3 Worst Spending Habits and How To Fix Them


Despite having the best intentions with your money, sometimes it’s not always easy to know how to best spend it. Over time it’s easy to find yourself struggling to pay the bills if you aren’t careful. It’s in your best interest to eliminate financial stress from your life, if possible.

Curbing your bad spending habits can not only bring more peace to your life but will also pave the way for a more comfortable future, like being able to buy a home. If you’re ready to take control of your finances, then take a look at some of the worst spending habits you should get rid of first.


Impulse Buying


If you frequently find yourself seeing something you just can’t live without buying, then you may be guilty of impulse purchases. Impulse buying is an impractical way to spend your money based on emotion. Stores know that people are susceptible to impulse buying; that’s why they put enticing products next to the cash registers. People who are smart with their money know how to purchase with a good head on their shoulders rather than buying something just because it sounds good.


If you suffer from an impulse buying problem, the best way to fix it is to recognize your triggers. Before you buy something for yourself, ask yourself whether you really need it. Unless you’ve been anticipating buying it for some time, force yourself to reflect before buying it. Giving yourself time to think about your decision will often lead to you realizing that you never really needed it in the first place.


Failing To Budget


A lot of people would rather not bother with the budget; however, the truth is that taking some time to create a budget for yourself can have a huge effect on your spending habits. One of the reasons you may be living hand to mouth is because you don’t have a budget to live off of.

A budget allows you to see exactly what’s coming in and going out of your bank account. It forces you to take a look at how you’re spending your money and make changes where necessary. It doesn’t have to be something that takes a lot of time out of her life. Nowadays, there are plenty of apps and automated spreadsheets that can do your accounting for you.


Using Your Credit Cards Too Much


There’s something to be said for credit, and it’s undoubtedly a part of modern life whether you want it to be or not. In fact, not using credit is the same as having bad credit. However, it’s important that you don’t rely on your credit cards too much.


Not only do you have to pay your credit cards back, but you have to pay interest on top of whatever you spend. Over time, you could end up getting yourself into unmanageable goodnight debt.





3 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score Starting Today

Having poor or non-existent credit can be a distressing and crippling situation. Not only do you fear having to go before a loan officer, but having poor credit could end up costing you a position or getting access to basic amenities in some cases.

However, you should know that there are concrete things everybody can do to improve their credit situation. Some of these only require a minor effort on your part, and many of them won’t cost you a thing. Here are some ways that you could start fixing your credit starting today.

Get Your Credit Report

This is the very first thing that you should do. There’s nothing worse than getting rejected for a loan or card application because you had an error on your report or an account you’ve paid off that is still showing.

Make sure that you get your hands on your credit report. All UK citizens are entitled to a free copy of their report from one of the three major agencies: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

You are then free to report any issues and have them corrected within 28 days. Each service will have an easy to follow the procedure to dispute false information. It is your right to have these issues straightened, so make sure that you order your copy today and see if everything is in order.

Take Some Good Debt

First of all, you have to know that debt isn’t inherently bad. In fact, there are plenty of ways that you can improve your credit using debt. It’s also the only way that you can start building a credit history.

One of the ways that you can do this is by getting a secured credit card. This is a card that is backed by collateral. This collateral is usually a sum of money that you will be asked to deposit. This will eventually be the credit limit on the credit card.

The other option is to get a short-term loan. There are plenty of short-term loan providers in the UK that will allow you to borrow anywhere from £100-£1500 and pay it back over a short period of time. You can get short term loans UK from providers like Bingo Loans for instance, who will pay more attention to your current income when deciding if you’re eligible. So, this could be an option to consider if you have a steady income.

However, in order for both methods to be successful, you have to behave responsibly. Just one late payment could be enough to ruin your efforts, so make sure that you can handle the debt and pay on time each month.

Become an Authorised User

Another way that you can start improving your credit is to become an authorised user on someone else’s account. A lot of people don’t know this, but being an authorised user will allow you to benefit from the main user’s activity, and it will show on your report. On the other hand, any bad information will also show, so that could be a double-edged sword.

Just using these few tips could be enough to start turning your credit report around and slowly start rebuilding it. Make sure, however, that you follow through with some responsible spending and budgeting if you want to keep your good name.

