What Are The Best Ways To Use Your Hobbies To Make Money?

Making money doing something you love to do is the ideal scenario. It is why it is worth looking into ways of using your hobbies and passions to try and boost your income.

Here are some ideas below which might just inspire you to have a go this year at something new.

Train To Be A PT

Doing more exercise or improving their fitness is often one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. If you are passionate and experienced in the gym, you may be able to take up a course to become a Personal Trainer. Once you pass this training, you can advertise your services and book clients to work with.

The hourly rate for working with a client as a PT is $60, so once you become established, you could really boost your weekly income quite fast. If you enjoy it so much, you may even decide to do this full-time in the future.

Language Lessons

Being able to speak another language is a great skill to have, particularly for those who enjoy traveling, so if you are fluent in over one language, you should offer lessons. These can be done online or face-to-face, depending on what you are comfortable doing.

Obviously, teaching is not for everybody as it requires a lot of patience, but if you feel you would enjoy helping somebody learn a new language, this could prove very rewarding to you, not just financially.


If you watch a lot of sports and are very knowledgeable about them, you may feel confident betting on the outcome of matches and tournaments. Of course, there is a risk to this, as like with stocks and crypto investments, there is a chance you will lose money.

Some American football fans enjoy betting on the NFL. If you take it slow and concentrate on one game a week, like starting to bet on the Monday Night Football, you can monitor how well you do and then make a decision about whether this is a good long-term strategy. You can also find the best odds prior to this game and take advantage of any signup offers and promotions available on the game.

The Super Bowl, which was won in 2021 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is another good game to concentrate on as, by that point, there is a lot of data to study on how well the two teams fared in the regular season and playoffs.

Music Lessons

Music is many people’s passion in life. If this is you, and you are an expert on a particular instrument, you could look to teach others how to play. Whether it is the guitar or piano, the skills you have can be used to train an eager student to learn the basics.

You can book these slots to suit your schedule, so you may decide to offer your services in the evening or at the weekend. The more instruments you can play, the greater chance you have of finding clients who will pay for your help.

Good luck with some of the above hobbies this year. Hopefully, you have great fun making some extra money.