Top News Stories of 2017

5. North Korea – The saga just keeps moving onward. Missile testing, grandstanding vs. the world, the mistreatment of their own people & somewhat overshadowing the Olympic celebration in 2018, North Korea’s immergence as a worldwide ‘pest’ to the United Nations grew to an even bigger level through 2017, bringing a clash of words with the US upon Trump’s election & inauguration. Imposed sanctions and most of the world turning their backs to the country hasn’t proved to do anything at all except motivate them to continue creating major intercontinental weapons.

4. Las Vegas Shooting – Major violence has continued to erupt in America, bring some pretty major congressional issues in the US into 2018. The Las Vegas shooting, committed by an American was a spark that brought a focus to the American gun control laws. Now into 2018 we have seen multiple major school shootings & serious consideration of change. The motivations of the gunman in Vegas is still unknown, but his impact on society has been immense.

3. Hurricane Destruction – In a matter of days, both hurricane Irma and Maria punished the Caribbean and eastern sea-board of the US. Its devastation wiped out entire islands, as well as put cities in the US underwater for days & millions of people out of power, out of their homes and into shelters.

2. Trump’s Presidency – It has been the inescapable media from 2017. Worldwide, the view of America has been one of ridicule and fear, though not fear of the US world power but of Trump’s rhetoric and his inability to rationally comprehend his responsibilities as POTUS. The ongoing drama of Russian meddling, to the collision of Trump vs. the NFL, he continues to blanket the media as his own reality television show. When will it end? His impeachment? The end of 4 years? Or even scarier … another 4 years???

1. #MeToo – The time has come finally where men in the entertainment business & at corporate overall are starting to be held accountable for some pretty heinous things they’ve done to women around the world. This rallying of women has continued strong into 2018, being a theme at all of the major entertainment award broadcasts. It looks as though it is here to stay!