How Can Companies Make Better Quality Cheese?

There are a number of significant factors that contribute to the grading of a high-quality food product. When it comes to cheese, it has to havean exceptional flavour, texture, scent and look, along with an ability to last long enough for buyers to savor every single bite. In order to reach all of these great qualities, companies in the Canadian food industry need to use innovative first-rate ingredients.

Food companies would highly benefit if they turned to a seasoned supplier like CCC Ingredients for their top-rate, globally sourced ingredients. This supplier has an impressive portfolio filled with an assortment of solutions for businesses in the Canadian food industry — they serve markets like baking, confectionary, dairy, prepared foods and snacks. When it comes to the production of cheese, the supplier carries a variety of ingredients that can enhance the taste, texture and overall appearance of the product. Any business that is interested in raising the quality of their cheese products can learn about the latest ingredient options being offered by this leading supplier and imagine the positive changes that they can make to their formulas.

The experienced ingredient supplier can offer solutions like milk protein concentrates, which can amplify a cheese product’s nutritional value by increasing the levels of protein without adding a high amount of lactose and can augment its levels of essential minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Milk protein concentrates can also help with the heat stability, thickening, water binding, foaming and emulsification of a product. Businesses will also appreciate ingredient solutions like cellulose powder to improve texture and to stop caking, pure natamycin to protect against yeast and mold, and natural food dyes for colouring. CCC Ingredients carries food colouring options created by their global partner ROHA — their food dye lines Natracol and Futurals focus on natural resources instead of synthetic ones. Cheese manufacturers will especially appreciate the line Natracol, because it uses the food colouring agent Annatto for light yellow or orange tones and the agent Beta Carotene for intense yellow or yellow-orange tones — these are the ideal hues for a wide range of cheese and dairy products.

Canadian food companies should try to improve their cheese products as much as they can because they are in high demand. While more citizens are substituting their glasses of traditional cow’s milk with dairy-free alternatives, Canadians are eating more cheese than ever — according to statistics charting cheese consumption for fifty years, the average citizen ate seven kilograms of variety cheeses in 2015 alone. The use of innovative ingredients to better the qualityof cheese products will be appreciated by a lot of consumers.

The right ingredients can solve problems with a cheese product’s texture, its shelf-life, its appearance, its nutritional value and even its overall quality. Food companies can acquire these convenient solutions from a respectable ingredient supplier so that Canadians can feel satisfied with every single bite.