to select the best toys for your princely pooch? Here are some recommended dog toys that can bring joy to your pup!

  • Nyla bone: These hard, chewy toys come in various shapes and are fun for your pup to play with. You might already be tired of how many shoes your dog has chewed on. These rubbery toys are perfect for chewing and carrying around.
  • Rawhide bones: If you plan to get a rawhide bone for your doggy, consult a vet to find out which ones are safe to play and chew on. There are different kinds of rawhides produced in the market, which may not be suitable for your dog.
  • Kong-type toys: If you want to keep your dog occupied, so they don’t disrupt another crucial online meeting, these feeding Kong-style toys are ideal! Your dog can enjoy a tasty treat for hours if it is loaded with broken goodies and delights.
  • Plush toys: Soft plush toys are a great comfort for your doggy. Dogs (some) like to play with soft toys and enjoy carrying them around as a companion. That’s why small soft plush toys can be a good choice.
  • Bouncy balls: Any bouncy rubber balls or tennis balls encourage fun time and exercise. The high-bounce and airy nature of these balls easily add a fun element. You can have a great fetching game with your dog and enjoy playtime.
  • Knotted rope tug: If your dog enjoys playing with ropes, then these affordable knotted rope tugs are just what you need! It can be used for tug-of-war, fetching and also chewing. The rope strands are also useful for flossing your dog’s teeth. It comes in various colours and sizes, depending on your dog’s preference.
  • Squeak toys: If you have a large destructive dog, squeaky toys are the best. These uniquely built toys are textured, tough, durable, and indestructible (almost), allowing your poochy to both play and interact with them.
  • Dog collars & leads: Apart from playing, your pooch also deserves to look all decked up. Nothing makes a dog more adorable than customised dog collars and leads. You can even add your dogs’ names and phone numbers to the collars and leads.

Important Considerations

We want your dog to be 100 % safe on a scale of doggy safety because not everything we give them could be suitable for their holistic health. That’s why, whenever you are getting a toy, you need to make sure it’s safe.

  1. It is critical to consider the weight and breed of your pet to get the best option.
  2. Check what type of toys they like. For example, not all dogs enjoy fetching, or not all dogs enjoy soft toys. Therefore, depending on your dog’s preference, look for appropriate toys.
  3. Dogs (especially big ones) can easily get choked on small pieces like buttons, rocks, strings, or plastics. Consider buying large toys made with chewy rubber to avoid swallowing the whole toy.

Wrapping up

Toys are a wonderful way to show how much you love and care for your pooch and also to help them remain active. So give your fuzzy buddy fun toys and stunning custom dog collars, and watch them jump around!


Pointers in Playing Baccarat


Baccarat is considered one of the popular casino games for novice players because there is almost no strategy required. All you need to think about is placing your bet and the dealer will take care of the rest. People are quite intimidated at playing baccarat for being a game for the rich. Luckily, due to the emergence of online casinos, one can play the game at a reasonable amount.

Before starting your journey on playing baccarat, let us share some simple tips that might help you.


In baccarat, you will bet on whether the player or banker’s hand will win or will tie. But let me tell you – Never bet on a tie. One reason why players like the game is that the house edge is very small compared to other casino games. The casino has just a 1.06% advantage on bets made on the banker’s hand and a 1.24% advantage on the player’s hand but, when you bet on both hands or a tie, the house edge goes up to over 14%.

There are different strategies players usually do when betting and, here are some:

a. Following the shoe –This is done by betting initially on one side, either the banker or the player’s hand until it loses, and then immediately switches to the other side.

b. Playing the chop – This is a strategy wherein the bet is always made against the last result and, lastly,

c. Betting the trend – This is a strategy that means staying on one side several times then switching to the other side, regardless of the result. For example, you may bet the banker five times consecutively then switch to a player bet on the sixth hand.

No matter what strategy you want to use, remember that baccarat games usually rely on your gut feeling.



Baccarat is a game of chance but the truth is, if you want to rely on the math, you should bet on the banker every single hand since the house edge is slightly less and the odds of winning on a banker bet is higher than the player and the tie bets.


Playing baccarat is exciting especially if you are on your winning streak. But don’t let this get too much into your head because if not careful, you may end up losing all your winnings in a baccarat site. Say you already earned a decent amount of money and you still want to continue to play then, the best thing you can do is split the money in half or whatever amount you see fitting to continue playing and keep the portion so no matter what happens, you still end up winning. However, when you play online casino games, it is inevitable to have losses so, it is very important that even before you start playing, you set an amount for your session bankroll, and if you lose all of that, then stop.


Stop worrying just because you are a beginner in playing baccarat. A lot of online casinos and baccarat sites are available where you can practice for free until you become certain about playing it. Remember not to forget to follow the tips and have fun playing in and other similar online casinos! In addition to all these, the fun and convenience factor of online casino gaming is taken to a whole new level if the website that you decide to play on employs the services of an SEO iGaming company. That’s because chances are, compared to other online casinos, it has a better overall user experience due to enhanced loading page time, web navigation, and the like.