Benefits Of Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

As one grows and matures, they usually become more active and tend to move around a lot. At some point, you will find yourself faced with immigration law. At this point you will have to deal with immigration authorities. Whether you are coming into a country or going out of it, you will be faced with a lot of paperwork, especially if you are doing so the very first time. This can prove to be an overwhelming process which can leave you frustrated. It may have you moving back and forth looking for this and that. Having someone beside you, preferably someone who knows and understands the process, can be of great benefit. An immigration attorney, for example, will offer you substantial comfort, maybe some company and most importantly, legal assistance. Therefore, it is beneficial to have such professionals by your side. Discussed below are some of the reasons why you should definitely hire an immigration lawyer.

Find workarounds on instituted regulations and permits

Whether you want to get into a country for work, residency or citizenship, a good immigration law expert such as Goldstein Immigration Lawyers can help you to do that. They are able to leverage their knowledge and expertise in immigration law to find workarounds and maneuvers to help you achieve your dream. Some people may want to go it alone which have actually been successful in some cases. However, such people are likely to have missed or forgotten to do something during the process which jeopardizes their stay in that country. This effectively means that they are taking a gamble on being found out by immigration law, one that can be very costly and have detrimental consequences. Therefore, it is better to use a professional now so that you can avoid facing such problems in the future.

Get invaluable advice

Even after successfully obtaining a visa, whether it is for work or residency, there are some immigration laws that will apply uniquely to you. Since you may probably be new in that country, you may not be aware of such requirements. However, having an immigration lawyer by your side exposes you to various pieces of advice that they may give you, whether actively or passively that can facilitate your stay. Most professional immigration attorneys will ensure that you are made aware of such laws and advice you on how best to abide by them. This helps you build a good reputation as a citizen and while ensuring you don’t jeopardize your job or residency.

Job hunters

As an immigrant, you will most likely find it more difficult to get a proper legal job that offers a competitive salary. A good immigration lawyer will take this into account and use their connections and influence to try and set you up with one. In addition, they will advise you on the tools that are required to get competitive employment in the host country.


Moving from one country to another is usually faced with a lot of problems and difficulties which are mostly caused by tough immigration laws and procedures. However, having immigration experts on your side such as Goldstein Immigration Lawyers will greatly improve your immigration process.


Best Slots To Play In 2020

Slot games are still improving and new releases are pouring in thick and fast. With each title comes another leap forward in graphics and game play. In fact, the future prospects of slots, is truly fascinating – click to play slots.

The Video Slot Revolution

It wasn’t until 1996 when advancements in technology led to the introduction of video slots. These versions of the slot machine catered for a new consumer whose main hobbies were playing on ever-advanced games consoles that were becoming more immersive than ever before.

Video slots offered a more thrilling gaming experience that involved elaborate computer graphics and more special bonuses and features than before. These slots appealed to gamers in general.

This is how we arrived to where we are today and in 2020, games with outstanding graphics are the norm and the bare minimum that players expect from slots creators.

Classics Vs. New Titles

Despite a plethora of new titles on the market it is still worth revisiting some of the classic slots that were clearly a head of their time, when they hit the market. Classic here is not necessarily old but games that have become huge hits over time. A leading contender for best classic slot is Cleopatra and it is still worth a spin. In fact it was the most played game when online slots were legalized in New Jersey.

Other games that have similar status to Cleopatra include Book Of Ra, Thunderstruck II, Book Of Dead and Immortal Romance.

If you want to spin something new in 2020 then you can try Dragon’s Fire from Red Tiger Gaming. There is a Dragon’s Egg Multiplier and consecutive wins can reach an insane multiplier of 50x. Furthermore, a Dragon is sometimes randomly activated and this breathes fire on the reels and can add wilds and free spin bonus symbols.

Vikings from NetEnt is packed full of features that include the Hotspot feature. This is triggered when a fully stacked Viking symbol lands on reel 3 and any other Viking symbols on the reels transform into that symbol. Raid Spins are triggered when you get 3 Raid Spins symbols on the reels.

Medusa’s Golden Gaze by 2By2 Gaming comes packed with free spin options. If you land 3 or more scatters you can earn up to 200 free spins. 10 free spins allow you to choose between regular free spins, 50 lines free spins or easy feature free spins. If you are lucky enough to get 30 free spins, you can choose between super free spins with a 3x multiplier or mega with a 5x multiplier.

Battle Royal is in fact a humorous King Henry the 8th themed slot by Play N Go and the free spin feature involves picking one of his 6 wives and hoping she will avoid the guillotine.

