Everything you need to know about PlayStation Network Gift Cards

PlayStation Network gift card is one of the most convenient and attractive purchases on the PlayStation store. It should come as no wonder that precisely these cards constantly make their way in the top positions of most popular purchases, whether it’s on the official store or various other websites all throughout the net. Today’s article aims to provide all the necessary information that you would need before making the final purchase.

We’ll cover everything from their use, accessibility, and availability, to their kinds, prices, and a hefty ton of other need-to-know features. The prepaid PlayStation Network gift card can be used for multiple occasions, it has no expiry date, and the funds inside are safely locked until you yourself decide otherwise. So, once you have the prepaid card in your possession, launch your PSN account, click on the Store, scroll to the very bottom of it, and search for Redeem Codes button. Enter the prepaid card’s code, voucher code, or card number (depending on your purchase type) and enjoy the newly gained possibilities.

Use as a thoughtful gift

There’s no denying it, one of the most popular PlayStation Network gift cards uses is the boost for one’s own account’s funds. However, the PSN card also works wonders as a thoughtful and well-meaning present. If there’s someone close to you, who just so happens to own a PlayStation console with an active PSN account, it might be a good idea to reconsider your gift-list for the upcoming occasion. There’s probably not a single gamer in the world that wouldn’t express joy from receiving a loaded gift card as a present – it’s simply a fact.

Use to access multiple PSN™ services

PlayStation Network is a vast platform, with multiple convenient services you should definitely be aware of. While PlayStation console is dedicated to gamers, it offers a loadout of other uses too. And PlayStation Network gift card can serve as the key to unlocking the doorway separating you, and the realm of possibility. Gain access to thousands of games, movies, add-ons, various streaming platforms, and such trademark services as PlayStation VR, PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now and plenty more – all with the help of funds on the prepaid card.

Cards by country, currency, and price

PlayStation Network is a global platform; however, it has certain restrictions which shouldn’t be taken lightly. PlayStation Network gift cards are categorized by country, currency, and price. You should consider each of these factors if you choose to purchase a gift card on one out of many digital key distribution marketplaces. For example: if your PSN account was created on the US server you should only buy gift cards for the United States, as any other region-specific key will not work. In some cases, your region might not have a designated gift card. To solve this nuance, prior to purchase, you should check on whether your PSN account is in a region that supports one of the available gift card options.

Use a gift card – save twice

Buying a PlayStation Network gift card, more often than not, is a bargain on its own. While gift card prices on the PSN Store are in most cases already predetermined, they are constantly shifting elsewhere. Thus, by carefully following the gaming market‘s tendencies, you can save a pretty penny even before making a game purchase on the PSN Store. A 50 USD gift card can drop to as little as 45 USD or in some cases even lower, and if you are able to catch such a price drop, you can greatly capitalize on it. Some would say it‘s quite a bang for your buck, others would simply call it the right kind of knowledge. It‘s also worth noting that various price comparison websites can do wonders if you‘re hunting for these worthy deals.

PlayStation Network gift card variety

Choosing a gift card based on your wallet‘s funds is not only possible, but it‘s very convenient too. PSN gift cards range from 5 to 100 USD, with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, and 75 USD values in-between, so you can easily pick the purchase that would best suit your needs and goals. It‘s also worth noting the ongoing tendency on various marketplaces; the pricier gift cards often tend to cost even less than their lower-priced counterparts. So, if you have the budget for it, with most of your PlayStation Network gift card purchases, you‘ll get more for less if you choose to buy the bigger package.

Use an alternative way to redeem your code

Redeeming the sum locked within your purchase isn‘t tricky, however, there‘s more than one way to do it! An alternative way to receiving your card‘s funds can be found once you visit your in-store Cart. Select a couple of neat items from the PSN Store, add them to your Cart, and click on the selection that offers you to ‘Proceed to Checkout‘. Once you click on this button, a payment selection menu should pop up, along with other options, you should notice a ‘Redeem Codes and Gift Cards‘ feature. Click on it and enter the prepaid card’s code, voucher code, or card number (depending on your purchase type). Voilà!