Remodel Over Rebuild: Why It is the Better Option to Fix Your House

Your house is the place where you can cherish countless memories with your family. It’s a testament to your happy years and the challenges you faced. However, no matter how much you want to keep everything the way they are, any house comes to the point of deterioration.

With the changing times, you may want to incorporate upgrades such as smart gadgets inside your house. Alternatively, you may want to improve energy efficiency by upgrading the house’s wiring and lighting. You may also think of increasing the functionality by changing the house’s layout and maximizing the available space. Or you may want to improve the overall aesthetics.

Remodeling or rebuilding may not be a bad idea. However, you’re left with the decision to choose which is best for your beloved property. You have weighed down your options and decided to go for a remodel.

To make you even more confident with your decision, the following are the reasons why remodeling is better than rebuilding the house.

Cheaper Costs

Home remodeling costs are way cheaper compared to the costs of rebuilding your house from scratch. On average, the cost of building a new house is roughly $200,000 to $300,000 while the cost of an overall remodeling project is just at $40,000 – $60,000 — a glaring difference.

The home remodeling costs can further go down when you don’t need to remodel your whole house. To give an idea, these are some rough estimates for partial remodeling costs (In 2019):

  • Attic Remodel: $9,500 to $15,000
  • Kitchen Remodel: $6,500 to $18,000
  • Bathroom Remodel: $5,000 to $14,000
  • Siding: $6,500 to $13,000
  • Roofing: $4,500 to $8,500
  • Central Airconditioning: $4,000 to 5,000
  • Interior Painting: $2,000 to $4,500

If you want specific values, you can visit the link for your customized home remodeling costs quote.

Faster Turnover of Your House

Building a house from scratch will take time. Custom-built homes take around 10-16 months according to this 2016 Survey of Construction by the United States Census Bureau.

With remodeling, the turnover of your new home will be relatively faster. For one, they will work on the current foundation and layout of the whole house. Additionally, if you will do partial remodeling, the work that needs to be done will be significantly lesser than starting from scratch.

No Unforeseen Rental Costs

Speaking of turnover, where will you stay while your house is under construction?

If you don’t have another house to stay in, you will incur additional rental costs on top of your construction costs for around that 10-16-month period.

With remodeling, you will save this rental cost.

Livable During Construction

When you need to remodel some areas of your house, you still have access to other parts. Unlike when rebuilding, you can’t stay there while everything is being constructed.

With remodeling, your house is still livable under construction.

Remodeling is not always the answer to everything. There is still the other option, which is to rebuild. The question is: when should you restore or rebuild your house?

You rebuild when your house has severe problems such as foundation problems or when you want additional installations that can’t be incorporated with the current design of your home. Ultimately, the choice is yours!


There’s more to slate roofing than just natural beauty

Homeowners with tiled roofs often spend some time considering the visual splendour of slate. It has that classic, timeless appeal, looks great in any weather and adds character to a property when in place. However, there’s also much more to slate than how it looks, as well as many misconceptions about how effective it is as a long-lasting, robust roofing material. Here’s everything you need to know about this exceptional material in the roofing trade.

It lasts longer than you think

The lifespan of even the thin sheets of slate that become roofing tiles is exceptional. A hard slate roof can last up to 200 years, while even soft slate can last as much as a century. A slate roof will no doubt require some professional attention over time – but, even though it looks brittle and feels weak to touch, when sat firmly atop the home, there’s little else that lasts as long in the entire roofing trade.

It’s actually an eco-friendly material

Just because it’s been pulled from the ground and manufactured doesn’t mean slate is harmful to the environment. As a natural material, it doesn’t pollute rainwater or produce large volumes of harmful gases while being turned into tiles. Also, slate tiles are often reclaimed, either when you are installing an entire new roof or taking care of small repairs along the way – so, you’re also recycling used materials regularly.