Other hot games to try for 2020 include Nirvana The Next Experience by NetEnt that is similar to Starburst, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megaways from Big Time Gaming and Valkyrie from Elk Studios.

Common Boating Terms You Should Know

Ahoy, mateys! Are you going to take a private boat tour San Diego soon and want to brush up on your boat lingo? It’s not a bad idea to know some of the common terms before you go, both to keep you safe when on board and also to help you know what’s going on during your voyage. Here are some of the words you should know before you set sail.

Let’s start with some of the basics:

  • Bow – the front end of the boat
  • Stern – the rear end of the ship, also known as aft
  • Port – the left side of the boat
  • Starboard – the right side of the ship
  • Ahead – moving in a forward direction
  • Astern – going in reverse

At the very least, knowing these essential terms can help you work around a boat or tell you what direction to look for animals when you go on one of the amazing San Diego whale watching tours.

Beyond the Basics

If you are more of a participant and less of a bystander on a boating excursion, you may want to learn a bit more detailed boating jargon. These terms can come in handy during San Diego sailing tours:

  • Windward – the direction in which the wind is blowing
  • Leeward – the opposite direction from windward
  • Point of sail – the direction of the boat in relation to the wind’s direction
  • Mainsail – the largest of the sails that is attached to the mast
  • Boom – the pole that extends horizontally from the mast below the mainsail and can move as the boat changes direction
  • Tacking – a sailing maneuver where you turn the bow of the boat through the wind to get the wind on the other side of the boat
  • Jibing – the opposite of tacking, where you turn the stern of the boat to get the wind on the other side of the boat
  • Rudder – a flat piece of material, either fiberglass, wood, or metal that is used to steer small boats
  • Keel – on the bottom of the boat, the long fin that runs the length, used on modern sailboats to prevent capsizing
  • Helm – on larger boats or those without a handheld rudder, the helm is where the steering wheel is located

These terms are helpful when to know when you take orders from your sailing captain. It can be thrilling when you are out on open waters, changing direction and taking advantage of the wind, but if you don’t know what the captain is telling you to do, it can be like a foreign language you don’t understand.

Getting Comfortable

Most of these terms are about the parts of the boat or its movement and position. What about you, the passenger? Here are a few more words you’ll want to know

  • Topside – going from below deck to an upper deck
  • Galley – the kitchen on a boat, found below deck
  • Head – perhaps the most important thing to know, this refers to the bathroom on board

Before you know it, you’ll sound like a seasoned sailor when you go out to sea. When you are on a boating tour and the captain uses an expression you’ve not heard, just speak up and ask about it. The more you know, the more comfortable you can be.


8 Vital Steps to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you are harmed or injured due to the negligence of some other person, you must file for a personal injury lawsuit as it is your right to get the compensation you deserve. There is a common notion in society that it is immoral to sue for personal injuries.

There is no doubt that there have been some immoral people who exploited this provision and led to recent changes in the law, but we need to understand that such lawsuits have also stirred a sense of accountability. Therefore, we have listed here eight vital steps you must follow to file a personal injury lawsuit so that you can get the compensation you deserve.

1. Put everything in writing:

You must jot down everything about the incident right down to the minor details, and it should be done as soon as possible because you will not be able to recall all the details after a while. As a result, the opposing attorney will be able to find the loopholes in your story even if it is true, and you may end up on the losing side.

2. Gather evidence to back your claim:

Once you have tended to your medical needs, it is paramount that you start collecting evidence to support your compensation claim. It would help if you took the pictures of your injuries and the place of injury as soon as possible. Moreover, you can also engage the people who have observed the accident because they can be presented as witnesses to reinforce your claim.

3. Hire an attorney:

After collecting the necessary pieces of evidence, hire a competent lawyer like a Seattle l&i attorney because he will be able to help you in many ways. For example, a relevant attorney will be able to understand the nuances of personal injury cases in dealing with the insurance company or understanding the delaying tactics used by the opposing counsel.

Moreover, these attorneys work on no win-no fee basis, which means that they are not going to get paid if they do not win; therefore, they will be more motivated to get you the best deal.

4. Settling the claim:

The next logical step would be to notify all the defendants and send the demand letter to the insurance company of the opposing party that will mention the number of damages they are required to pay. They will then decide the fate of this claim by accepting, renegotiating, or utterly rejecting the offer.

5. Filing the lawsuit:

In case you are not happy with the counteroffer or your offer is utterly rejected by the opposing party, your lawyer must move to file the lawsuit in the appropriate court.

