Life Changing Slot Wins

The biggest casino wins in history have come from slots which makes them nothing to sneeze at. Becoming a millionaire with a low bet and the push of a button sounds like a pretty good deal. Here are a couple of life changing wins that have turned slot players into millionaires. You can also play some and learn at

Online Slots

The online platform has revolutionised the way people gamble. It has produced winners that have walked away with substantial wins. The world record for the largest online slot win so far is from the Mega Moolah jackpot. A British man won £13.2 million in 2015.

An anonymous Australian slot player also won a life-changing cash prize of 10.4 million Australian dollars playing the Dark Knight online slot.

PokerStars Casino has a couple of slots that feature progressive jackpots. The smallest of these are currently valued at over $1 million. Since January 2017, there have been 12 lucky players that have become millionaires by playing on these slots. They come to an accumulative $23.6 million. The most recent winner was an online player (Anchor72) that pocketed more than $3 million while trying their luck playing Millionaires Island.

Slot Machines

It isn’t surprising that slots have such a high level of popularity as the chance to hit it big such low risks are enough to tempt anyone. The biggest slot wins have come from the Megabucks machines, 700 of these slots are scattered throughout the state of Nevada. These state-operated machines form a network and are connected by a progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots are jackpots that are added to whenever a bet is placed at one of the machines. The pot keeps growing until someone wins it. This has made for some life changing wins; the current jackpot stands at a minimum amount of $10 million. The most recent win at one of these machines has been winning a jackpot to the value of $11.8 million.

The first mega win was back in 1998 when a retired flight attendant won the jackpot that had reached over $20 million. This player certainly doesn’t regret over spending $300 in Palace Station since it earned a return of $27.5 million.

A war vet hit the jackpot not once, but twice while playing the Megabucks slot. The first jackpot he won was valued at $4.6 million only ten hours after the venue opened to the public. The 76-year-old continued to hit the slots with the hope of becoming the first player to win the jackpot twice. Then, 16 years later, he won $21 million from the very same jackpot.

The biggest slot win in history is a win at another Megabucks slot in Excalibur in 2003. This player won a whopping $39.7 million. This is the biggest jackpot to this day. It had to be paid out in instalments over 25 years.

The biggest wins that have come from slots are jackpot wins, especially progressive jackpots. Slots might not be considered VIP games, but they are the most popular and profitable casino games both online and offline.


 7 Tips in Producing a video from pictures for your family

Have you just come back from a family get-together? Or want to hold the memories of your beloved child ever-green? You may have captured thousands of lovely photos of your family whenever you go on a trip or enjoy something extraordinary with your family. So, you need to try to do something remarkable with these photos to save the memories and cherish them even after many years. Why do not you make videos with these pictures? Creating a video with photos is a marvelous way to serve this purpose. Thankfully, you will find numerous picture to video maker services available to capture your memories in the form of video.

7 Tips in Producing a Video from Pictures for Your Family

When you attempt to make a story for your family, a video is undoubtedly a more enjoyable way than still pictures. When you are traveling, or attending a family function, and do not have enough time to take videos, the best way to cherish the memories for longer is to make videos with the pictures. You can utilize these 7 tips in producing a video from pictures for your family and save the memories.

Take as Many Pictures as Possible

When you determine to make a video with the pictures before the event, try to capture every single moment of your family. This way, you will find numerous options for images to select for the video. You would obviously love to put all the moments and memories into the video, and when you have plenty of alternatives, you have very little work to do. Your video will contain all the moments with your family, companion, and the area making the video a success filled with emotions.

Organize the Pictures before Making Video

When you decide to make a video from pictures of a family event, do not rush to the task immediately. To turn your video into a successful and efficient one, first, you should determine the order of the pictures you want to use in the video. It can sound like a tiresome job, but when you are working with content from various sources with a variety of non-descriptive filenames, you have the chance to miss any important pictures. Organizing the photos first before starting to make the video will facilitate this task for you.

Start Keeping the End in Mind

When you start to select pictures for making a video from them, always keep in mind what you want to show the audience. If you first determine the end of the video, it becomes easy for you to select the necessary pictures and use them accordingly. When you set a reasonable perspective, you can put all the emotions captured in the pictures, giving the video the right direction and end.

