5 Key Routines That Make a Good and Successful Athlete

While the 2020 Olympics seemed slightly different because of the global pandemic, COVID-19, everyone witnessed the world’s class athletes and their incredible performance.

So what made these teams and people perform at such a high level?

According to experts, athletes have a routine that narrows down to psychology, nutrition, and coaching. To help you also be a successful athlete in the future, you must adopt the following routines:

Avoid Training Too Much

Taking enough is as vital as building endurance and strength. You can’t get stronger by just training hard constantly. Basically, you can build fitness by alternating your workouts with recovery. A perfect way to prevent overtraining is to pay attention to how your body feels.

If your heartbeat remains elevated even after a night’s rest or your legs feel heavy, make sure you take enough rest. For athletes training all year round, it would be wise to take some time off after two months. This will also be a perfect time to change up your normal routine.

Balance the Essential Nutrients Properly

The major energy-yielding nutrients include fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. All these nutrients are important for achieving top training performance, though in different amounts.

Depending on the sport you participate in, taking beta-alanine supplements and foodstuffs containing these three nutrients is the best way to get the energy you need.

Everyone’s body works differently, and all athletes need a different type of endurance, muscular strength, and energy. Be sure to get the fix, which works for your sport and body.

Get New Motivations

When making your athletic performance better is no longer your motivation for exercise, it is vital to look for another motivation.

Every athlete is created differently, so find something beyond sports performance to ensure regular exercise throughout. New motivators will help you:

  • Enjoy a higher energy level
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Improve sleep pattern
  • Manage stress
  • Prevent chronic diseases

Establish a Recovery Plan

One thing people often see in many recreational athletes is that they only push themselves to the sport and are hesitant to have a good workout plan.

While weekend warriors play sports to be in shape, experts get in shape so as to take part in athletes and are afraid of losing progress if they choose to slow down.

Resting doesn’t necessarily mean you sit down on your couch. It only means that you allow your body to recover from the hard work and effort you have been putting in.

Work with a Weekly Schedule

Finding time to train usually narrows down to time management. Many people may carve out 45 minutes of their time and go for a focused run session.

Working with a specific weekly schedule and being disciplined to stick to it will ensure you remain on track, even when you are not in the mood. Plus, maintaining the consistency of your training throughout the weeks will be an effective way to be a successful athlete.

Closing Remarks!

Because of coronavirus, the life you used to know has totally changed. The fitness and sports world is among the many areas, which have witnessed significant interruptions and changes.

However, regardless of the global pandemic, you can still maintain and improve your athletic performance with the help of these routines.

7 Careers for People Who Like Helping Others

Are you the type of person who will always go out of your way to help somebody in need? If you see a stranger crying on public transport, are you the person who goes over to them to see if they are okay? Could you not imagine walking past somebody in pain and not doing something to help? While most of us help others when it is needed and we are in a position to do so, some people want to help even more. People will always need help – it’s human nature – and there are several career options that you could consider if you want to spend your life working to make things better for the people around you. There’s nothing quite as rewarding and satisfying as a career where you get to make a difference to the lives of others every day in a real way.

Public Safety

Working in a career in public safety gives you the chance to go to work every day and make your country a safer place for your fellow citizens. A career in public safety can cover a wide range of different aspects including border control, law enforcement and crime prevention, emergency management and national security. In this line of work, you are likely to have some influence over policies that relate to the public safety of the country and will take part in research and testing to strengthen security. Learn more about the public safety degree available from Wilfred Laurier University here.


Becoming a police officer and working in law enforcement may be an ideal choice of career for anybody who wants to spend their time at work fighting crime and making their area a safer place to be. Along with proactively going out to tackle crime and take criminals off the streets, police officers also work to support victims of crime and provide education in communities such as visiting schools to conduct talks and lessons. Police officers have a huge amount of responsibility to act in an ethical way and need to be the type of person who can cope well under pressure. In this job, no two days are going to be the same and things could change at a moment’s notice so you will need to be somebody who can adapt quickly.