It can add value to a property

Going briefly back to the title of this article, the natural beauty of slate is admired, desired and sought after. Therefore, even if you decide to move away well before the end of your slate roof’s lifespan, you may find that having the natural material installed becomes a plus point for potential buyers.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about switching from a damaged slate roof to a new, modern system, do consider what the new material could do to not just the visual appeal of the property but its resale value, too.


Yes, unfortunately, like all good things in life, slate roofs tend to come with a however. Slate roofing, at least initially, is relatively expensive and absolutely has to be installed by a professional roofing contractor in all cases.

Although you’re likely to save money over the lifespan of your home, it’s worth doing a little research into the contractor you choose beforehand. Go for a team with a proven portfolio of slate work, like Findley roofers in Chester-le-Street, and keep in touch with them for any future repair work you need completing.

Slate is also a naturally heavy material, which is why it’s synonymous with older buildings made from stone, as opposed to brick. New build properties are not usually designed to withstand anything other than a modern, lightweight roof. Slate roofs weigh in at 800 to 1500 lbs per 100 square feet, so make sure you know what your home was built to handle before switching to a slate roof. This is actually another good reason to contact a reputable roofing company, which will be able to give the advice that you and your property need.



A First-timer’s Guide to Getting a Maid Service Chicago for Your Home

One of the best feelings is coming home to a pristine-looking home. Everything is in order. The windows, floor, and tables are clean. No unwashed and dirty dishes are lying all over the kitchen sink.

But not everyone has the time to do some home cleaning. Sure, you can keep it clean, but not as flawless as when you’ve spent hours on cleaning.

That’s why a maid service in Chicago is a common choice. It helps Chicagoan homeowners keep their homes in order.

What is a Maid Service and How Much Does It Cost?

Maid service is also known as a cleaning service. As the name suggests, it’s an outsourced help where you hire people from a company to clean your home. You can choose from one-time services to recurring types.

A maid service Chicago can have varying rates. Some charge hourly rates while others have a fixed price depending on the services that will be rendered.

The average hourly rate for a maid cleaning service is $25 to $90 per individual. It is based on the national rate. The same average rate is also applicable in Chicago.

However, rates are slightly lower when you choose recurring services.

The size of your home can significantly affect the rates. A small house will be more comfortable and faster to clean than a large home. That said, you will have to spend less if you have a two-bedroom bungalow than a four-bedroom type.

Additionally, the conditions of your home at that point in time as well as the services that will be rendered are also considered. Most maid cleaning services offer upholstery and carpet cleaning as well.

You can get a free consultation from most companies. Their team will visit your home before your chosen date. From there, they’ll inspect what is needed to be done and will estimate the final costs.

Do You Have to Tip?

If you’re hiring maids from a company, it’s unnecessary to tip them. Also, they won’t be expecting some extra gratitude from their clients.

However, it’s not against the rule. You can certainly give them any amount. But, it’s best to add it along with your payment. Various companies pool the tips so that they can distribute it equitably among all their workers.

Tipping is also one good way of letting your housemaid help know you like their services. It creates a mutual understanding and is the right ways of helping your household help get through their daily needs. Though an excellent initiative, it is not required.

Do You Have to Be Present When They’re Working?

It is entirely up to you. The people you hire will work regardless of whether you’re in or you’re not. You can leave a spare key for them if you feel like they’re trustworthy enough.

But for most people, they try to be present during the first cleaning sessions. It can give you an insight on how reliable they are. Plus, you can provide them with instructions when needed.

Before hiring a particular company, it’s essential to know what others are saying about them. Be sure they are reliable, and there is nothing but praise for their work.



Tips on Making Your Bedroom Livable After Moving In

It’s challenging for you to finish decorating your new home if you recently moved in. You spent a lot of time packing your bags and finding a new home. You don’t want to spend the next few days dealing with home decoration.

