Why Is PPE So Important In Construction?

Unfortunately, the construction business has some of the worst injury rates each year. This is not surprising given that heavy equipment is used on a daily basis – if precautions are not taken, it’s all too easy to be injured.

Due to the nature of construction sites, everyone on site must wear PPE. Whether it’s wet floors, falling debris, sharp tools or heavy equipment, PPE reduces the risk of harm or injury.

PPE in the construction industry consists of a variety of protective devices such as helmets, eye protection, safety shoes, high-visibility protective clothing, and depending on the activity being completed, it may also include respiratory protection.

What PPE Has To Be Worn?

When choosing PPE for employees, certain goods are required to meet health and safety standards. To guarantee that they comply with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002, PPE items must also be “CE certified”.

1. Helmets

Head protection is required by law on all construction sites, even if the person on-site is only a visitor. There’s always a risk of falling debris or material; high-quality head protection will prevent injuries if anything was to fall.

2. Footwear

Construction sites are hazardous for our feet, making protective shoes an absolute necessity. Steel toe boots are generally necessary for most tasks. Steel toe boots guard your tendons from being wounded by heavy items. When you walk on pointed objects like nails, mid-sole protection protects you from being punctured through your foot.

3. High-Vis

Hi-vis clothing does not provide physical protection, however it is critical that everyone on the site can be seen easily so as to avoid any problems when moving about. It’s a must-have piece of a construction worker’s apparel for these reasons. For further safety, the individual may be required to don full hi-vis clothing in the form of pants and a long-sleeved jacket.

All of the above types of PPE can be found from reputable retailers like ADA Fastfix, who make it their mission to ensure construction sites and builders are kept as safe as can be.

Other Types Of PPE

Gloves should be worn if there is a danger to the hands or forearms. Anti-vibration gloves are required for construction workers who use pneumatic drills since the intense motion of the drill might harm their hands and joints.

Safety goggles and ear defenders should be used if a saw is being utilized since they will protect the eyes and ears from dust and debris, as well as protect the ear drums from excessive noise damage.

It’s also critical that the equipment is suited to each person – the size must be correct, and the PPE’s weight, as needed, must match the wearer so that it is safe and comfortable to use.

If a respirator is required, it’s critical that the safety glasses worn don’t obstruct the seal and make the equipment ineffective.

If your construction site follows the above guidance, every single employee and visitor should feel as safe as possible against the elements. Remember that the more precautions you take, the safer your staff will be. There’s no such thing as “being too safe“.