Be Creative

When you sort out the pictures for making the video, imaginatively strategize them. You can find various means utilizing which you can make your photographs more enchanting and enjoyable. You can use transitions, some pretty frames, or select a base where the picture will show up. Do not make a hurry to make your video creative. You should take as much time as you need until the video meets your desire.

Use Various Effects

The video you make with the pictures for your family shows your emotions towards them. So, try to utilize various effects available in the photograph to a video editor. Just edit the images, roam around numerous channels, and use multiple transition effects. Use different options keeping what you need in the last. Start on the basis, and when you gain experience, you can play around with hundreds of effects and channels to make your video more engaging.

Select the Music Matched with the Event

Using a piece of relevant music to the video will make it more sweet and enjoyable; there is nothing new or revolutionary with it. Just feel the moments captured in the pictures to make the video and use a matched music. Music can easily touch your audiences’ emotions and let your message reach them most efficiently.

Keep the Video Short and Sweet

One very important tip to make the video more appealing is to keep it short. Most of the time, the videos cannot meet the aspired success and touch the audience because they are so lengthy. Would you like to watch a video for a very long time? Not obviously. Try to keep the length of the video within the time of the music- 3-4 minutes, and use 50-60 photos with about 3-5 seconds per picture. That means you have to select the photographs very carefully when you attempt to make a video with them.

Videos, rather than the pictures, are the most incredible ways to keep the memories of your family alive and cherish for a longer time. Obviously, they secure a special place in your heart, and you can surely utilize the above tips in producing a video from pictures for your family.

Extend Your Patience When Travelling with Your Family

Travelling can be both exciting and stressful, especially when you’re with family. You feel excited because you rarely do it with the people you love. You also feel great because you’re taking some time off from work so that you can spend more time with your loved ones. However, the trip can also be stressful. Planning it alone might already stress you out. The different ideas and preferences of every family member will make you lose patience in the process. On the actual trip, you hate it when your children keep crying or demanding things you can’t give.

Therefore, if you intend to go on a trip in the future, you must stay patient. If you think you’re already patient at home, you have to extend it further.

Your children will give you a hard time 

Even if you try to orient your children on what to do and how to behave, they will still misbehave. You will find it difficult to control them. They might even do things they usually do at home to gain attention. Since you’re in public, you can’t scold your children. You need to be patient with them and try your best to make them feel good. They will most likely misbehave, and it’s okay. They’re not always travelling, so they will try to explore and move around.

You don’t want to ruin the trip

When you lose patience, you will start to scold everyone. You will keep on getting angry with the situation. You won’t feel good about what’s going on anymore. As a result, your entire family will feel the same way. No one will be in the mood to travel. You will lose the whole point of going on a trip.

Not everything is within your control

Even if you already tried your best to plan the details of the trip, it’s still possible for some things not to go as planned. There could be flight delays or cancellations. You might also have miscommunication with your agent. Immigration issues could also happen. Despite these problems, you need to stay positive. You will overcome all of them and have a great trip. If you’re not patient enough, you might give up and decide to go home early on.

Plan a simpler trip

If you want to avoid complexities during the trip, you can opt for a simpler travel plan. For instance, you can look for large houses to rent with an indoor pool nearby. You don’t need to book a flight. You don’t have to think of activities. The entire house will give you facilities to enjoy. From an indoor pool to a golf course, the place will be perfect for you. The whole family will also have fun. You don’t have to worry that your children will misbehave in public. Everyone can relax and feel at home in a different house.

There are ways to resolve problems regarding your trip. Be patient, and don’t allow anything to ruin your plans.



A College Student’s Guide: Easy Ways to Save Money Living in NYC

Living in New York City is expensive, especially when you’re going to school full time. You don’t have a lot of money to spare and what you do have is going to your education and living expenses. If you’re hoping to save a little extra money this year, here are a few simple ways.

Get A Roommate

One of the best ways to save money in NYC is to get a roommate. When you compare renting a one-bedroom apartment by yourself to renting a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate, you could save over $1,000 a month. Saving more than $12,000 a year could be huge for you, especially when you’re in school and not able to work full time. While you might not love the idea of sharing spaces with another person, the benefits do seem to outweigh the inconvenience.

Remember to decide on rules for shared living spaces, such as when they can be used and what food you’ll share (if any). Having a good relationship with your roommate means you’re able to discuss issues when they arise. It doesn’t mean you have to be best friends. See if your school has a way to match up potential roommates if you’re worried about finding someone trustworthy. The benefits of your savings account will be well worth it.