The problem is that you don’t have any other pace to live. You need to make the most of the current space that you have. Over time, you can decorate the place, but for now, it needs to be livable. These tips could help you.

several throw pillows set on top of bed inside room

Rent a storage facility

It’s a terrible idea to transfer all your boxes to the new house. It will immediately feel full and you will have a hard time moving around. When you rent a storage facility, you can gradually take things out until you’re ready to decorate the new home. The place won’t look cluttered because you have a separate location for all the things from your old home.

Prioritize the bed

Even if you have a messy house right now, you can still be comfortable if you have a wonderful bed. It’s easier for you to rest at night. It doesn’t matter if you are yet to finish decorating the room. A soft and cozy bed will be good enough. You can purchase bedroom sets queen size of top quality at a reasonable price online.

Take out the things you need 

You don’t have to unbox all the things from your old house. You can start with the things you need and gradually continue until you finish decorating your place. Right now, comfort isn’t the priority, but practicality.

Don’t forget your personal favorites 

Even if you’re in a terrible environment, you will still feel relaxed if there’s one thing with you. It could be a stuffed toy or your favorite blanket. If there’s something you can’t sleep without, you need to take it with you. Ask your kids to choose one or two favorites first while you finish unboxing.

Check the air conditioning unit

It’s easier for you to sleep when your room has a low temperature. It will only happen if your air conditioning unit is in excellent condition. If not, even if you already turned it to full blast, it still won’t make the temperature low enough. Therefore, you need to ask a service provider to check the unit first. Your new place might be an old house and the air conditioning unit might be too old. You have to consider a replacement if necessary.

Create a plan

For now, you still can’t have the bedroom you desire. Eventually, you can transform your bedroom into a comfortable place. You need to determine how to get to your goal. Create a plan that outlines the tasks and specific dates.

You have to be patient for a while since you’re still busy with other things. After moving in, home decoration isn’t necessarily a top priority. You also have to explain it to your kids.


Getting Your Home Prepared For Overnight Guests

Having overnight guests to your home is an event to look forward to, especially if they’re people who you don’t get to see or interact with that often. It’ll be some hard work on your part at first, but once it’s all done, you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the visit with them.

There are a few important matters you’ll want to take care of in advance so that you feel prepared to welcome visitors into your home. If you’re not someone who entertains often then it’s important to start getting ready as soon as you know they’ll be coming for a stay. Working ahead will help to take some stress and pressure off of you as you look forward to their arrival.

Arrange the Guest Room

A good place to start when preparing for overnight guests is to arrange the room they’ll be staying in and confirm it’s how you want it to look. This is a good time to ensure there are fresh sheets on the bed and plenty of storage room for their belongings. You also want to make sure that the temperature of the room is comfortable for them to sleep and not too hot or cold. If you notice any issues with your heating system, then it’s a good time to look into ‘furnace repair near me’ and get it fixed right away. The last situation you want is for your space to be cold and uncomfortable when you have visitors coming into your home.

You want your guest room to look presentable and feel welcoming when your visitors enter their sleeping quarters. Therefore, you might want to think about putting out fresh flowers or adding a plant or two to make it feel more lively and homey. Furthermore, make their bed ahead of time, place out fresh towels, and take time to remove any clutter that’s in their room, so they have plenty of space to spread out and move around.

Perform A Deep Clean

The most important part about having visitors to your house is that they have a clean home to stay in. Start early and perform a deep clean on your home before your guests arrive. Pay special attention to areas of the home where you know you’ll be spending a lot of time, such as in the kitchen and family room. In addition, wipe down the bathrooms and make sure the one they’ll be using to get ready each day is especially clean and tidy.

You may even want to consider getting your carpets cleaned and wiping down your appliances to add that extra special touch for them. Additionally, think about preparing areas such as your backyard or finished basement if you know that’s where you’ll be gathering to hang out as a group. Use this as an opportunity to get those hard to reach areas and spaces in your home that you tend to skip over or ignore during your weekly cleaning routine.

