What Your Favorite Celebrities Are Driving

Since you just passed your online defensive driving course, you might be in the market for a new car. With so many options to choose from, getting overwhelmed is easy. So, why not make the decision process a little simpler by choosing a car based on what your favorite celebrity is driving?

Whether you’re an action movie fan or a rom com aficionado who knows the best tips for driving in New York, chances are you have a favorite celebrity. After all, they are the perfect role models to emulate. Below, you’ll find a list of your – potentially – favorite celebrities and the incredibly expensive car they drive.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – 2018 Ford Mustang

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson drives a 2018 Ford Mustang. Who would have guessed one of the strongest actors in Hollywood was a fan of muscle cars? Whenever he’s not taming giant gorillas in movies or hanging from a skyscraper, Johnson is cruising the hills of Hollywood in his black, Ford Mustang.

Meryl Streep – Toyota Prius with Hybrid Engine

Often regarded as the manifestation of regalness, Meryl Streep drives a Toyota Prius with a Hybrid Engine. It’s a humble car choice for someone of her status. As a known advocate, the only thing more important to her than acting is saving the environment. 

Tom Hardy – Audi R8

From his recent film as the villain Venom, you might not have guessed Tom Hardy would drive an Audi R8. However, the evil Hollywood heart throb has a fascination with Italian sports cars. He’s also known to drive an array of other cars from his collection of unique, expensive vehicles.

Cate Blanchett – Another Toyota Prius

Cate Blanchett has made appearances in some big films this year. Such as Thor: Ragnarok, Ocean’s Eight, and The House with a Clock on its Wall. But, her massive fandom doesn’t convince her to drive anything other than a Toyota Prius. Making good movies is just as good as making good environmental decisions. 

Bradley Cooper – Mercedes G55

Bradley Cooper is everyone’s favorite hunky Hollywood crush. When he’s not playing a rugged, conflicted cowboy, he’s strutting his comedic chops. You can catch him driving around town in his Mercedes G55, which is also known as Bradley Cooper of cars.

Viola Davis – Mercedes Benz

Viola Davis is the star of the hit show How to Get Away with Murder. Among other notable roles, she’s fan favorite of murder mystery shows. This explains why she drives a Mercedes Benz. It’s a sturdy, luxury vehicles for someone with a sturdy luxurious career.

Robert De Niro – Audi RS7

You might have expected Robert De Niro to drive a taxi, but he actually drives an Audi RS7 – among other vehicles in his collection. He’s a known car collector, but oddly enough left the taxi driving behind him.

Emma Stone – Another Audi

Emma Stone drives an Audi but based on her driving record could end soon. Driving an Audi could invite reckless driving because of their high velocity, but that’s a small risk Stone is taking.

Chris Hemsworth – Cadillac Escalade

Known for his beloved role as Thor in the Thor film franchise, Chris Hemsworth would drive something equivalent to his burly build. The Cadillac Escalade is his choice for driving him and his family around town. Its large size is an allegory for his large muscles. 

Amy Adams – Yet Another Audi  

It turns out that a lot of celebrities drive an Audi. Amy Adams is no different either. Whenever you aren’t seeing her in the movies, you can catch Adams in her Audi. If she doesn’t like the car for its speed, she likes it for the A alliteration.