Sell Your Car

Less than half of New Yorkers own a car, and only 27% of workers use a car to commute. With its public transit system, New York City has plenty to offer for those who don’t own a car, and not owning a car can save you a lot of money. Depending on the car and how much you drive it, owning one could cost you thousands of dollars a year between the car payment, gas, and insurance. MTA’s unlimited ride cards will cost you much less than that a year. You certainly don’t need to own a car in the city, so save yourself the money and the hassle by selling it.

Focus On School

This might seem like a strange way to save money, but staying focused on school will actually help you in the long run. When you’re not focused, you spend time doing other things that cost money, like going out with friends. Keeping your nose in the books will actually prevent you from spending more money than you should. You’re also setting yourself up for success when you stay focused on your work. Keep yourself organized with custom pocket folders (which you can also easily use for a side hustle) and keep your mind on your schoolwork. Getting good grades and learning will help you land the perfect job out of school, which will help you stay happier and financially stable.

Get A Scholarship

Scholarships are meant to help students defray the costs of getting an education. Take advantage of the scholarships that are available and save yourself some money. If you’re majoring or minoring in the arts, head to to see how you could win $1,000 for your education. When you’re in school, you want to be able to focus on your learning. If you don’t have the funds to pay for your education, you’ll have to get a job, if not several jobs. Scholarships allow you to attend school without stressing about money or adding to your student loans. Talk with your school about the TodayTix scholarship and any others that might be available.

Saving money while living in NYC is easier than you might think. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll have a little extra cash for school and fun.

Review of Book of Oz Slot

We think it is fair to say that most people would have at least heard of the remarkable bit of fantasy fiction known as The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, a work that entranced the world, and has a legacy that reaches far outside of its 100 or so pages. The writer, Frank L. Baum has his book published at the turn of the 19th Century, managing to create a whole fantasy world that contained several characters that continue to enthral people to this day. His story focuses on a young Kansas farm girl called Dorothy, who is swept up by a tornado and finds herself trapped in the magical Land Of Oz. Here she encounters many a strange thing, most notably eventually making friends with a lion in need of courage, a tin-man in need of a heart, and a scarecrow in need of a brain. Together they set off to find the city of Oz, the headquarters of the wizard that seems to control the land and its inhabitants.

This piece of work is widely regarded as one of the most seminal pieces of US literature ever to be created, and also resulted in the 1939 box office smash hit motion picture called The Wizard Of Oz. It was here that the work gained a notorious amount of popularity, with the film enchanting many children, and even their parents due to its use of Technicolor (something that wasn’t particularly common at the time). Due to the massive success of the film, Frank L. Baum’s imaginary universe was now deeply entrenched into popular culture, resulting in various offshoots stemming from the work. In fact, the writer himself was responsible for at least 13 other stories that explored other facets of the mythical land, with many of them focussing on the wizard of Oz, a rather mysterious figure in the original text. As it turns out he is actually a very complex and layered character, making him perfect material for a jolly good old online slot. Book Of Oz is the result, how does it fare? Well, you will have to read on to find out. You may also start winning when you click and play Book of Oz.

About Book Of Oz and its Aesthetic

As anyone who is familiar with the Land of Oz books will know, the wizard himself resides in the Emerald City, where everything takes on a particularly mystical green hue. This is perfectly replicated during Book Of Oz, with the aesthetic echoing the green shades that characterise the wizard and his abode. One thing to mention straight off the bat about Book Of Oz as well is that you shouldn’t be expecting any appearances from Dorothy and Toto, as this game focuses pretty exclusively on the wizard himself. The developers Microgaming have worked together with Triple Edge Studios in order to make this slot, and have opted for a fairly standard 5 reel setup, complete with 10 pay lines. All in all the aesthetics during Book Of Oz are fairly good, nothing special mind you, but much better than a lot of the titles on the market at the moment.

The symbols in Book Of Oz all, as you might imagine, pertain to different aspects of the wizard himself, a nice move by Microgaming that helps this slot become as immersive as possible. There is one exception to the rule, however, and this is the low paying symbols, which as is usually the case in the online slot world are made up of high value playing card icons. It can be hard for developers to make sure that their symbols are all 100% reflective of a slot’s theme, so we aren’t too disappointed. The rest of the symbols during Book Of Oz are made up of a courage potion, heart potion and brain potion, as well as the wizard himself. The latter is this slot’s highest paying symbol, rewarding lucky gamblers with 10x their line bet when he appears on the reels.