Working as a nurse is often seen as the ultimate job for people who want to help others. In this role, you will be directly working with people who are sick and going through some of the toughest times of their lives. Nurses work in a wide range of settings including hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices to provide healthcare and support to people who are sick or have been injured and their families. As a nurse, you will not only be able to easily find work wherever you go in a wide range of different settings but there are also more opportunities for advancement in this career. With a master’s degree in nursing, registered nurses can go on to become nurse practitioners, managers, leaders and more.


If you enjoy talking to others and helping them get through tough times just by being there for them, working as a counsellor or therapist might be the ideal career path for you. As a counsellor, you will be talking one-to-one with individuals, couples and families who need some help with a situation that they are going through or with improving their mental health and wellbeing. In this role, you can specialise in a range of areas such as helping people get over depression and anxiety, working with people who have been through a traumatic experience or helping couples improve their relationship or marriage.

Personal Trainer

If you enjoy health and fitness and want to help other people get the most from their diet and exercise routine, working as a personal trainer can be an ideal choice for those who want to help others and keep fit at the same time. Personal trainers might work as an employee in gyms and fitness centres or self-employed with their own gym or paying home visits to their clients. Unlike many of the other career options on this list, a personal trainer does not always need to get a degree to start in this line of work and there are various certifications both online and offline that you can complete to get started.


If you like the idea of helping children get the best start in life through learning, becoming a teacher could be the ideal career choice for you. Teachers are essential to society as all children need to go to school and learn the basics to set them up for a successful future. In addition to being the main source of learning for children of all ages, teachers are also the people that tend to have the most influence over a child’s life as they grow, second only to parents. This means that working as a teacher is a huge responsibility; however, it’s also very rewarding to see the children that you teach grow up to be healthy, responsible and successful adults.

Social Worker

Social workers are tasked with working with vulnerable people of all age groups. In this role, you might be working to support disabled people with finding work and somewhere to live, supporting children who are from troubled family backgrounds or working with the elderly among others. Social workers are often essential in family court cases and work to make sure that the most vulnerable members of the family are safeguarded against harm and abuse. You may find yourself working with vulnerable victims of crime to help them get the support that they need, or with the perpetrators of crime themselves when they are vulnerable and need additional support to be rehabilitated.

If helping other people is your passion in life and you can’t imagine doing a job where you don’t get to make a difference, consider these career options that are all about helping and supporting your fellow citizens.


3 Tips For Finding The Perfect Gift For Your Grandparents

While giving someone a gift is never an easy thing, if you’re wanting to give a gift to someone you truly care for, like a grandparent, you may find that you put even more pressure on yourself to find something perfect. But when your grandparents have been around for decades and seem to have everything they need in their life, coming up with a gift for them can be a real challenge.

If this is the situation you find yourself in, here are three tips for finding the perfect gift for your grandparents.

Make Reminiscing Easy

Even if your grandparents have everything, one thing you can give to them is to make it easier for them to reminisce about the people they love and the life that they have lived so far.

While your grandparents might have a lot of photo albums or pictures, they likely don’t frequently flip through these books. But with the help of some modern technology, you can make it easy for them to see so many more of the photos that they have and love. So if you know that your grandparents don’t already have a digital photo frame that will cycle through their favorite images, this could be a great gift for them. Especially if your grandparents love thinking back on their earlier days or the staff at their assisted living facility has suggested displaying more photos to trigger fond memories, a digital picture frame could be perfect.

Strengthen Your Familial Bond

For many older people, it’s easy to feel a strong connection to family because they remember family members from decades ago when they were young while also getting to live their older lives with currently living family members.

To help them strengthen these bonds even further, and to help them feel more of a connection to themselves and their family members of years past, you may want to get them an ancestry or DNA kit. These kits can give your elderly loved one information about their heritage. It can also help them find others around the world that they may be related to.

Spend Quality Time Together

Sometimes, when you can’t think of an actual gift to give your elderly loved one, the best thing you can do is to spend some quality time together and create some memories with one another.

