Top Ways To Make Money From Things Just Lying Around The Home!

Now more than ever, it can be a real struggle to ensure you have enough money to pay for the cost of running your home, affording your children’s numerous extracurricular activities, not to mention the impending holiday season which will put even more of a strain on your finances.

With that being said, continue reading to discover how to source random, unwanted things that are just lying around the home that can be turned into instant cash and also clear some more much-needed space.

CDs & DVDs

Whether you still thoroughly enjoy listening to your favorite artists and bands on compact discs and have decided to shun the technological evolution of the mp3 and streaming, or moreover you have a large box of CDs gathering dust in the attic, any unwanted CDs you no longer want can be converted to cash through a number of available online websites.

Obviously, your old music albums are unlikely to make you a million bucks, unless you are incredibly lucky and fortunate, but you will be able to make some money that goes straight into your bank account.

Gift Vouchers & Cards

You will more than likely recognize the situation well; a close friend or family member gives you a gift voucher for a store you don’t normally shop in and you place it carefully in a drawer to give somebody else or try and use it a later date.

The beauty is that now, thanks to fabulously innovative online companies such as CardCrazy, you are able to sell your gift cards for a nominal fee which the company will then use, repurpose or sell back on themselves.

Spare Change

Set yourself a half hour timer on your phone and rush from room to room in your property searching for loose change and random coins in coat pockets, under and inside chairs and generally in every nook and cranny in the house.

Most larger superstores have a coin machine, usually located near the entrance, where you can pour your collected change into the slots and the machine will count the money and give it back to you in dollar notes.

You will be surprised at the sheer amount of change you will find and, as the cliché goes, every little helps!

Crafty Websites

If you are particular skilled or maybe you simply just enjoy creating small craft objects or creating bespoke and beautiful birthday and Christmas cards, then you might consider selling your creations on specialized handmade selling sites.

In the case of not being overtly creative or particularly crafty, you could perhaps start creating small food and drink hampers, tied with a ribbon, using unwanted consumable gifts that you no longer need. You could even buy food goods in bulk to do multiple hampers at once for less money.

Alternatively, you could always consider holding a yard sale or even attending an early morning car boot sale to both clear your home of unwanted clutter and make some extra money in the process.