6. Discovery:

In this phase, both plaintiffs and defendants will look to gather evidence to support their respective positions, which will then be shared for further proceedings. In this pre-trial phase, both parties will be subjected to depositions that will involve stern cross-questioning, which will eventually decide the future of the trial. Many lawsuits are settled in this phase, and if parties are unable to come to a mutual arrangement, your case will go to trial.

7. Trial:

During the trial, both parties will present their evidence in front of a judge or jury. They will analyze the details, determine the fault, and decide whether the plaintiff should be awarded for any damages.


In a nutshell, you must always know these steps to file a personal injury claim because there is every chance that you can get injured due to someone else’s negligence.


Old Age: Secrets to a Longer Life

To live long and enjoy life to the fullest is probably everyone’s dream to experience. Nowadays, it is tough to manage and still be able to balance all your routine activities. People are just so occupied with random errands and overwhelming commitments. The stress give you wrinkles day by day and gets you closer to bad health. Indeed, there is no fountain of youth. Science never came up with a potion that will make you look younger, but there are ways how you can live longer.

Make friends

Your friends can be as annoying as they want to be but hangout and love them more. Believe it or not but socializing with friends has a link to a longer life span. They make you smile, do activities, make you feel involved, and, most of all, provide a handful of experiences. Talk to them more often, not in social media but the real-life setup.

Say no to vices

When you were young, of course, you are curious like a cat. You wanted to try all things and explore. However, as you get older, your body won’t handle vices anymore. Less is better at this point. There is no surprise anymore to the fact that one cigarette can reduce your life by an average of eleven minutes. Quit smoking, alcohol, and harmful drugs. These won’t do good things on you. You are old enough to know what’s right for your body. If you want to enjoy time with your grandchildren longer, love yourself through quitting bad habits, earlier the better.

Live comfortably

The place where you live is a significant factor in living a longer life. It doesn’t require you to have a lavish and celebrity like mansions. Stay at a place where you can find peace, meaning less stress and away from trouble. Your current site now might be in the middle of a bustling city, which prevents you from having a full rest. Move to a location where you can enjoy a cool breeze, breathable air, and cleaner water. Go online and check sell my house fast Boca Raton. They can help you sell your house so you can move to your new home fast.

Eat healthily

Let thy foods be your medicine as the old saying goes. What goes into your body has a significant effect on how your body performs and its overall well-being. Choose green leafy vegetables; eat citrus food, and less meat. Junk foods are very enticing. However, as the name implies, its junk, so in the end, it will not do any good in your body. Drink fewer sodas and choose water instead. Choose your food wisely. Learn how to prepare heart-friendly food rather than fast foodstuff.

The expected life expectancy nowadays is decreasing. We are more exposed to various chemicals and harmful elements in our environment. To stay healthy and be able to celebrate your eightieth birthday upwards is already a bonus. Always remain active and discipline yourself when it comes to eating habits.

Virtual Reality Slots: Gaming Or Gambling


We really have had a lot to thank the gambling industry for over the years. Although it can be perceived as being an inherently bad thing, this is only really because of a select few problem gamblers that were not careful enough and ended up getting addicted. Other than this the gambling industry has helped employ hundreds of thousands of people, whilst also making sure that technological advances continue to happen each and every year.

This is especially true of the online slots casino industry, a market that has undergone a steady technological advancement since the late 1990s. The next big thing rearing its head over the horizon is the emergence of virtual reality slots, something that could result in the industry becoming even more popular when its potential is finally realised. In fact, it could be so good that playing virtual reality slots could be referred to as gaming rather than gambling – would you agree? Let’s take a deeper look at the subject.

Virtual Reality Slots: The Basics

So, for those of us that aren’t too familiar with the concept of virtual reality slots, these things are basically online slots that work in tandem with VR technology like Oculus Rift. This part of the industry is still very much in its early stages, with only a few providers currently advertising their product to the wider market.

Currently the experience of virtual reality slots seeks to reflect what it is like to go to a real casino and sit at a slot machine. After you put on the headset you will find yourself in the lobby of a casino, with an array of different machines to choose from. Once you sit down at one you can begin playing!

Gambling On Virtual Reality Slots

Obviously it would be very hard to argue with the fact that you are still very much gambling when you play on virtual reality slots – anything that involves some kind of betting is a form of gambling, is it not? Gambling by definition involves winning and losing money, something that forms the basis of how slot machines work regardless of the format you choose to play on.

