Review of Book of Oz Slot

We think it is fair to say that most people would have at least heard of the remarkable bit of fantasy fiction known as The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, a work that entranced the world, and has a legacy that reaches far outside of its 100 or so pages. The writer, Frank L. Baum has his book published at the turn of the 19th Century, managing to create a whole fantasy world that contained several characters that continue to enthral people to this day. His story focuses on a young Kansas farm girl called Dorothy, who is swept up by a tornado and finds herself trapped in the magical Land Of Oz. Here she encounters many a strange thing, most notably eventually making friends with a lion in need of courage, a tin-man in need of a heart, and a scarecrow in need of a brain. Together they set off to find the city of Oz, the headquarters of the wizard that seems to control the land and its inhabitants.

This piece of work is widely regarded as one of the most seminal pieces of US literature ever to be created, and also resulted in the 1939 box office smash hit motion picture called The Wizard Of Oz. It was here that the work gained a notorious amount of popularity, with the film enchanting many children, and even their parents due to its use of Technicolor (something that wasn’t particularly common at the time). Due to the massive success of the film, Frank L. Baum’s imaginary universe was now deeply entrenched into popular culture, resulting in various offshoots stemming from the work. In fact, the writer himself was responsible for at least 13 other stories that explored other facets of the mythical land, with many of them focussing on the wizard of Oz, a rather mysterious figure in the original text. As it turns out he is actually a very complex and layered character, making him perfect material for a jolly good old online slot. Book Of Oz is the result, how does it fare? Well, you will have to read on to find out. You may also start winning when you click and play Book of Oz.

About Book Of Oz and its Aesthetic

As anyone who is familiar with the Land of Oz books will know, the wizard himself resides in the Emerald City, where everything takes on a particularly mystical green hue. This is perfectly replicated during Book Of Oz, with the aesthetic echoing the green shades that characterise the wizard and his abode. One thing to mention straight off the bat about Book Of Oz as well is that you shouldn’t be expecting any appearances from Dorothy and Toto, as this game focuses pretty exclusively on the wizard himself. The developers Microgaming have worked together with Triple Edge Studios in order to make this slot, and have opted for a fairly standard 5 reel setup, complete with 10 pay lines. All in all the aesthetics during Book Of Oz are fairly good, nothing special mind you, but much better than a lot of the titles on the market at the moment.

The symbols in Book Of Oz all, as you might imagine, pertain to different aspects of the wizard himself, a nice move by Microgaming that helps this slot become as immersive as possible. There is one exception to the rule, however, and this is the low paying symbols, which as is usually the case in the online slot world are made up of high value playing card icons. It can be hard for developers to make sure that their symbols are all 100% reflective of a slot’s theme, so we aren’t too disappointed. The rest of the symbols during Book Of Oz are made up of a courage potion, heart potion and brain potion, as well as the wizard himself. The latter is this slot’s highest paying symbol, rewarding lucky gamblers with 10x their line bet when he appears on the reels.

About Book Of Oz and its Bonus Features

So far we wouldn’t blame you for thinking that Book Of Oz sounded like a standard online slot, however this all changes once you learn of its various bonus features. Our favourite one of these was the reel respin feature, in which you can choose to give one singular reel a respin. The only drawback to this is you will have to place another small bet before you can do so, although the consequences could far outweigh the risk, especially if you are clever about it. Book Of Oz also has a bonus symbol that are designated by an icon bearing the game’s logo on the front. If you are lucky enough to encounter five of these they will pay out 200x your initial wager, as well as activating a free spins round.

Book Of Oz also has scatter symbols, and these are actually more powerful than in a lot of other online slot games. Five scatters, for example, will grant 25 free spins, and what’s more is that a special symbol will be randomly picked at the start of the free spin round. Whenever the designated icon appears it will expand to fill all the reel spots, meaning that you are pretty much guaranteed a hefty win!

About Microgaming and Other Slots by Them

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Book Of Oz: The Verdict

We have become accustomed to top quality online slots from Microgaming, and this one is no exception to the rule. Impeccably clear graphics merge with intoxicatingly fun gameplay to give one solid online slots.