Some experiences you might want to consider sharing with your grandparents could include taking them out to dinner, seeing a movie together, taking a small trip together, or experiencing some form of entertainment. If you know some of their favorite places or things, you could experience this thing together.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your grandparents, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find something they’d love.

Signs That Your Company Might Face Turnover Problems Soon

The last thing you want to happen is seeing many employees leave the business. You worked hard to recruit these talents, trained them, and you want them to stay loyal. However, if they start to leave, you have to look for replacements. It’s a waste of time and resources. Therefore, even before these employees leave, you should do something about it. Here are the signs that your company might soon face turnover problems.

Your employees aren’t as productive as they used to

Productivity can help gauge your employees’ level of interest. If they work hard and produce the best results, it’s a good sign. If they start to slack off and fail to produce the expected outcome, something must be wrong. Check how motivated your employees are to deliver. If they no longer care about the business, it’s a sign that there could be a massive exodus soon.

Your top employees are starting to leave

You might not worry when low-level employees are resigning. It’s natural for them to come and go. These people are still testing the waters, and they might decide to leave if they don’t like what they get. They’re also easy to replace, but you can’t say the same with top employees. If you already have some of your management team members submitting resignation letters, it’s alarming. It could even lead to other employees doing the same. Management posts are hard to replace, and training new people is also a tall order.

Your employees are generally unhappy

Once you step inside the office, you will feel the overall mood. When you hear loud chatters and laughs, they’re a good sign. Your employees have a reason to smile and are content with the work environment. Once it starts to feel gloomy, you should feel alarmed. No one wants to be in the workplace anymore. Consider hosting a funfair hire like the ones offered by www.wearetricycle.co.uk to bring everyone’s spirits up. Offer bonuses and other incentives to employees who do an excellent job. Change the mood right away if you don’t want to see people leaving the team.

Your competitors are doing better

It’s a common practice to hire the best employees from a successful company. However, loyal employees won’t easily let go. If they’re happy with the job, no amount of money can make them move. However, if your business isn’t doing well, it’s a terrible sign. No one wants to have anything to do with a failing business. Your top employees might leave for that reason. Once you notice that your competitors are inching their way up, try harder to prevent it from happening.

A high turnover rate shows how unsatisfied your employees are. You can’t let it happen. Make sure you give them a reason to stay. Talk to your employees if necessary. Protect the most significant assets in your team. Starting over again and training recruits will be more expensive and time-consuming. It also depicts a poor image if you can’t keep your team.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/46bom4lObsA



The Importance of Personalizing Your Home Décor

In an age where we spend so much more time at home than ever before, it has become pertinent and important to have a home that speaks to you and those who live in it. The best way to do this is ensure that your character and that of your family is displayed and shown in and around the home. This provides a sense of familiarity and creates a safe, loving environment. The plainer the walls and the fewer pictures and works of art displayed, the more likely it is a quiet and less engaging space for the family.

Top interior and exterior home décor tips to personalize your space

Use Color Inside and Out

Color is back and it’s worth using it to brighten up interior and exterior spaces in the form of feature walls, maximalist principles of patterns and non-pastel, cheerful colors. On the outside you may need to be more strategic and keep the color to garden screens and rooms in the garden. But you’d also be surprised at how much color can be brought into your design with flowers and perennial plants.

Hang photos and family art

Hanging family pictures and photographs of family and family events and occasions is a great way to personalize the space and create a sense of homeliness. A great example can be seen at crystalimpressions.com where you can design and be involved in the creation of a 3D family picture that will last a lifetime and make for a lifetime of interesting conversations.

Use outdoor spaces as additional rooms

It is quite natural to think and see the inside and outside areas as being distinct and separate. However, it is very possible to open these spaces up to each other by blurring the boundary between the two. As briefly aforementioned one of the top tips is to use the outdoor spaces that you have as an extension of the inside. Carry the color schemes and principles of design from the inside out or vice versa. With increased glazing you will immediately see more of the outside and even when the doors or windows are closed the interior will seem and feel larger. In the garden, use screens and shrubs to create private spaces and have seating and dining areas if space allows.

