Roulette bets and Strategies

Compared to other table games out there, roulette is definitely one of the easiest to play and master in our opinion. Honing your craft at the roulette table takes time, so don’t go thinking that this article is going to make you an expert overnight. Practice makes perfect — a rule that can be applied to pretty much everything — and in roulette, you are earning money as you practice, which is never a bad thing.


The roulette betting strategies are very easy — on the table you have a space to bet and a wheel where the game takes place. On the wheel, there are 36 numbers, and a small white ball that is thrown around said wheel. Bets in roulette are placed on the table, bets that look to determine the number that the white ball lands on once the wheel comes to a complete stop. Not only can you bet on the number on the wheel, but the colour too.


Strategies in roulette depend entirely on how the game is going. Try to keep in mind the numbers that appear most, these will allow you to strategise with that in mind. Say for example the number 7 comes up a couple of times — logic should dictate that you place a bet on this number since it’s appeared more than once and might appear once more.


Being observant is the biggest strategy at the table — how the dealer throws the ball is just one of the things you should be looking at as you play. Other strategies you can implement involve taking your time with your bets and making sure that you always make up for lost money any way you can. Here are a few of our favourite strategies that you can try for yourself:


Martingale Strategy: Perfect for beginners, to use this strategy all you need to do is increase their bets after every loss, thus making up for a lost round. Doubling your bets after every failed attempt will keep you in the green so to speak, and will make sure you aren’t leaving the table with no profit at the end.


Reverse Martingale Strategy: The opposite of the above method. What you want to do is start betting high and then slowly subtract your bets if you lost a turn. This essentially encourages you to play any hot streaks, but at the same time not lose excess amounts of cash. Select an exit amount using this strategy (a low sum that when hit will cause you to leave the table).


D’Alembert Strategy: To begin, place a small wager on the table and increase your bet slightly on all victories and decrease it with every loss. This strategy doesn’t really need a name, since most players do it anyway, but you’d be surprised at the number of players who think they know better.