The First Floating Suite Double Bay Hotel in Sydney

Sydney City Bay is an unprecedented architectural and natural wonder where you can enjoy with Double Bay Hotel during your tour or travel to Sydney Australia. Its good climate, its wide space, the skyline it has, the Opera House building and the Bay Bridge make it an enviable environment to visit. If we can also stay in the middle of the there… wouldn’t it be incredible?

A “spontaneous”, temporary and floating suite? Yes, you read it right. These are the characteristics of Sidney’s most original double bay hotel room. If we have a good budget, luck and we are in Sydney we can spend a night in an ephemeral gem of accommodation in Australia.

Rooms and Prices

This unique and unrepeatable room is located in the middle of Sydney Bay, and is a curious accommodation consisting of a cubicle perfectly equipped with glass ceilings and a mobile concierge and surveillance service. This hotel is a project launched by the website that makes this curious exclusive room available to its clients at a high price and will only be available for 1 month. (After this period, it will be transferred to other areas of Australia).

The suite is made up of two containers, it has a water service and to access it we will have to do it through a boat (available to customers). Room service is performed daily by staff who access the platform via boat while guests can relax on the terrace or in the Jacuzzi. It has a comfortable bed with views of the sky with its glass ceiling. The accommodation also includes a minibar service and meals. The system has 24-hour communication between the client and the hotel’s central platform.

It is important to note that its original price would be valued between 20,000 and 50,000 dollars but the reservation application makes it available to its customers for $ 99!

Restaurants and Extras

This curious accommodation has a single suite and does not have a restaurant, extras, etc. Although it is true, all the comforts and security are perfectly available to its guests.

Events and Business

It is not a hotel recommended for events or meetings, since it only has one room. Although it is true, the entire Ovolo Hotels chain and the website have hundreds of options to book a hotel in Sydney that meets the requirements of companies and large groups.

Excursions and Location

The accommodation is located in one of the most important cities in Australia, and although it is a hotel designed to disconnect, relax and enjoy the views, we recommend an intensive visit to the city.