Stock up the Fridge & Pantry

You’re also going to want to think about feeding your guests and ideas for what they’ll be eating during their stay. Get your home prepared for overnight guests by stocking up the fridge and pantry with a lot of different goodies, snacks, and drinks. You might also want to consider putting out a coffee and liquor bar for your guests so they can help themselves throughout their stay as they please.

Think about what you want to cook for meals in advance and go grocery shopping, so you have all you need handy and don’t need to always be running out when your guests are at your house. You might also want to think about planning a dinner or two out at a restaurant away from the house, so you can give yourself a break from cooking and cleaning up.


Having overnight guests at your house will be a much more enjoyable experience when you’re fully prepared to welcome them into your home. Use this advice to help you properly get ready and feel excited instead of worried to have people over to your house for an extended period of time. Remember that you can always take notes and make adjustments for next time based on how the visit goes for you. Try your best and let that be enough and then make sure you commit to being a good host and are fully engaged in the moment, so your guests feel comfortable and at ease in your presence.


Advantages of Hiring Property Management Companies

Property management means ownership and governance of private property, machinery, or physical property.

Property management term refers most frequently to renting an estate in which a property supervisor manages the maintenance and everyday operations of the estate.

This would include finding occupants in lease buildings and flats and receiving periodic lease payments.

Real Estate and Real Estate Property Management

Real estate is any property connected to a piece of land, including the estate itself, and any houses located on the estate. Property management concerns the supervision of estate rental, including flats, buildings, and commercial buildings.

  • A Northern Virginia property management company acts on behalf of the property owner to ensure that the property is looked after, repaired, and rented to bring the owner profit.
  • The real control of the estate can also involve the supervision of natural resources on properties, such as petroleum, gas, and wood.
  • Property directors in many countries must be authorized real estate brokers to register properties, receive leases, and undertake other actual estate-related duties.

What You Can Get from Property Management Companies

When you hire a skilled real estate broker, you can add importance to your property investment.

Therefore, so many specialized property developers agree that it is best to work with a successful leadership business. In Northern Virginia property management, companies take good care of landlords, tenants, and properties.

These are some of the most significant advantages for landlords who collaborate with real estate management firms:

  • One of the most significant benefits is that they can manage all tenant testing. Some landlords do not perform loan or background controls because they have no time or understand where the accounts should be received.
  • Renting individuals out of consideration for their criminal record and their economic history is a sure way for issue owners to end up with.
  • Property management businesses handle the entire testing method so that property owners receive temporary residents who pay and look after their properties more efficiently than those without screening.
  • Property management companies deal with all legal elements related to tenant leadership and asset maintenance. The regulations of landlords differ by country and city, so it is essential to understand how to deal with issue owners and other lease problems correctly.
  • Property executives deal with evictions, checks of an asset, rental talks, rental terminations, and tenant rental collection. A property management company can assist shorten vacancy cycles that cost the landlord cash.

Without a property management company, a landlord can take several months to arrange a house for lease, determine how much to pay and sell it to prospective landlords.

Professional estate executives can decrease the time it requires for these duties to be performed. Once a tenant leases a property, an ownership firm can also enhance tenant retention.

If the handling of tasks becomes too much, it’s best to hire a reliable property management company. That way, you will be able to do your assignments without mistakes. You will also be able to manage tasks better with reliable assistance.


How to Rent Out Your House and Buy Another

Whatever your reasons may be, you may find yourself looking for a new house in the near future. However, shopping for a home can be a tricky process, especially if it’s been a while since you last purchased a house.

But, if you find yourself in need of a new house quickly, you may not have time to sell your home. Plus, there are signs that this is a buyers’ market, rather than a sellers’ market. Never fret: you can always rent out your home, and make a profit in the process.

Buying a new home

Before buying a new home, you should know what steps are required.

How much “house” you can afford: The first step to purchasing a new home is deciding exactly how much home you can afford. Consider your debt-to-income ratio. Your monthly house payment should only be about a third of your income. This ratio can help you determine if you’re ready to take on a mortgage.

