Why The Speed Of The Internet Is So Important? (Netflix) (520)

The Internet has become one of the prime requirements of every individual, community, business, and institute. It gives you quick access to the knowledge of the whole world right at your fingertips.

However, with the rising need of Internet, the requirement of speed is also increasing. Everyone in the present day scenario is looking for a provider who can provide them the fastest internet speed.

Let’s have a look at why the speed of your Internet is so important and what are various type of internet connections that you can get.

Why you need fast Internet?

In the present world, no one has the time to wait for hours to download a picture or wait for long buffering to watch a Netflix series. Users want the Internet that they can provide them seamless and quick access to the internet and information they require. Here are some benefits that come with a fast internet connection.

  • No latency during gaming or wireless data sharing
  • High-resolution audio and video streaming
  • Run multiple devices with a single connection
  • Seamlessly connect all the smart devices like smart television, smartphones, air conditioners, etc
  • Easy access to online services like banking, shopping, and more
  • Allows you to keep and maintain online data backup with ease
  • No dropping frames during streaming
  • Crystal clear audio and video calling

Type of Internet Connections

Connection type has the most drastic effect on internet speed. The services providers like Acanac are doing great work in providing high-speed Internet to all their customers.

Have a look at the different internet connection that you can get, along with the speed they can offer.

Dial-up: These are cheap and slow speed internet connection that uses your telephone line for connectivity. The setup consists of a modem that works as an interface between the telephone line and the computer. The maximum internet speed that you can achieve with this connection is in KBPS.

DSL: The digital Subscriber lines are very similar to the traditional dial-up connection, but it uses dual line and router. Moreover, it can provide you a speed of 128KBPS to 8MBPS.

Cable: Cable connections are the upgraded forms of DSL. This connectivity protocol uses high-speed coaxial cables to transmit data. As for the speed of this connection, it depends upon your internet services provider. Acanac provides dial-up connections with a speed of 5MBPS to 940MBPS.

Wireless connections: If you want an internet connection without cables, the wireless connections are your best shot. They use the radio frequency to connect your device to the Internet and can provide a high-speed range of 5 to 20 MBPS.

Satellite Connection: the satellite connection enables you to access the Internet directly from the satellite. It doesn’t need any wire, but it’s a bit slow. The maximum speed it can offer range from 512KBPS to 2.0MBPS.

The Final words

The speed of the Internet is dependent on the MBPS, but it depends on many other factors like website protocols, whether you are uploading something or downloading something, traffic, and more.

Therefore, analyze all these factors before you go for a particular internet connection.