What You Should Really Expect When You Get A Tattoo: Your Top Questions Answered

Getting a tattoo has its rewards, and that’s the main reason why many people get one. If you feel deeply about something or someone, one of the best ways to showcase your feelings or ideals would be to get a tattoo. Tattoos have become so ingrained in our culture that you can hardly see a person without one. But if this is your first time to get a tattoo, you should know what to expect and how to prepare for it. Here, then, is what you should really expect when you get a tattoo: your top questions answered.

Yes, it hurts

It’s best to have realistic expectations from the start; there’s no sense deluding yourself that it will not hurt. Yes, it does hurt, but the good news is that it won’t hurt as much as you think. It’s not an unbearable pain, otherwise, no one would get one. The feeling of getting a tattoo has been likened to a kind of scratchy yet tingly (kind of electric) sensation.

The length of time it takes

There’s more good news: if you are planning to get a really small tattoo, it won’t take too long – in fact, it could take no more than 10 to 15 minutes. But standard-sized tattoos will take longer, and you would have to stay still during the whole period. If you are getting a large one, there will be breaks. One thing you can do during this time would be to practice breathing exercises similar to what people do when they are meditating or doing yoga. This will help you relax and sit still.

Let them know  

If you’re scared or anxious, don’t be afraid to let the artist know. They deal with scared or nervous individuals all the time, so they would know what to do if you feel that way. They can, for instance, explain the process in more detail so you know what to expect.

Here’s one more thing to remember: if you ever feel dizzy, nauseated, or confused, let the artist know as well. Always be honest about what you are feeling, and don’t try to ‘hide’ the pain with a brave front, especially if you are feeling something unusual.

When all is said and done, you’ll have a great tattoo which you can really be proud of. All it takes is a bit of sacrifice and patience, but the result should be more than worth it. Don’t forget to take care of your tattoo as well – aftercare is very important, and your skin should be properly moisturised. A good tattoo moisturiser will often do the trick, but you can benefit from other special tattoo products such as exfoliating body washes and body oils as well.