Use colorful murals that mean something to your family

A great modern design trend has been the replacement of the feature wall with murals. Skyline murals of famous cities, your hometown or just the great outdoors and places that you have visited have been used, serve to add meaning to interior spaces and empty walls. Those with exterior walls rather than fences have seen an increase in inside facing murals including family pictures that have been transferred onto these flat spaces. It’s a growing trend and the idea is to create bespoke personalized spaces that enliven your home.

In a time when being at home has become less about personal choices than necessity, it has become critical to make these spaces more livable and fun. The design ideas and trends noted in this article are all easy to achieve and yet will go a long way to making your house a home.


What Are the Benefits of Buying Clothes from a Store like Vlone

Clothing shopping on the Internet is a realistic alternative to going to a department store. With the current climate, most people are looking for ways to cut their home expenses. In terms of convenience, online shopping provides a lot of advantages. It’s easy to shop online; all you have to do is sit in front of your computer and click from one site to the next. You won’t have to go from one floor to the next, from men’s to women’s, and back. With gas prices so high, the sensible shopper would choose the convenience of shopping online while saving gas for another use. You may be able to save money while spending more time with your family by shopping online.

T-shirts and hoodies:

The most typical outfits for any goods are t-shirts and #Vloneclothing. We’ve come to show you around the Vlone Officials’ nirvana. Browse and buy the best hoodies and t-shirts on the market. For these outfits, we created the best V logo design in several font styles that are printed on the greatest quality fabrics. Vlone Merch Pop Smoke Hoodies are available, each with its own V-staple Vlone official logo. Get the best Vlone Merch Sizing Shirts, including drip shirts; you have to get the bad habits and more. Vlone is now official.

Jackets and pants:

Pants keep you professional in the office while adding a simple touch to t-shirts or casual shirts. Jackets are an important part of the winter wardrobe; no one can survive the cold without Vlone Jean Jackets. Let’s look at the Vlone merch Pants & Jackets lines in more detail. Vlone is a town in the Netherlands. The largest range of Vlone merch for the weekend can be found in these categories.

Easy to shop:

Online shopping has been increasingly popular in recent years. People prefer to shop online rather than in a physical store. Furthermore, as COVID19 spreads, more and more people desire to shop online. Why? Because of its numerous benefits. You don’t have to wait in long lines to read any item on the Internet. Alternatively, you might consult a buddy in a confidential and friendly setting. On the other hand, you must first research a reliable company online. VLONE dashed to his aid. It existed long before many people believed it to be true. VLONE was founded in 2011 in New York, with the goal of promoting art and fashion culture. Vlone became famous when the worlds of high fashion (such as the Vlone butterfly shirt) and streetwear (such as the Vlone chain) clashed. VLONE has infiltrated popular culture and has established itself as a global brand, with pop-up shops in Los Angeles, London, and Hong Kong.


The advantages outlined above are just a few of the numerous advantages of purchasing online. Because of these factors, internet purchasing is preferable to shopping in a physical store. People nowadays choose to shop online rather than in stores because of these characteristics. People should select the best online purchasing website. To have the most enjoyable online buying experience possible.

How to Start Your Career in Computer Science

Computer science is an innovative and dynamic industry that offers a wide variety of rewarding job roles. Computer science graduates are in huge demand and enjoy fantastic career prospects along with attractive job perks such as high earning potential and flexible work schedules.

Here are some steps you should follow to launch your computer science career and achieve your professional goals:

Complete a computer science degree

Most computer science roles require a bachelor’s degree or higher, e.g., a master’s or a P.h.D. A computer science degree will teach you core computer science principles in areas like computer theory, coding pattern recognition, networking, and machine learning. You will also complete placements as part of your studies to build hands-on industry experience.