Fun Gifts To Commemorate Your Graduation

Graduating from college is a significant accomplishment and one that should be commemorated. Spending years dedicated to studying to become an expert in your area of interest is not a small feat. There are many ways you can celebrate and commemorate college graduation. Here are a few fun and fantastic gift ideas for a recent graduate.

Holiday Ornament


Unique Christmas ornaments are an excellent gift for a recent graduate because they are small enough to not get in the way and they will also be looked at and remembered every year. Have an ornament made for their Christmas tree with their name and date of graduation or picture, or decorated in the school colors. There are many ways you can personalize the ornament for the graduate. You could even get ornament sets highlighting the school they graduated from. You could also give blanket ball ornaments and DIY Christmas ornaments. There is nothing you can’t DIY with a bit of ribbon and hot glue. You can have the ornaments made into a wreath or other Christmas decor if they already have an excessive amount of Christmas tree ornaments.

Key Chain or Car Ornament


A personalized key chain is an excellent gift because it is something they’ll see every day. A car ornament or bumper sticker from their college are also great gifts, and they commemorate the graduation and remind them how proud you are of their accomplishments. They are also fun ways to brag to others who will see the critical chain or car ornament when they are out and about. A key chain or car ornament also won’t take up a lot of space, so it won’t become clutter as they move on to the next step in their life.

The Next Step


While this may not be affordable for everyone, buy them a gift to set them up for the next step in their educational journey, like a new laptop. Many universities offer online graduate programs for people to continue school while working. For example, online BCBA programs allow students to earn their master’s degree in behavioral analysis while exploring their career options. The online format offers the same course content, admissions process, diplomas, practical experience, analytic assessment, additional electives, philosophical foundations, conceptual issues, and supervised fieldwork as the campus option. Top performers will earn online graduate degree diplomas and have the same opportunities for meaningful work and the ability to pursue their personal goals as students who choose the campus option. The one thing they will need if going to school online is a dependable laptop. If they still have the computer they used through their undergraduate program, they are going to be excited to get a new one and touched by your generous gift.

Coffee Mug


A coffee mug may not sound like a fun or exciting gift like a new laptop or custom Christmas ornament, but a coffee mug is handy and will be a constant visual reminder of their accomplishment. You can get a mug from the school they graduated from. Coffee mugs are perfect whether they drink coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and they can be used at work or while they are working toward their next online degree program. You can also get coffee mugs personalized with names, dates, images, or mascots, just like the ornaments.

The goal of commemorating graduation is to show the graduate how proud you are of their accomplishment and recognize the hard work that went into their degree. People often look at college students like all they do is drink and party, but college is not easy. Students have to master time management, money management, and study skills quickly or else they won’t make it through a four-year program.

Why Is PPE So Important In Construction?

Unfortunately, the construction business has some of the worst injury rates each year. This is not surprising given that heavy equipment is used on a daily basis – if precautions are not taken, it’s all too easy to be injured.

Due to the nature of construction sites, everyone on site must wear PPE. Whether it’s wet floors, falling debris, sharp tools or heavy equipment, PPE reduces the risk of harm or injury.

PPE in the construction industry consists of a variety of protective devices such as helmets, eye protection, safety shoes, high-visibility protective clothing, and depending on the activity being completed, it may also include respiratory protection.

What PPE Has To Be Worn?

When choosing PPE for employees, certain goods are required to meet health and safety standards. To guarantee that they comply with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002, PPE items must also be “CE certified”.

1. Helmets

Head protection is required by law on all construction sites, even if the person on-site is only a visitor. There’s always a risk of falling debris or material; high-quality head protection will prevent injuries if anything was to fall.

2. Footwear

Construction sites are hazardous for our feet, making protective shoes an absolute necessity. Steel toe boots are generally necessary for most tasks. Steel toe boots guard your tendons from being wounded by heavy items. When you walk on pointed objects like nails, mid-sole protection protects you from being punctured through your foot.

3. High-Vis

Hi-vis clothing does not provide physical protection, however it is critical that everyone on the site can be seen easily so as to avoid any problems when moving about. It’s a must-have piece of a construction worker’s apparel for these reasons. For further safety, the individual may be required to don full hi-vis clothing in the form of pants and a long-sleeved jacket.

All of the above types of PPE can be found from reputable retailers like ADA Fastfix, who make it their mission to ensure construction sites and builders are kept as safe as can be.

Other Types Of PPE

Gloves should be worn if there is a danger to the hands or forearms. Anti-vibration gloves are required for construction workers who use pneumatic drills since the intense motion of the drill might harm their hands and joints.

Safety goggles and ear defenders should be used if a saw is being utilized since they will protect the eyes and ears from dust and debris, as well as protect the ear drums from excessive noise damage.

It’s also critical that the equipment is suited to each person – the size must be correct, and the PPE’s weight, as needed, must match the wearer so that it is safe and comfortable to use.

If a respirator is required, it’s critical that the safety glasses worn don’t obstruct the seal and make the equipment ineffective.

If your construction site follows the above guidance, every single employee and visitor should feel as safe as possible against the elements. Remember that the more precautions you take, the safer your staff will be. There’s no such thing as “being too safe“.