Virtual Reality Slots: Gaming Or Gambling


We really have had a lot to thank the gambling industry for over the years. Although it can be perceived as being an inherently bad thing, this is only really because of a select few problem gamblers that were not careful enough and ended up getting addicted. Other than this the gambling industry has helped employ hundreds of thousands of people, whilst also making sure that technological advances continue to happen each and every year.

This is especially true of the online slots casino industry, a market that has undergone a steady technological advancement since the late 1990s. The next big thing rearing its head over the horizon is the emergence of virtual reality slots, something that could result in the industry becoming even more popular when its potential is finally realised. In fact, it could be so good that playing virtual reality slots could be referred to as gaming rather than gambling – would you agree? Let’s take a deeper look at the subject.

Virtual Reality Slots: The Basics

So, for those of us that aren’t too familiar with the concept of virtual reality slots, these things are basically online slots that work in tandem with VR technology like Oculus Rift. This part of the industry is still very much in its early stages, with only a few providers currently advertising their product to the wider market.

Currently the experience of virtual reality slots seeks to reflect what it is like to go to a real casino and sit at a slot machine. After you put on the headset you will find yourself in the lobby of a casino, with an array of different machines to choose from. Once you sit down at one you can begin playing!

Gambling On Virtual Reality Slots

Obviously it would be very hard to argue with the fact that you are still very much gambling when you play on virtual reality slots – anything that involves some kind of betting is a form of gambling, is it not? Gambling by definition involves winning and losing money, something that forms the basis of how slot machines work regardless of the format you choose to play on.

Gaming On Virtual Reality Slots

Whilst it is hard to avoid the fact that virtual reality slots are a form of gambling, it is also rather difficult to discount the fact that it is also quite a lot of fun and certainly a form of gaming too. Still though, if you had to choose definitely between gambling or gaming we think 99.9% of people would agree that virtual reality slots are still predominantly an exercise in gambling.

What Does The Future Hold?

As time goes on we expect to see virtual reality slots becoming more and more like genuine pieces of gaming entertainment as developers get better and better at making them. Many analysts imagine a future where you play an virtual reality slot from the inside, rather than simply sitting at a machine that resembles one.