The Lesser Known Benefits of Recycling Your Scrap Metals


Recycling different materials will always come with more than a few benefits, and most of us are already aware of some of these benefits. For example, if you recycle scrap metals like steel, iron, or copper, you could conserve a great amount of energy, plus you will be able to help preserve the environment in your own way. Of course, recycling has to be part of your lifestyle to make the most impact, and you can even earn money with it. But there are some facts about recycling that not many of us may know about. For instance, recycling can create more jobs (which is undoubtedly good for the US economy). Also, when you have a property that has been taken over by scrap, wouldn’t you agree that taking this scrap to a recycling facility frees up more space in your property that you can put to good use? But there are other benefits besides this you should know about – so here’s a look at the lesser-known benefits of recycling your scrap metals.

It can create better job opportunities

As mentioned, taking your scrap metal to a recycling center such as Langley Recycling can offer more jobs to individuals who need them. The National Institute of Health states that recycling scrap metal has economic benefits that include creating more opportunities for employment across the US. According to the NIH, over a million workers are employed by the recycling industry, and what’s more, the industry generates more than $235 billion per year! When you recycle scrap metal, this produces 36 times more jobs than if you were to send it to an incinerator. And it helps create six times more job opportunities than if you were to send it to a landfill. As we know, the economy has taken a nosedive in the past two years, mainly because of the pandemic. If we could do our part in enriching our economy and providing a competitive salary for workers (in addition to reducing the metal in landfills), why not, indeed?

It lets you have more space

Another boost to recycling scrap metals is that you can create more room in your property. Let’s admit: the scrap metal we have in our properties can be extensive, consuming spaces in our garages, yards, sheds, and more. The problem is exacerbated because it is an eyesore and a blot on an otherwise clean landscape – plus, it doesn’t serve much purpose if you are only storing it in the first place! But when you make a point of recycling your scrap metal, you will not only fulfill your duty to the environment, but you will also get to earn money. It’s a sweet deal if there ever was one.

But here’s a tip to get the best value: know what materials you can sell, find the right buyer, and get the ideal prices for your scrap metal.

It can conserve our natural resources

We are painfully aware that our natural resources are dwindling – and there’s no denying it. The process involves excavating deep into the earth’s bowels whenever we acquire new metals. But one of recycling’s best advantages is that it decreases the amount of natural resources used. Even water use is greatly reduced when we rely on recycled metals instead of new metals. Recycling metals brings great benefits – but the greatest benefit of all is the preservation of our habitats and landscape for the future.