How to Save Big When Buying Jewelry

Jewelry is a great gift for any occasion, but its high cost often means that you either opt for the smallest choice or go for costume jewelry instead.

Knowing what you are looking for, what metal types and stone types mean, and, of course, exhausting your options to help get a good deal are all crucial aspects of buying jewelry at a great price.

Saving big is possible, so use these tips to find beautiful gifts for your loved ones:

Know the basics of jewelry

The first things you need to know are the basics. Understanding gold karats, for example, and plated gold options can help you get jewelry that is allergy-free (minus gold allergies, of course).

Silver, gold, white gold, gold plated – understanding what each of these means is key to getting a good deal. The most affordable gold jewelry, for example, is 9k gold plated jewelry, but for quality that lasts, you will want to go up to 14k, or even 24k, gold.

Know what pieces they need

Another way to get a good deal on jewelry is simply making sure that it is something they need. If they already have four pairs of hoop earrings, get them a stud earring, for example. Though this tip doesn’t help the upfront price, it does help ensure that the cost-to-wear value just continues to go down because you have gifted your loved one something they love and will wear often.

Know the right sellers

Jewelry is one of those items where the price can typically be negotiated. It is like buying a car, so knowing the right people or shopping at the right time can give you a better deal. Find local jewelers you can build a rapport with, or, better yet, find an online jeweler. As for buying at the right time, this tip will help you best in big-brand jewelers whose employees will have a quota they need to fill by the end of the month, quarter, or year.

Consider shopping second-hand

For great deals on beautiful pieces that would typically be out of your budget, you cannot beat shopping second-hand. These items are refurbished, cleaned, and perfect to gift, especially when sold through a reputable seller. Pre-owned jewellery allows you to save big on unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. The only downside is that to find something really special, you will want to keep checking in regularly.

Repair Old Treasures

Another great jewelry idea is to have any precious treasures fixed. If your loved one had a necklace and the clasp broke, it is far cheaper to get that fixed by a jeweler than to try to replace the item. It shows care, thought, and can be a great surprise for a birthday gift, anniversary gift, or even just a spontaneous gift.

Jewelry is hands-down one of the best gifts you can give, and with these top tips, you will be able to find great jewelry for a steal. Buy new, used, or repair old jewelry, and you have your gift-giving sorted for the year.