Top Tips on Hosting a Family Garden Party This Summer

This summer, this year more than ever before, is a time for gathering all the family together and celebrating the good times, and what better way than to host the ultimate garden party for all your family and friends! Here are some top tips for hosting the perfect family garden party this summer.

Festival Lighting

Outdoor lighting, such as lanterns on either side of the entrance to the house and solar lights on bunting decorating the perimeter fencing, is a cost-effective and beautiful way of decorating your outdoor space. The addition of the right lighting is not only practical but will really create a warm and lively atmosphere, not to mention it will ensure your guests are in the party mood right from the get-go.

Cozy Corner

If your party is going through until the evening, a cozy corner of the garden dedicated to chilling out in the warm night air is essential. A foam bean bag Fombag, some oversized throws, and copious cushions on the grass make for a beautiful, bohemian space for your guests to relax in. Chill-out spaces are also brilliant for those guests who enjoy more intimate conversations rather than mingling with big groups of people.

Spruce the Space

The most essential preparation is to declutter, tidy and thoroughly clean your backyard and garden. Hire or, even better, borrow from a friend a pressure washer, so your patio and garden furniture look as good as new. If your garden has an element of decking, ensure it is thoroughly weeded, and the floors and sides are as clean as possible. Trim the hedges and mow the grass to make your party guests feel welcomed and comfortable, showing you really have made a big effort and your party will be one to remember.

Barbecue Buffet

The most cost-effective and not to mention utterly delicious garden party food has to be from a clean and sanitized barbecue. Invest in a good quality set of barbecue cooking and serving tools as well as a thermometer fork to ensure your food is cooked thoroughly before serving. For an added personal and ultimately fresh touch, consider introducing the flavours and aromas from your very own garden with some home-grown herbs. Even though disposable paper plates are admittedly more practical, opt for china dinner plates and ensure they are heated through before food is served.

Choose a Theme

In the initial planning stages of your garden party, a fantastic idea is to introduce a party theme. Garden party themes can range from anything from fancy dress banquets to British-inspired tea parties, and the latter can really influence the food you serve.

If opting for a British-style tea party theme, serve bite-sized pastries and small triangles of bread with sliced cucumbers (making sure you cut off the crusts!). Plenty of fresh flowers will really bring the theme alive and you could even visit thrift shops to source small pieces of china as table pieces.