Cooling In Summer – Popilush Blue Tag Clothing Series

To increase your personal power, you must choose clothes that make you feel empowered in your everyday life. In summer, high temperatures call for comfortable, cool clothing. This way you can make the most of the season without losing style.

Popilush has a special line that can help you in your mission to feel good about your body. By trying on whit blue tag clothing , you realize that you can develop your self-confidence to the fullest in a safe way to live your best version.

What types of clothes wear in summer?

Those that can keep you as cool as possible. Therefore, the choice of fabric is essential for your comfort. Pieces that allow air circulation through breathable fabrics become interesting options. Very heavy clothing should be avoided at all costs, as it can make you feel stuffy and retain heat, making you even hotter.

The Blue tag series offers options made with antibacterial fabric, resistant to odors and which naturally promotes hydration. It is developed through technology that uses collagen protein extracted from discarded oyster shells. This material has a cooling effect that provides a pleasant sensation to the skin so you can live hot days with assertiveness.

Therefore, a shapewear body can be combined with several other pieces of clothing such as skirts and shorts so that you can enjoy your everyday life with elegance and practicality. The shaping mesh makes your waist slimmer and provides support, posture alignment and gently shaped curves. Crotch design features three hooks and three rows for easy bathroom breaks.

Furthermore, it frees you from the need to wear underwear as it contains a cotton blend. You can combine your blue bodysuit with light-colored tailored shorts with a thin caramel-colored belt. A straw bag with handles made from a material similar to the belt will bring harmony, finish with a comfortable strappy sandal. The same accessories are ideal for finishing a composition with a built in shapewear dress, easily delivering the versatility women dream of.

What events can dresses from the Blue Tag series be used in?

In all types of events. Versatility is the key point here. So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and be bold. You can wear a dress with asymmetrical details that completely transform your look to stand out at a night party. Plus, fabric details with a beaded-look structure expand your shape for an even slimmer appearance.

Side adjustments are interesting, as they allow for better adaptation to different body types. All pieces have a buttery texture, much softer in contact with the skin for increased comfort.

For a daily event like a walk on the beach or at a country house, you can wear a tube-style dress or even a version with thin straps and a V-shaped neckline to deliver just the right amount of sensuality. When using a midi dress with built in shapewear with Blue tag technology, you have UV protection that is resistant to UVA/UVB rays so you can have fun safely and in style.