Publishers Driving Traffic Through Instagram

Instagram is one of the toughest platforms to drive the traffic for the publishers as compared to Facebook and Twitter. But it has not limited the publishers from converting Instagram users into their readers. Instagram has evolved from being a fancy app for photo sharing to a base for the customer and business interaction. It has introduced features like shoppable posts, stories, mentions and many other which makes it easy for the customers to connect with the businesses.

There has been a notable increase in the number of publishers on Instagram and the way they are coming up with interesting strategies to convert Instagram users into real-life readers. There are various ways to drive traffic from Instagram for publishers. You can look at the best ways to buy Instagram followers in 2019.

The publishers these days are using every Instagram feature at disposal for the marketing plan and getting more and more readers and subscribers. You can use Instagram stories to reach out to the wider audience who are not the followers and are not able to see the posts. It also makes it easy for the readers to go through the news in just a click without leaving the app or else go to the link in the bio. It is a great strategy for any publisher or business looking to drive traffic.

Just like offline methods, breaking the continuous text with a quote is working on Instagram as well. It is a perfect Instagram strategy to use quotes in the captions which depict the personality and inspires the followers. It is also necessary to add connecting captions or call to actions to the post. It becomes an important tool for users to reach out to the publishers.

With the release of Instagram stories highlight, most of the publishers and businesses have started using it for reaching out to the readers. Their best articles and contents are at display in this area which allows the followers to understand the style. Publishers are coming up with very different strategies which really leads to a high rate of engagement. You can look at examples of various magazines and publishers for that matter. You can use Instagram more than a method of marketing and instead of driving the force towards you through the snippets of your content.

You can appeal to the young and digital audience by engaging them in Instagram story polls. It allows building the relationship between the publishers and the users. It is the best strategy to go behind the scenes and make feel your audience part of your growth.

Videos are a much better source of driving traffic than posts. Most of the publishers miss out on video and gif content. Video content with a call to action, in the end, do wonder on Instagram and becomes an integral part of the publishing company’s social media marketing campaign.

This article gives you the inspiration to drive traffic through Instagram. This is the basic way many publishers are transforming their digital appearance.

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