About Book Of Oz and its Bonus Features

So far we wouldn’t blame you for thinking that Book Of Oz sounded like a standard online slot, however this all changes once you learn of its various bonus features. Our favourite one of these was the reel respin feature, in which you can choose to give one singular reel a respin. The only drawback to this is you will have to place another small bet before you can do so, although the consequences could far outweigh the risk, especially if you are clever about it. Book Of Oz also has a bonus symbol that are designated by an icon bearing the game’s logo on the front. If you are lucky enough to encounter five of these they will pay out 200x your initial wager, as well as activating a free spins round.

Book Of Oz also has scatter symbols, and these are actually more powerful than in a lot of other online slot games. Five scatters, for example, will grant 25 free spins, and what’s more is that a special symbol will be randomly picked at the start of the free spin round. Whenever the designated icon appears it will expand to fill all the reel spots, meaning that you are pretty much guaranteed a hefty win!

About Microgaming and Other Slots by Them

Based in Malta, Microgaming are long running players in the online slot industry, having been established back in 1994, well before any of the first online slots were created. They are, therefore, incredibly experienced, having a number of well loved titles under their belt that continue to be played by millions of gamblers worldwide. Take a look at some of these games from their back-catalogue as proof:

· 5 Reel Drive

· Beautiful Bones

· Bust The Bank

· Emperor Of The Sea

Book Of Oz: The Verdict

We have become accustomed to top quality online slots from Microgaming, and this one is no exception to the rule. Impeccably clear graphics merge with intoxicatingly fun gameplay to give one solid online slots.


CBD And Anxiety: Everything You Need To Know

It is normal to feel anxious sometimes – but for some people, anxiety is a bigger problem. Around 13% of adults feel anxious on a regular basis, and hundreds of thousands of people live with anxiety disorders. This can be stressful and upsetting, but CBD oil can be used to reduce anxious feelings.

Here is everything you need to know about CBD and anxiety.

Does CBD Help With Anxiety?

CBD is pure cannabidiol, which is one of the 80 active components found in the hemp plant. While CBD isn’t quite as famous as THC (the component that can get you high), it has become very popular in the last few years, and this is partially due to its calming effects. While most research on the component is still fairly new, hundreds of studies have taken place, and this has provided mounting evidence that cannabidiol can be used to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress.

In fact, a 2018 study from the Food and Drug Administration found that CBD can be used to treat certain types of epilepsy, and the World Health Organisation also started that there is evidence that CBD can be used to treat a range of medical conditions, including stress and anxiety. So the evidence is piling up – but if you do decide to try CBD, it is very important to get the dose right.

Do you want to try taking CBD for anxiety? If so, you can buy CBD distillate oil for sale online.

How To Take CBD For Anxiety

Most research so far seems to indicate that CBD works best for anxiety when it is taken on a regular basis. This is called the cumulative effect, but it is important to be aware that CBD is considered a natural supplement (rather than a form of medication), so it is regulated by the FDA. This means that there are lots of products out there, and some are more reputable than others – so we suggest only buying from professional, reputable brands with lots of reviews.

How much CBD you take entirely depends on the individual. Some people find that one drop underneath the tongue once a day is enough, while others take capsule tablets a few times a day.

You can also take CBD in quite a few different ways, as it comes in oil format. So you can take CBD tablets, or you can buy the oil and use it however you want. Some people even add it to their cooking oil when they are making dinner.

How Much Should You Take?

A study from 2010 found that the ideal oral CBD dose for anxiety is 400mg. This will reduce anxiety symptoms for most people, but if you try this and it isn’t effective you may want to up the dose; a second study in 2011 found that 600mg is also very effective, especially before a stressful event. So we suggest 400mg or 600mg – but you might find a slight variation on this works perfectly for you.


How to Smile with More Confidence

Most of us want to be happier, we want to smile more and enjoy life a little bit more. However, smiling isn’t always that easy, particularly if you’re not happy with the way your smile or your teeth look. The good news is you can smile with much more confidence, you just have to know how.

This article will show you how you can smile with more confidence so you’re a happier person.