Once you graduate with a computer science degree, you will be able to apply for a wide range of computer science roles. According to U.S. News, some of the top roles for computer science degree-holders are as a data scientist, software tester, web developer, and network architect. Take the time to research various roles in the computer science industry.

You have the option to attend a traditional campus-based degree program or complete classes online via distance learning. Worcester Polytechnic Institute explains how their online master’s in computer science can usually be completed in five semesters. Online learning is the ideal flexible solution for students who are working or have family commitments.

Build hands-on experience

Building hands-on experience is the best way to prepare for a career in computer science. Most computer science degree programs allow students to complete a work placement with a local organization during the course. You can also build your experience by volunteering or completing practical projects while you study.

Work placements and internships will give you insight into the industry and help you choose which area of computer science you want to specialize in. You should try and complete a variety of placements across a range of computer science settings. Start gaining relevant experience early and be proactive when it comes to building your portfolio of work.

Get the most out of your placements by asking lots of questions, going the extra mile to impress employers, and making an effort to build meaningful relationships. Connections made during placements may help you secure employment once your graduate. Take a look at this article by International Study for tips on how to get the most out of work experience.

Choose a computer science specialization

Computer science is a broad industry, and you can choose to specialize in various sectors. You should explore the different specializations and pick an area that suits your skills, interests, and preferences. You can learn about the different computer science specializations by doing individual research or completing work placements.

Here are some common computer science specializations to consider:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Networks
  • Game design
  • Computer graphics
  • Information security
  • Software engineering

Enter computer science competitions

Entering computer science competitors is a fantastic way to build your experience and show off your skills to potential employers. Computer science competitors can be an exciting way to challenge yourself and create impressive material to include in your resume. Many computer science competitions also offer attractive rewards such as cash prizes or scholarships.

Earn computer science certifications

You can earn additional certifications to improve your skills and credentials in most computer science specialties. For example, a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification will demonstrate that you have the skills and expertise to lead projects and teams. Visit computerscience.org to learn more about computer science certifications.

Research what relevant certifications are available and consider completing any courses that will enhance your resume and make you stand out in the hiring process. Many computer science certifications can be completed online, meaning you can earn the qualification alongside work and other commitments.

Write a compelling resume

Computer science degree-holders are in high demand, and most graduates find employment quickly. That said, you will still need to write an impressive resume if you want to stand out from the competition and resume the best jobs. Statics show that 24% of hiring managers spend less than 30 seconds reading a resume, so you don’t have long to impress!

Here are some tips to help you write a compelling resume that will impress hiring managers:

  • Be specific about your qualifications and level of experience.
  • Highlight relevant achievements, e.g., that you won a computer science competition in high school or achieved the highest grade in your class first year of college.
  • Don’t forget to mention important soft skills such as teamwork and the ability to collaborate with colleagues.
  • Check your resume for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  • Customize your resume for each role that you apply for.

Ace your interview

When you get invited to an interview, you must present yourself in the best possible light and go the extra mile to impress hiring managers. Do as much research as you can on the company before you attend the interview and have some questions prepared for the interviewer. This will demonstrate that you have a genuine interest in the company and role.

It is a good idea to prepare answers to typical interview questions such as “tell me about yourself” or “why do you think you’re the right person for this role.” You will find the interview process much less intimidating if you prepare beforehand and feel confident. Dress professionally when attending interviews and bring any documents requested by the interviewer.

You should emphasize your skills during the interview but avoid exaggerating your abilities or knowledge. Be honest about your limitations and explain how you plan to expand your skills in any areas that you’re not familiar with, e.g., by completing computer science certifications.


Computer science careers are lucrative, abundant, and rewarding. Professionals with technical skills are in high demand, and computer science degree-holders enjoy fantastic career prospects and job perks. Follow the above steps to start your career in the rewarding field of computer science.


The Importance of Home Decoration

Believe it or not, home decoration is actually very important and can affect your mental and physical wellbeing in a number of ways. If this has spiked your interest, continue to read on in order to learn about some of the ways in which and reasons as to why home decoration is important.