Gaming On Virtual Reality Slots

Whilst it is hard to avoid the fact that virtual reality slots are a form of gambling, it is also rather difficult to discount the fact that it is also quite a lot of fun and certainly a form of gaming too. Still though, if you had to choose definitely between gambling or gaming we think 99.9% of people would agree that virtual reality slots are still predominantly an exercise in gambling.

What Does The Future Hold?

As time goes on we expect to see virtual reality slots becoming more and more like genuine pieces of gaming entertainment as developers get better and better at making them. Many analysts imagine a future where you play an virtual reality slot from the inside, rather than simply sitting at a machine that resembles one.


Top Preparation: Bringing Your Newborn Baby Home

Excited to receive a new member of the family? Of course, the excitement must come with a lot of responsibilities and changes here and there. Bringing your baby home from the hospital is not something to take lightly. The little one is quite demanding, and considering how delicate they can be, you have no say but to try as much as possible to make them comfortable.

You need to enjoy every bit of it. But with the new world of uncertainties, you should prepare early enough and make your transition to parenthood easier. Here is a simple guide on the top preparation tips to put in place as you welcome the newborn.

Consider the Baby’s Health

The first few weeks with your baby is going to be the most vulnerable. You’re going to be so scared, especially if it’s firstborn. This is because apart from being fragile, some babies are born with some medical conditions that doctors may not realize immediately. You need to monitor your baby closely and call the doctor if you notice anything unusual.

Apart from the diseases that the baby can be born to, you also need to keep your eyes open for any infections. Babies can easily pick up infections, especially from people who come to visit. Be careful about the people handling the baby and check for any signs of infections so that you can address them as soon as possible.

Babies Comfort

The comfort of your baby matters a lot, and these are things that you need to prepare even before delivery. You need to have a baby station in the house where it will spend most of its first weeks. Your baby will need diapers, rappers, burp rags, baby nightgowns, bottles and formula, breastfeeding essentials, cradle, extra sheets, etc.

Everything needs to be very comfortable and clean. Having all these items ready before you come home with the baby will also give you an easy time. Via this strong organization, it will make finding items easier.

Prepare the Furniture and Furnishings

You need to prepare good furniture and furnishings before your baby’s arrival. When choosing these, put a lot of emphasis on the safety and comfort of the little one. One of the things you must never miss is a baby crib. Because a crib is going to be a big investment, you need to take a lot of things into account when buying it.

You need the best baby crib in the market that will help your baby get enough sleep to aid healthy development. Apart from your own requirements, you also need to ensure that the crib you buy meets all the federal safety standards. The mattress and the sheets in the crib should also be of good quality.

Prepare for Friends and Family Visits

As the newest parents in town, there is no doubt you will want to keep the baby to yourselves. However, this is not going to be possible, and it is only a matter of days before you realized that the baby belongs to the entire community. Your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and everybody who knows you will want to come over to see the baby.

This is wonderful, but then they need to follow some rules. This is especially very important if you’re exhausted or still recovering from a C-section. You need to limit the number of people flocking in per day so that you can have enough time to recover. Also, ask your visitors to wash their hands before handling the baby since the newborn doesn’t have a strong immune system and can easily catch infections.

Have Time for Yourself

You want to be there for your baby all the time. However, you will soon get hit with the reality that this is not going to be possible. For the first few weeks, the baby is going to need a lot of your attention, but you also need time for yourself. You need time to eat, to sleep, take a shower, and just have some “me time.”

A baby monitor will be your helper in such times. A baby monitor will be there for your baby while you catch some sleep or carry out some chores. The best baby monitor has all the essential features, including detecting if the baby if about to cry. It will help you know when you need a diaper change, or it’s time for feeding.

Accept Help

Believe it or not, life isn’t going to be the same with a baby home. Even after you’re fully recovered and in perfect shape to go back to your normal chores, you’re still going to find it hard doing everything. Most of the time, you’re going to have some good friends and family members giving you occasional visits.

You should take advantage of their goodwill and allow them to help you do one or two things around the house. You can have them help with cooking, cleaning, and holding the baby while you take a break. It will also help to hire a nanny if you can afford it. Having someone helping around the house will help you stay in good shape and avoid stress.

Find a Pediatrician

Whether this is your first baby or the third one, you’re still going to need an expert opinion in several things. You need to have a pediatrician you can rely on whenever things get out of hand. He/she should be available 24/7 because you never know when you will need quick help. You should also schedule visits once in a while to have your baby checked.