First, consult a home loan repayment calculator. This tool will help you figure out exactly how much you’ll be paying on a specific home. Using this information, you can also calculate your DTI.

For example, let’s say you’re buying a $200,000 home, and your down payment is $40,000. If your monthly gross income is $4,000 and your anticipated mortgage payment is $773.12, your DTI is 19 percent. This makes you a great candidate for a pre-approved mortgage.

Get pre-approved: Cash buyers used to be favored by sellers. However, there are very few cash buyers left in today’s market. Instead, approaching a seller and their agent with a pre-approval letter is the best way to close on your deal.

Getting your mortgage pre-approved requires a conversation with a loan officer and a deep look at your personal finances and credit history.

Find your home: Finding your future home can be as simple as searching online or can entail working with a real estate agent. A buyer’s agent can help you find the right home for your budget and can sometimes even help find a house for you that has yet to be officially listed.

They’ll also negotiate the terms of sale on your behalf, so that you pay only what you want to pay. The best part? A buyer’s agent costs nothing; a seller pays a real estate agent’s fees.

After you’ve found your home, you can have your agent submit an offer, set up a home inspection and appraisal, and then after you get your final mortgage approval, close on your new home.

Becoming a landlord

While you’re purchasing your brand new home, you should prepare to rent out your existing house.

Set your goals: Prior to listing your house as a rental, you should set some goals. Decide whether you want to rent the home out long-term or if this is just a stopgap until you can sell your home for a profit.

If you own this second house outright, any money you make can be used to help pay your new mortgage and the rent you charge can reflect that. However, if you’re still paying off the mortgage for this existing home, you may want to consider that in the price you set for your rent.

Know the law: You should also know basic landlord-tenant laws before you begin the process of renting out your home. For example, the Fair Housing Act states that you cannot discriminate against any potential tenants based on their race, color, nationality, religion, disability, or familial status.

This also extends to any marketing you do on behalf of your new rental property. Knowing both your rights and your future tenants’ rights is of utmost importance.

Find the right tenants: Once you’ve set your goals and researched renters’ rights, it’s time to find your perfect tenants. Create your listing on a site that also offers an online rental application. This will save you time by keeping all of your potential tenants’ profiles in one place.

You’ll also save money on pricey background checks and credit history reports. After you’ve checked your applicants’ references, you can begin making money from your rental property and taking advantage of the many benefits associated with being a landlord.

Purchasing a new home can be a stressful process. However, if you have a viable plan for making money from your existing home, it can also be an exciting step towards a brighter, more economically sound future.

Tips on How to Stay Happy in Your New Home

Moving to a new house could be exciting, but you also fear that things will not be the same. You also left several people close to you behind in search of a better future for your family. The first few weeks could be tough. You might still miss your old home. You have a difficult time adjusting to your new house. Since this is your reality now, you need to make the most of it. These are some tips to help you stay happy in your new place.

Explore the new city

You are new to the place, and in some instances, it is the first time that you have seen it. You can tour around and explore the beautiful sites. Start with the popular tourist destinations in the city like museums, parks and libraries. You could also try eating in fancy restaurants or shop in local stores. It also helps you determine the location of these places if you need to buy something there the next time.

Start decorating your home

It is fun decorating a house that is still empty. You are building everything from scratch. You can decide the theme for every corner of your home. You can also think of new furniture and appliances to buy. You can shop online or head to local stores for home accessories. You will start to forget your old house once you fall in love with your new home after decorating it.

Know your neighbours

You will be with these people for the next several years unless you decide to move again. You need to start being friends with them. Get to know them. Bring them something nice as a way of introducing yourself. These are the same people who will help you if you are in trouble in the future.

Start a hobby

You might have been too lazy to start a hobby before because every day seemed to be a routine for you. Since you are starting everything over again, you might consider including a new hobby in your daily schedule. You can opt for gardening or painting. You want to have a sense of accomplishment as it could make you happy.