Decoration and your home can affect your mental health

The environment that you live in can massively affect your mental health, for the better or, the worse. So, if you want to take care of your mental health, you must also make sure that the environment that you live in (aka your home) is as comfortable as it possibly can be. Of course, what determines and defines comfort is up to the individual in question and is context-specific. So, what may be comfortable for one person may not be comfortable for another. Therefore, you must ask yourself what comfort means to you. Does it, for example, mean fluffy pillows and a well-lit fire? Or perhaps it means a home filled with natural plants. Importantly, it does not necessarily matter what form the comfort takes. Instead, what is more important is that you make your house comfortable for you so that you can better take care of your mental health.

Decoration can give your home a new look and feel

Another important aspect of decoration is that it can give your home a new look and feel. So, if you are bored and tired of the way in which your home looks now, you can breathe new life into it through decoration. There are a number of décor ideas that you can use to bring new life into your home that you can choose from. For instance, you can try adding new accessories, cushions, colored fabrics, a chandelier, and blinds to give your home a new lease of life. Also, you could check out this furniture store Granite City to find some new and cool pieces of furniture for your home.

Decoration can make your home stand out

Furthermore, another reason why decoration is important is that it can help to make your home stand out from the crowd. Being “normal” and having a similar home interior design to your neighbors and everyone else is fine. However, if you want to be unique and stand out from the crowd, then decoration can help you do just that. Importantly, you can decorate your house in a way that expresses your personality, beliefs, and values, making it even more unique. So, for example, if you love the outdoors and nature, then you could reflect this within your décor. How? Well, you could start by adding a number of natural plants into the home or even add some natural-looking and nature-inspired wallpaper or murals. So, if you want to make your home just that – your home – then it is important to be bold and expressive and let the house convey your likes and preferences.


Understanding a Partner Who Loves Giving and Receiving Gifts

In the past, when women didn’t normally work, men were expected to give them gifts to win their love. Even when women started working and became as successful as men, the norm remained the same; give them flowers and jewelry, and your love is sealed.

As time passed, though, the norm in dating and relationships changed. Women became more empowered, and many of them slammed the tradition of men using gifts to woo them. As a result, women and men alike began to criticize girlfriends and wives who still expect gifts, especially expensive ones, calling them materialistic or even greedy. They expressed that giving gifts should be done mutually, or that women should stop often expecting gifts because true love isn’t measured by material things.

But are they right, or are they misjudging?

When Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages became popular, we learned that there is such a love language called Receiving Gifts. Apparently, speaking this love language means you express love through tangible items. Does this explain why some people expect gifts from their partners and feel upset when they don’t get them?

Understanding “Receiving Gifts” As a Love Language

Of all the love languages, receiving gifts is often the most misunderstood. Many people feel more inclined to respect those with quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, or physical touch as a love language. Gifts, and material things in general, have gotten such a bad reputation in society because we associate them with superficiality. We think that gifts don’t express anything heartfelt at all, because the joy we receive from them is often short-lived.

True, we’re not going to be happy for a long time after receiving our coveted shoes or designer bag. But what we get wrong is, people whose love language is gifts aren’t asking for luxurious things. You can give them a flower you plucked from a park, and their hearts will melt.

Simply put, the cliche saying It’s the thought that counts is their mantra. No matter what you give them, be it a piece of candy or a car, it needs to convey a single message: I thought of you when I saw this.

There are also people whose language is giving gifts instead of receiving them. In this case, you express your love by giving your partner gifts without asking for anything in return. Modern society may misjudge these acts as spoiling your partner rotten, or assume that your partner chose you simply because of the gifts you’re giving them. Sadly, it’s impossible to please everybody, so explaining your real intent isn’t really necessary. But still, the world needs to know the truth about gifts as a love language.