Allow your Smile to be a Healthy One

In other words, look after your teeth and gums. If you take good care of your teeth and gums you’re much more likely to have a nice smile. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and make sure you also use mouthwash from time to time.

Don’t forget to floss twice a day so that you get rid of those excess bits of food. Looking after your teeth can make them look so much better. It’ll also make you feel a lot less conscious about your teeth too.

Consider Making your Smile Better

If you have crooked teeth or gaps in your teeth there are ways and means for you to make your smile better. Getting dental implants fitted can fill in those gaps or make your teeth look straighter. Did you know that implants can look exactly like your current teeth? This ensures they won’t stand out too much or look like dentures. They can help you to feel much more confident when you talk and when you smile. Implants can allow you to express yourself more freely, and feel better about yourself.

Use Whitening Toothpaste

A great way to make your smile look so much better is to use whitening toothpaste. This type of toothpaste will help your teeth to look whiter in just a few days. You will have to keep using whitening toothpaste to reap the rewards but it’s definitely worth it.

If you are looking for something a little more permanent, you might want to consider having your teeth whitened by your dentist. Not only will you feel even more confident about your teeth but you’re likely to find yourself smiling even more often.

Smile When you Feel Like it

When you feel like smiling simply smile. When you smile you start to feel so much better and you’re likely to start enjoying life a little more. You can still smile even if you don’t have the greatest or whitest set of teeth. When you smile more often you’ll find that you have more of a spring in your step.

You should always look after your teeth and gums so they cause your fewer problems and you have a great smile. Consider using whitening toothpaste, have implants, brush your teeth twice a day and start to feel much more confident. When you start to look after your smile, it will start to look after you. Do what you can to boost your confidence each time you talk or laugh.

DIY Data Recovery May Not Be a Good Option For You

Data recovery is not as easy as it sounds. Many factors need to be looked upon in a data recovery process. When you try attempting DIY data recovery, the chances are that you might end up making it even worse. There are three reasons that one should not attempt DIY data recovery.

  1. Hard drives are very delicate
  2. It’s not an easy task
  3. A wrong move and your hard drive is gone forever

Many individuals have come across to lose their hard drives permanently as they attempted to recover their data on their own. Most of the time what people do is, they bang the hard disk, put it in a freezer, shake it if it still doesn’t work, open it finally and dust it over. It does not help you to recover your data. Instead, it makes you prone to lose your data forever.

Reason #1 – A hard drive is a very delicate thing. You cannot handle it roughly. When you open it to look at what’s wrong inside, you don’t know that you are only making it weaker. A drive contains a lot of delicate components such as disk platters, actuator arms, spindles, etc. These components are so fragile that even a single bit of dust could harm them. This is the only reason that professional data recovery services like SalvageData work in a cleanroom so that these delicate components don’t fall victim to permanent data loss. The disk platters are crafted with glass, light aluminum alloy, and ceramic, and they contain the data in a hard drive. When something comes in contact with these platters, the dust, fingerprints, and debris tend to attract them.

Reason #2 – Data recovery is compared to rocket science. It is never an easy task, no matter what type of damage it is that you have with your hard drive. You need to have the accurate knowledge, apparatus, and a clean environment to handle with it. If you think that running disk repair utility would solve all your problems, you are wrong. Recovery tools are never drive-friendly as they leave the chance to overwrite it. One wrong option, and voila! You lose your data permanently.

Reason #3 – A typical data recovery setting needs a lot of things within it. It requires a cleanroom where even air cannot come through because the air may contain dust. It also comes with a particle enclosure that stops the dust to enter the room. The person who recovers the data wears an outfit along with protective gloves, masks, and many things so that the platters do not get in touch with any dust or debris. In a cleanroom, they control the temperature and humidity levels for the sake of the hard drive’s welfare.

Once you come across a mistake with DIY data recovery, you are never likely to recover it back. Hence, it is the best idea to hire data recovery services so that you can have your peace of mind and be sure that your data is going to be recovered safe and sound.

5 Key Benefits of Invisalign Clear Aligners

There have been amazing advancements when it comes to straightening your teeth. In years past the preferred way to create better tooth alignment and a great smile was to spend months at the orthodontist and go through the ritual of getting braces. In general, braces were uncomfortable and looked a bit like they were part of a wire fence. Interestingly, the first braces were even called the “wire crib”!

