Things you need to know before hiring a wedding photographer

Wedding or elopement preparation takes a lot of time and energy. Even if you are a good planner, you don’t do it every day. That’s why it would be good to look through some tips for hiring a professional photographer for your special day.

Hire in advance

Never delay hiring a professional photographer. Good ones are always busy. If you really like a professional, do not waste your time. Also, remember that an experienced person will cost more. And there is no need to save money on photography. Yet almost every professional has wedding or elopement packages with different services and prices. So you will be able to choose the most comfortable one. Your wedding album should be the most beautiful reminder of Big Day. Pay once, have sweet memories forever.

Discuss the timing

Discussing the wedding day timing with your photographer is very useful. Not every hour of a day is suitable for taking photos. If the sun is too bright, the photo session can be delayed. The sunset hour, in turn, provides us with soft, warm lighting. Doing everything as planned is as important as having a schedule on hand. The photo session takes more than just 10 minutes. Being late will affect the duration of the photo session and the quantity of photos you will get.

Stop chasing perfection

Do not try these top 5 face expressions you’ve rehearsed before the wedding. The harder you try, the less natural you will look. The same rule applies to the poses. Unnatural poses add too much tension, which is noticeable in the photos. Do not hesitate to be yourself. Express your sincere emotions – laugh, dance, have fun with the love of your life. Together with the newlyweds, true love and happiness are the most beautiful elements of the photo session.

Share some references

If you work with a professional, the quality of photos is never a question. But you still need to point out what moments you would like to shoot. Showing pictures for reference is always a good idea. Every wedding is different. So, even a portfolio of the chosen photographer will contain a lot of different photos. It would be amazing if you could find some reference pics among them.

Do not chase trends and do not ask for thousands of pics. Carefully check the terms and conditions of the wedding or elopement package you consider. Most likely, the total quantity of photos is indicated in the package description.

Rehearsal photo session

A love story or engagement photo session is a great opportunity to check the professional skills of the photographer. It will also help to get used to each other. So, on the wedding day you won’t be shy and work in tandem.