Mark Williams, licensed mental health counselor and relationship coach, explains that the true meaning of gift-giving isn’t an extravagance, but sentimentality. While there are truly materialistic and greedy people out there, if giving or receiving gifts is your love language, you cherish every item you give to or receive from your partner, however small that may be. For you, every gift is a symbol that your partner always thinks about you, or that you’re always thinking about your partner.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for a Partner Who Likes Gifts

Now that we’ve understood the truth about gifts as a love language, you’re probably eager to show your partner even more love. As pointed out above, you can give them absolutely anything. But if there’s a special occasion coming, like your anniversary or his or her birthday, one of these gifts or two will make them incredibly touched:

1. A Subscription Box

Some subscription boxes offer services for up to six months, like History by Mail. This particular box sends replicas of historical documents, including Albert Einstein’s correspondence with Franklin D. Roosevelt. If your partner is a history junkie, you’ll make them giddy with excitement for six months straight!

2. A Self-care Product

If your partner takes his or her self-care rituals seriously, they can always add one more product to their stash. Observe what they want to care for the most; is it their skin, hair, or nails? If it’s their skin, a facial massager may give them joy. For hair, any styling tool will surely be appreciated. And for their nails, a shade from a nail polish brand they’ve always wanted should be your pick.

3. An Inexpensive Piece of Jewelry

You don’t have to go for a diamond or a 24k gold, especially if you’re only giving them a promise ring. There are high-quality silicone rings under $50, and they’re more comfortable and stylish.

4. Anything That Will Make Their Life Easier

People with gifts as a love language are practical, too. They don’t require anything “cute” to feel appreciated. Observe their daily routines and see how you can increase their convenience. Maybe a pot-holder, a book stand, or extra pillows will do the trick. Remember, they may like gifts, but they see thoughtfulness more. Your partner isn’t materialistic; they just put a sentimental value on every gift they receive from you.

Top Tips on Hosting a Family Garden Party This Summer

This summer, this year more than ever before, is a time for gathering all the family together and celebrating the good times, and what better way than to host the ultimate garden party for all your family and friends! Here are some top tips for hosting the perfect family garden party this summer.

Festival Lighting

Outdoor lighting, such as lanterns on either side of the entrance to the house and solar lights on bunting decorating the perimeter fencing, is a cost-effective and beautiful way of decorating your outdoor space. The addition of the right lighting is not only practical but will really create a warm and lively atmosphere, not to mention it will ensure your guests are in the party mood right from the get-go.

Cozy Corner

If your party is going through until the evening, a cozy corner of the garden dedicated to chilling out in the warm night air is essential. A foam bean bag Fombag, some oversized throws, and copious cushions on the grass make for a beautiful, bohemian space for your guests to relax in. Chill-out spaces are also brilliant for those guests who enjoy more intimate conversations rather than mingling with big groups of people.

Spruce the Space

The most essential preparation is to declutter, tidy and thoroughly clean your backyard and garden. Hire or, even better, borrow from a friend a pressure washer, so your patio and garden furniture look as good as new. If your garden has an element of decking, ensure it is thoroughly weeded, and the floors and sides are as clean as possible. Trim the hedges and mow the grass to make your party guests feel welcomed and comfortable, showing you really have made a big effort and your party will be one to remember.

Barbecue Buffet

The most cost-effective and not to mention utterly delicious garden party food has to be from a clean and sanitized barbecue. Invest in a good quality set of barbecue cooking and serving tools as well as a thermometer fork to ensure your food is cooked thoroughly before serving. For an added personal and ultimately fresh touch, consider introducing the flavours and aromas from your very own garden with some home-grown herbs. Even though disposable paper plates are admittedly more practical, opt for china dinner plates and ensure they are heated through before food is served.

Choose a Theme

In the initial planning stages of your garden party, a fantastic idea is to introduce a party theme. Garden party themes can range from anything from fancy dress banquets to British-inspired tea parties, and the latter can really influence the food you serve.

If opting for a British-style tea party theme, serve bite-sized pastries and small triangles of bread with sliced cucumbers (making sure you cut off the crusts!). Plenty of fresh flowers will really bring the theme alive and you could even visit thrift shops to source small pieces of china as table pieces.