One thing you need to understand before you welcome your baby home is to relax and take it easy. The baby may look fragile, but things aren’t as hard as they seem. Caring for your baby is not going to be a complicated experience, but fun. Apart from making changes here and there, you’re going to love the whole experience of watching your baby grow every day.

How to Take Control Of & Advance Your Nursing Career

Choosing to be a nurse is a great way to make a living, and you’ll feel good at the end of the day, knowing you’re helping others. You may be hesitant to begin your professional journey in the healthcare field because you don’t know where to start.

Be glad to know there are specific ways that you can take control of and advance your nursing career so you can be successful in the long run. It’ll take hard work, dedication, and perseverance on your part, but after a while, of giving it your all, you’ll soon find yourself soaring to new heights with your professional endeavors.

Invest in Your Education

You must be willing to invest heavily in your education if you want to take control of and advance your nursing career. A good place to start is to register for an accelerated 1-year bsn online, so you can earn your nursing degree and transition into working in the field quickly. The more educated you are in your area of study, the more opportunities and options there will be for you to get ahead. You will have a strong resume when you invest in your education, and it’ll show potential employers that you’re fully committed to working as a nurse and advancing your career. When you have the right skills and knowledge about how to do your job, you will perform better in the workplace and be able to outshine the competition.

Expand Your Network of Contacts

It’s also a wise idea to build and utilize your networks as you work on creating a stable and rewarding career for yourself. Be proactive and go out and meet new people who work in healthcare and may be able to offer you some additional advice about how to take control of and advance your nursing career. You never know who you’ll meet that will be able to assist you in finding new and better job openings and opportunities. Always follow up and stay in touch with those you encounter in one day, because you may need or want to get in touch with this person regarding your career path.

Join relevant organizations, go to networking events, and interact with people outside of your specific department to help you achieve this goal. It’s not only going to allow you to grow your network of contacts, but you will also be exposed to new ideas in the process and will be expanding your own knowledge through these engagements with others. Consider finding someone among the group to mentor you as well, so you have the best possible chance of staying on track with your professional goals and have someone to bounce ideas off.

Be Professional & Ethical in all Interactions

You’re going to get a lot further with your nursing career when you can build trust among your colleagues and patients. It’s important to be ethical and professional in all your interactions, so you’re viewed as a competent and responsible individual. As a nurse, you must maintain confidentiality when it’s required of you, and you follow the industry regulations and safety protocols. You’ll find that you excel in your job a lot quicker when you play by the rules and don’t try to cut corners. Remember, people will always watch your conduct inside and out of the workplace; it is best to act appropriately and maturely in all situations. Try to keep a positive attitude as well and not let mistakes you make frustrate you, but instead use them as learning opportunities to better yourself going forward.

Commit to Continuous Personal & Professional Development

In addition to formal learning and education, it’s also in your best interest to be eager to learn throughout your nursing career. Therefore, commit to continuous personal and professional development to help you grow your skills as an individual and healthcare worker. For example, brushing up on your communication skills and knowing how to actively listen and get your points across clearly will be beneficial to you on the job. Also, improve your leadership skills and abilities whenever possible if you want to truly progress in your career and take on higher-level positions down the road. Take classes or courses in your free time or see if your employer will support you in attending a related conference or seminar.

Set Career Goals

Take control of and advance your nursing career by regularly setting career goals for yourself. If you’re not working toward a new objective always, then you’re likely to get comfortable in one place and not progress in your role. Therefore, get in the habit of establishing fresh goals for what it is you wish to achieve in your professional life so you can continue to develop your skills and abilities.

Use your performance review meetings as a chance to review what you’ve been able to accomplish thus far and outline what responsibilities you still want to be able to take on in the following year. It’s important that your boss and employer witnesses you are setting goals, reaching them, and then going after even more challenging objectives in the future. This will show that you’re serious and dedicated to advancing your nursing career, and you’re likely to be rewarded for it.


Being a nurse and working in healthcare can be both a gratifying and demanding experience. If you want to continue to evolve in your role over the years, then you must take these steps to regain control of and advance your career. You must avoid getting caught up in the politics of it all and comparing yourself to others. Focus on what you have to offer and ways that you can stand out among the crowd. Seek out working environments that are supportive of you wanting to develop your skills, and that promote professional development. Most importantly, never stop fighting for and going after what it is you want to do with your time and talents.