Apart from a hobby, you can also start a family tradition. It could be a weekly game night. You could even eat out at the weekend. You want to start something fun with your family so that the kids will have something to remember when they grow up.

Take time to be alone

Perhaps, you were too busy with your previous job, and you failed to take care of yourself. It is best to reconsider your daily schedule. You need to include some ‘alone’ time. You need it to stay mentally healthy. Dealing with the problems around you could be overwhelming at times. It might even have been the reason why you decided to move out of your old home. You have a chance to change your path this time, and spending time alone even for an hour a week is a healthy practice.

If you are yet to move and you need help, you can contact removal companies in Gloucester now. You cannot finish packing everything alone within the time you set, and these professionals will help expedite the process.



Tips on How to Quickly Prepare Your Home for the Arrival of Guests

It is quite stressful having guests coming over. Whether they are your relatives coming over for Thanksgiving, or friends from abroad you met many years ago, you need to prepare your home for their arrival. The problem is when you are too busy; you have no time to prepare your house. These quick fixes will make your home ready for your guests.

Start with the guest room

Upon arrival, your guests will feel tired. They will not care how lovely your house is. They will want to see the bedroom where they can rest. You can speak with them the next day and catch up. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare the guest room first before anything else. Place extra hangers in the closet. Remove the items that you still keep in this room since someone is using it. Replace the sheets and add pillows depending on the number of people coming over.

Clean your bathroom

You want the bathroom to be clean since it is a relaxing space for your guests. Since they will be staying with a family, it might be the only place where they can feel like they have a private space. You can also have an entire container filled with toiletries reserved for your guests if you are sharing the bathroom with them, to avoid confusion. If they brought their own stuff, you could leave space for them to store it.

Return everything to its proper place

De-clutter your house, and it will start to look pleasing again. Sometimes, you only need to return the books to the shelves or the magazines to the rack. Pick up pieces of paper or trash from the floor. Wash the dishes and store all the utensils in the drawer. It will not take much time for you to finish all these tasks.

Cook a nice meal

When you have guests arriving after a long flight, they might want to grab something to eat. If not for the night, they will eat a lot the following day after resting. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to cook the best meal that you can. They will appreciate your effort. You can order takeout though if you have no time to cook.

Do not only focus on fixing your house

It is important for your guests to have a comfortable place to stay. Apart from that, you also want them to make the most of their trip. Give them a list of the places they can visit nearby and how they can get there. If your guests are coming with kids, you can prepare an area where they can play with toys. You can make their experience enjoyable as they start heading out of your place to discover the locality.

Remove the trash

The problem when you are in a hurry to clean your house is that you throw everything away and forget to take the garbage out. The piles of trash might cause an unpleasant smell that you cannot hide. If you have no time to manage it, you can ask a debris removal company to come over and pick it up. They will help remove the trash in time for the arrival of your guests.

These tips will make your guests feel welcome and comfortable throughout their stay.



Beautiful and Modern: 5 Home Trends to Consider in 2019

Want to create the space of your dreams and increase the value of your home all at once? Incorporate these 5 beautiful and modern home trends for 2019.

C:\Users\Kathir\Pictures\5 Home Trends to Consider in 2019.jpg

In 2017, Americans spent $316 billion on home improvements and this figure continues to rise year upon year. Are you planning to join the fray?

If you’re going to be making changes, you may as well be on trend, especially if you’re planning to sell your home soon.

Drop that color chart, pull up a chair, and check out the most happening home trends for 2019 first.

1. Old is New Yet Again

Something old may be nothing new as far as trends in home decor go, but vintage keeps reinventing itself and cropping up in new ways.

This year, it’s retro pendants and sconces that are in the limelight.

There are so many ways to incorporate a little bit of yesteryear in your modern home design.

Versatile velvet is back, making an appearance in soft furnishings, sofas, and drapes. Primary colors and graphic shapes a la the Memphis movement are back from the eighties to lighten our lives.

