How To Stay Safe When Buying Your Meds Online

Buying meds online can save you a lot of money and hassle. But there are a few things you need to know first. Here’s how to stay safe when buying meds online.

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The internet has simplified life, allowing us to buy everything, from books and clothing to pet food and even groceries. If you’re like most folks, you’ve likely become aware of the fact that you can even get meds online, too.

While the opportunity to order meds online can make shopping simple, it’s important to pay attention to how to order meds online. This ensures you’re getting medication that’s legal, of good quality, and safe to use.

Learn more about choosing the right pharmacy and what you can do to be safe when buying prescription drugs online.

Understand the Legalities of Buying Meds Online

Before purchasing any medications from a Canadian pharmacy online, or an online American pharmacy it’s important to know what’s legal to do and what’s not. In general, you cannot sell or encourage the use of the drug in the United States (even if you get it there).

You might need to give a written statement that the drug is for your personal use only. This is thought to prevent problems related to drug trafficking.

You’ll need to give your doctor’s information, including their name and address, to the pharmacy filling your medication. You also cannot ask for a supply that lasts longer than three months.

If you’re like most folks, you’re simply looking to save money on medication that would otherwise cost a pretty penny from a traditional American pharmacy. Maybe your insurance doesn’t cover it or you don’t have any, and it’s necessary to pay out of pocket.

If that’s the case, ordering through a Canadian pharmacy or an online-only American pharmacy can be your best option. But don’t get too excited yet! There’s a few more things to be aware of before placing your first order.

Look for a Pharmacy That is Licensed

While there’s a million pharmacies online, you don’t want to get your prescription from the first one you find. Check out the pharmacy and make sure it’s legitimate before placing an order.

Use these factors to help determine the legitimacy of the pharmacy you’re buying from:

  • It’s licensed within Canada or the US
  • There’s a physical address and phone number for the pharmacy
  • You can call and speak to a licensed pharmacist

If you’re dealing with an organization that offers none of the above, press onward. You’re likely dealing with an unscrupulous company. This can mean poor quality of medication and other problems associated with fraud.

Always remember, when buying medicine online, better safe than sorry.

Stick to Canada or the United States Rather Than Buying From Other Countries

The internet opens doors to just about anything, including getting items from anywhere in the world. While you can get medicine from Italy, France, and even the Philippines, that doesn’t mean you should.

Some of the problems associated with unregulated pharmacies in other countries include:

  • Fraudulent medication
  • Medication that’s considered illegal in your country
  • Not getting proper advice about medication that could interact with what you’re currently taking
  • Medication damaged during a long shipping process

Keeping the processing within North America makes it easier for you to get your medication in a timely manner. You won’t need to worry as much about extreme heat or cold damaging the medicine, and can have it within a matter of days or even overnight, depending on where you’re buying from.

Another consideration to think of is ordering medication from a country where English is not the primary language. Unless you read the language fluently, you won’t understand the directions, or there might be some errors that get lost in translation.

Keeping your pharmacy nearby makes it easier to get in touch if there is a problem, and easier to send back if required.

Know What to Look For When Your Order Arrives

Once you’ve checked out the pharmacy and feel confident it’s legitimate, it’s time to place your order. After your medication arrives, you can check to find out if it everything looks in order.

Check for these items before using anything:

  • Make sure your name is spelled correctly on the bottle
  • Your medication is spelled correctly
  • There’s an expiration date clearly printed
  • You have a proper count of the medication and nothing is missing

If you notice problems with any of these, get in touch with the pharmacy. It’s possible there was a mix-up or error, but try to get an answer from a human being on the other side.

A pharmacy dedicated to doing their job properly will make every effort to fix the issue.

Check for Money-Saving Offers

You’re almost ready to order? Even if you’re going to save money by getting your meds online, you’re better off looking for ways to cut the costs.

Many pharmacies offer deals for first-time customers, including those who order online. Look at the medication prescribed to you and see if you can find an online coupon to apply.

Check here for an Eliquis coupon if you need this exact medicine and would rather not get an off-brand.

A little savings go a long way and can make the difference in having enough money for other necessities.

Learn More

If you’re looking to purchase your meds online, take time to check out the pharmacy you plan to use. Sticking to one in the US or Canada makes the ordering process easier.

By using money-saving deals and searching for one that’s reputable, you can feel confident about saving money and ordering your medication through the internet.

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