Today there are great options for helping gently move your teeth so that you have perfect alignment and a wonderful smile. Invisalign clear aligners are custom-designed for each individual’s unique needs and are part of a treatment plan that is fully computerized. Dental patients know how long their treatments will take before they even put the first aligners on.

When compared to the rather mechanical and archaic metal braces, Invisalign offers many key benefits.

Almost Invisible

Whereas traditional braces are highly visible pieces of metal and unsightly wires, Invisalign trays are nearly invisible. They are clear in appearance and it doesn’t look like you are wearing braces at all. Because the aligners are clear nothing detracts from your smile and you can handle social situations without any embarrassment. If you are an adult with Invisalign braces you will love that they are barely noticeable.


Braces were never comfortable. The metal braces were attached to your teeth and had to stay there until a dentist removed them. The Invisalign trays are made of a smooth plastic and are specifically created to fit your mouth perfectly. Best of all, the aligners can be removed for a short time when you want to eat or drink. This lets you eat any food you like, where traditional braces always had a list of forbidden foods. Since Invisalign is removable you will also not have to struggle with pieces of food getting caught in the braces.

Reduced Treatment Time

When you had metal braces installed it seemed like the treatment went on forever. Then, just when you hoped you might get the braces off, you would often be told that you needed another months long course of braces to really get the job done right. With Invisalign the treatment protocol typically is somewhere between 10 weeks and half the time of old-fashioned braces.

Invisalign is Custom Created for You

Where braces often resembled a metal Lego construction kit, Invisalign clear aligners are custom-designed so they perfectly fit over your teeth. Since the device is a perfect model for you it is very comfortable and can put just the right pressure in the right place to carefully align your teeth.

Shift Teeth Gradually

One of the best benefits of Invisalign is that it gently and gradually shifts your teeth into place. During your treatment you receive a progression of new Invisalign aligners that slowly move your teeth to where they should be. This is much better than metal braces, which often forced things in place mechanically. With Invisalign teeth can be moved horizontally or vertically, and you can even rotate a tooth if necessary.

If you would like straight teeth and a beautiful smile, but don’t want to experience the discomfort and unflattering appearance of braces then you should consider treatment with Invisalign. These clear aligners are better than braces in many ways and will get the job done in half the time.

The Timeless Wisdom of St. Augustine

Throughout the course of human history, we have seen the emergence of great philosophers who shared wisdom that would influence the world for years to come. From Plato and Aristotle to Voltaire and Descartes, we have been informed and guided by seers whose knowledge and truth guided us across the centuries.

One of the greatest philosophers of all times was St. Augustine of Hippo. Born in North Africa in 354 AD, St. Augustine was originally part of the Pagan religion but later converted to Christianity. He dedicated himself to the pursuit of wisdom after reading an essay about “truth” written by Cicero. Over the years he became the Bishop of Hippo and delved deeply into ethics, rhetoric, and metaphysics.

St. Augustine was a prolific writer who created 132 works over his lifetime. The Works of Saint Augustine have been translated into English and thus far 43 books have been published containing 93 of his monumental writings. His wisdom holds true even in our modern times.

The Road to Greatness

When you look for wisdom that spans generations, you often find that it spans cultures too. There is a beautiful quote from Chinese writing that says “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. St. Augustine offered a parallel maxim when he wrote “You aspire to great things? Begin with little ones.” Every major creation or great offering of humanity begins with the first concrete steps.

What Love Looks Like

Over the centuries much has been written about love. There is romantic love and there is a universal love that is based on compassion, caring and truly desiring to help others. In his writing, St. Augustine spoke eloquently about the expression of love. “What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men. That is what love looks like.” There is no greater gift than to offer love and heartfelt caring and help to one in need.

The Magic of Miracles

Many times we find ourselves witnessing magical and amazing moments in life. Miracles are part of the mystery and beauty woven into our human existence. St. Augustine said “Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature”.

The Nature of Love

When we see love expressed in beautiful ways, we feel it deep in our being. Love is truly the animating force of consciousness. St. Augustine wrote that “Love is the beauty of the soul”. Our souls come into this world full of love and when we leave this earth we leave behind our material possessions, the echoes of our achievements and all worldly things. We only take one thing with us… Love.

Timeless truths are part of the very heart of humanity’s journey and soul. Great philosophers such as St. Augustine help us illuminate our path by sharing their wisdom about life, love and the deeper nature of our existence. Their words are our guide.