Old style tin panels are making an appearance in ceilings and backsplashes once again. Mixed metals are staying the course – get creative with silver and gold, bronze and stainless steel in the same spaces.

2. Getting Together Around the Table

Smaller homes have meant the demise of the dining room. Yet, all is not lost – the kitchen nook is back, albeit with a difference.

The continued preference for open-plan spaces means kitchen islands and free-standing counters are on their way out to make space for dining tables.

Now you can entertain your guests while you finish up cooking or enjoy those comforting kitchen-table-talks over coffee that filled your childhood.

Banquette kitchen nooks are taking a window seat everywhere there’s space. With a bit of creativity, you can fit a bench seat in anywhere. Designers are using empty entryways, half walls and blank walls to bring comfort and communal dining back into the kitchen.

3. Sexy Statement Pieces

Goodbye linear design, hello curves. Chairs, coffee tables, and other furniture are all taking on a more rounded appearance with soft edges, smooth fabrics, and puffy seating.

It’s almost the sixties all over again, but not quite there yet.

Another eye-catching development in trendy decor is the statement ceiling and floor. Painting your own floors is the DIY movement of the decade and one of the few places where geometric is still on trend.

Finish it all off with the high drama of an eye-catching console table. First prize is a custom-designed artisan piece although a one-of-a-kind flea market find will do just as well.

Who doesn’t love a four-poster bed? They’re the comfort food of the furniture world and they’re creeping back into all the best bedrooms.

4. Embracing Mother Earth

The color and vibrancy of nature itself are at the heart of 2019 design trends. Even Pantone’s color of the year, living coral, tips a hat to Mother Nature.

Other natural tones and hues are highly fashionable this year too, bringing granite, wood, marble, and pebbles into the home.

Floral is in, even for wallpaper, and the real thing in the form of potted plants is still big news.

Daylight is being invited to the party, and swish outdoor spaces are more important than ever before.

Green innovations are the perfect way to compliment a natural theme in your house.

This extends to using ethically-sourced sustainable materials, recycled and recyclable items throughout. Frivolity is out. Simplicity and purpose are in.

We have the up-and-coming generation to thank for this ongoing focus on eco-friendly options.

It’s just one of the recent home design and decor trends made popular by millennials. Read more here about how this influential set is impacting home design.

5. Black is Back and Red is Too

Black never really went away but it’s back in focus this year. Add a little drama with furniture, prints, finishes, fixtures and even walls in this somber shade. Black is making its way into bathrooms once again.

Millennial pink is still hanging in there fitting in with the feminine tones and warm colors that are so in vogue right now. Think blush, bronze, and dusty pink.

Say goodbye to gender differentiation in your design. Pink isn’t just for girls anymore.

If you have a lot of white space in your home, liven it up with daring indigo, emerald, and hunter green accents. Tonal reds are creeping back into living spaces to add fiery warmth and a comforting vibe.

Burnt yellow brings cheer, happiness, and life to any room.

Kitchens are also stepping away from clinical colors. Grey and white are still okay, but you can add some spice by painting cabinet doors, redoing your backsplash, and adding bold brassy taps.

Home Trends That are Out in 2019

Fashion is fickle. Some elements that were all the rage last year have fallen out of favor now. These are:

  • Lacquered furniture
  • Rose gold
  • White quartz counters
  • Overdoing the mid-century vibe
  • Succulents
  • Excessive eclecticism
  • Statement upholstery

It’s sad to see some of these old favorites go but when it comes to home design, onward and upward is the way to go.

You never know what the next flavor of the month will be, so it pays to stick with timeless classics when it comes to expensive design items.

Own Your Space

One of the biggest and most refreshing new trends in home decor for 2019 is making your own decor choices and sticking by them.

Do what makes you happy. Add your unique personal touches wherever you see fit.

Whether you love one of the above home trends or like to mix it up from corner to corner, you’re the one that has to live with it.

Be bold, stay inspired, and keep reading my blog to stay on top of what’s hot and what’s not in the world today.