6 Interesting Horror Movies With Terrifying Basements

There are plenty of horror movies out there. If you really love horror movies, you’ve probably seen your fair share of movies with interesting concepts. However, one problem with horror movies is that they can start to feel a little cliché after you’ve seen a lot of them. You need movies that give you something fresh and exciting. Here are six of the most intriguing movies with terrifying basements.

Scariest Basements and Crawl Spaces in Movies & TV
Scariest Basements and Crawl Spaces in Movies & TV Created By: OhioBasementAuthority

A Quiet Place

One of the most intriguing parts of A Quiet Place is the fact that the movie monsters hunt using sound. This leads to a movie concept where sound is the enemy; the moviemaking process utilized the sounds on set and transformed them into part of the world. The terror in the soundproof basement occurs when a pipe bursts, drawing monsters into the area and causing the main family to have to come up with a new way to handle their newborn child.


In Parasite, the basement might not be at the center of the horror, but it’s a huge part of what sets up every horrifying moment. The main family, which is the Kim family, lives in a basement apartment, where they struggle to make enough money to survive. This basement is a sign of the class themes present throughout the movie; the Kim family is lower-class, while the family they work for is upper-class, causing a stark contrast.

The Grudge

Interestingly, the 2020 remake of The Grudge is a remake of a remake; the original 2004 movie was a remake of a Japanese smash hit. Although The Grudge can have some clichés present, the main concept of the story still inspires a lot of terror into even the most die-hard horror fan. In the 2020 remake, a basement is part of the horror as well. One of the characters, Muldoon, visits the haunting basement with only a gun and a flashlight.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

One of the things that makes The Rocky Horror Picture Show so interesting is the fact that it’s not really a horror movie. Although it has scares available to viewers, it’s definitely not a horror movie first and foremost; it’s a campy movie that utilizes B-movie horror to the fullest. One rather scary moment can be found in the basement, however, where Frank-N-Furter keeps his Medusa Transducer. This machine can turn humans into statues.


Of all the movies on this list, Psycho probably had the most of a lasting impact. In fact, Psycho had not only an impact on horror movies, but actually an impact on movies as a whole. Although it startled and frightened moviegoers at the time, it was also a big part of crafting an idea of movies as an art form, which movies typically weren’t considered at the time. When the main character goes into Norman Bates’ basement, she uncovers the horrifying mummified corpse of his mother.

Get Out

In Get Out, everything hopes to mislead you. The reason so many audience members found Get Out so interesting is that it utilizes horror movie tropes to its advantage. The movie makes you think that you’re seeing a movie that uses horror movie tropes as they were intended, but then it flips those tropes. The end result is a movie that maximizes scares because of the way in which it sets you up for fear. In one especially horrifying scene, the main character goes into the basement, where he undergoes hypnosis and goes to the Sunken Place.


These aren’t the only high-quality or interesting horror movies out there. However, they are some of the greatest. Plus, these movies all have terrifying basements, which link them all together thematically. Whether you’re a horror movie lover or you just like a good movie, you can be sure that these movies will give you the creepy feeling you crave.