Unique Venues Around London

London is a city known for a lot of different things from history to interesting architecture. There’s a lot of things to do around London, but what if one wants to host a formal event? What does London have to offer? There are quite a few different options. What kind of event is one wanting to have? Do they want to have the event at their home or do they need a different venue? Here is a list of some venue ideas that one can use for anything from a wedding to a graduation party and anything else.


A backroom is a place that can be rented for a few hours for a fairly low price of around twenty-five dollars an hour. This place is complete with a stage so if one wants to have a karaoke night or something of that sort this is a good place for it. A lot of fun events could be held here whether they be for graduation, a wedding reception, or just for the sake of having a party. It might be worth checking out for those who like music or comedy as one could always hire a musician or comedian to entertain.

The Library at the Dead Dolls House

This room is exquisite and would be good for fancy dinner parties or anything of that sort. The room is beautiful, and it would be a good place to have a caterer come out and make it the best dinner party of one’s life. It can fit up to 20 people, which might be good for a family reunion or a holiday meal. The beautiful room will work well for pictures during the dinner party, as everyone will be able to see just how lovely the place is.

Studio 61

Studio 61 is a fun party venue. This would be good for those looking for a unique place to have a birthday party or even a small wedding reception. It is unique with large, bold words on the walls. They claim, “We don’t do parties halfway,” and they are right. Their parties are always amazing and very Instagram-worthy. Get a good caterer, and the party is destined to be a success at this unique venue.

Whole Venue

There are a lot of conference venues in London, but this may be one of the best. It is unique and has a lot of room for people to talk. It also is a fun environment that might make people at the conference more likely to pay attention and enjoy their time there. There is the option to get drinks, and if one wants to make the conference into a party, there is room for a DJ. While it is not a traditional conference room sometimes untraditional is the best.

There are a lot more options to choose from for conference rooms in London, as the city is big and has a lot of them. Look through them on Venue Finder, and one is guaranteed to find one that they like.