Essential Products for Any Cannabusiness

As both medicinal and recreational use of cannabis has become more accepted throughout the United States, a rapidly-growing industry has introduced numerous new products onto the market. In effect, the “cannabusiness” is a thriving market for new entrepreneurs who wish to bring the hemp plant and its extracts to an entire demographic that’s unaware of its health and wellness benefits. As popular as dispensaries have become, many small businesses have also popped up in order to create unique items that fit into the overall “cannabis lifestyle,” such as new accessories and add-on products for diverse forms of hemp enjoyment.

With that in mind, if you’re opening your own cannabis shop, either online or as an in-person dispensary, here are just a few essential products that any cannabusiness should carry for its long-term customer satisfaction and success.

Recreational Accessories for Everyday


For those cannabis enthusiasts who lean toward the recreational-use side of hemp, there are many variations for ingestion: edibles, oils, or the traditional bud smoking. However, many accessories have also been introduced into the cannabis industry, which many shops and dispensaries should offer their customers for a great competitive edge. For example, for those cannabis lovers who still enjoy smoking the plant’s buds in the traditional way, there comes the age-old annoyance of marijuana smoke odor, which can be both inconvenient for those living in the same residence as the hemp user, and present the challenge of getting that smoke smell out of draperies and garments in the washing machine.

The smell of smoke, no matter how fragrant the natural bud, and unavoidable smoky clothes, can be a point of contention. For those wondering how to get smoke smell out of clothes, new companies, such as Veil, act as marijuana odor eliminators, and are uniquely formulated to replace the pungent aroma of cannabis with pleasant fragrances throughout the home. In addition, an odor eliminator not only comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle fit for travel, but can help prevent that smoke smell from permeating into the fabric of your clothing items and household draperies and linens. Where once burning incense was the long-used solution to eliminating marijuana smoke smell, this new concept comes in different scents and varieties according to the cannabis smokers’ own preferences.

Health and Wellness Items


Aside from the relaxing and mentally-soothing benefits that come with cannabis use (such as it use for insomnia), cannabis is now widely-recognized as a holistic remedy for all sorts of common chronic aches, as well as for more serious pain relief. For example, cannabis’ active ingredient, THC, has been recommended as one of the best ways to deal with arthritis, act as a post-workout muscle relaxant due to its anti-inflammatory properties, for muscle recovery, and even for depression. On the more serious side of chronic pain, cannabis has long been prescribed for cancer patients wanting to avoid dependency on non-natural medications for their own insomnia, dizziness, and nausea as side-effects associated with more traditional solutions.

Aside from the THC extract (which does have certain psychoactive effects), cannabis’ other major ingredient, CBD, has seen a huge rise in popularity through a number of essential products that all successful cannabusinesses should carry. Like the THC products, CBD muscle relaxant items can come as edibles, CBD extract tinctures, or CBD creams and lotions made without the scent of hemp. In addition, both THC and CBD products are now available for their therapeutic benefits from startup companies as dietary supplement capsules, topical creams, and organic ointment varieties.

If your cannabusiness goals include selling various solutions for a customer base largely interested in the medicinal side of hemp and cannabis use, than offering a wide-range of CBD products is a great start!