Tips on Sending Birthday Flowers to a Friend

Your friend’s birthday is near and you are thinking what to give him. Then, flowers pop up in your head and you think of buying a custom flower bouquet for your friend’s birthday. Flower is also counted as a gift even though it is not like a physical item that can keep as memoir. Giving flower shows that you care for your friend and is wishing him well on his birthday.

Choose Birthday Flowers by Birth Month

You can pick the flowers for a birthday bouquet based on the birth month. For example, white daffodil for March, yellow or red daisy for April, and Lily for May or cream/white color rose for June. If you are giving flower to a special friend, you can choose an exotic carnation for example orchid, peach roses, and lumoniums. If your friend enjoys gardening, you can send a flowering plant as gift.

Choose the Appropriate Flowers for Birthday Gift

For a birthday carnation, you want to make sure it includes cheerful color such as orange, and bright pink. You can mix and match flowers with different colors or order a bouquet of just a single color. You must take into consideration the meanings of the flowers so that the recipient will not misunderstand you. If you have a close girlfriend/boyfriend whom you know well, it will be all right to give her red roses. However, it will send the wrong message if you give a casual friend red rose. If you want to give rose for a casual friend, you can choose other colors of roses such as yellow roses.

Including a Vase in the Birthday Bouquet

Many online flower delivery site include vase in their flower bouquets for free. Some will provide a vase at an additional fee. When considering whether to include a vase, you must ask yourself whether it is convenient for that person to find a vase to display the flower. For example, if you order a flower delivery to Bulgaria for a friend at the workplace, it will be best to include a vase in the flower bouquet you order since it will be troublesome for your friend to go out of the office and buy the bouquet. Get more details here.

If you have purchased many bouquets of flower for the person before, then you should not include a vase in the bouquet. Your friend can use the vase from the previous flower delivery to display the fresh flower. The vase that the online flower delivery site may have a dull design. In this case, it will best that you have the flower delivered to your place and then you go and shop the vase before giving the bouquet to your friend on his birthday.

Including a Card in the Birthday Bouquet

You should always include a card in your flower order. If you don’t include any card, the recipient will not know who send the flower and be hesitate on accepting it. You can either write down your name or sign a signature on the card. Besides, you must not forget to write a few lines of birthday wishes in the card. You can also include other add-ons in your flower order. Every online florist include different types of add-ons for the flower order.

Including Stuffed Animal in the Birthday Bouquet

If you are giving birthday flowers to a kid, you can include a stuffed animal. If not, the recipient may misunderstand the meaning of the stuffed animal. If you want to include candy add-on, make sure the candy does not contain anything that can cause allergies to the recipient. If your friend don’t like sweet food, including sweets in the bouquet is also not a good idea. Besides, you can also include balloon in your flower bouquet. Usually, the balloon can be customized with a message to make the recipient feel special about the flower delivery.