Picking the Best Shoes for Traveling

A lot of people who love traveling don’t really enjoy packing for their trips. It’s always a challenge, isn’t it? Choosing which tops and pants to bring, making sure that the essentials are packed, all while trying hard to travel light. You also have to think about the shoes you pack – and wear – for the trip, especially if you will be walking and attending some events on the same trip.

Choosing shoes for traveling is tricky indeed. You don’t always have room in your bag for all the pairs of shoes you need (well, want) to bring. Fortunately, we are here with some expert tips to help you pick the best shoes for your next trip.

A Comfortable Pair

The first thing you want to do when choosing shoes for a trip is focusing on comfort. Even when you are not planning to do a lot of walking during the trip, you still want a comfortable pair of shoes to wear as you travel and explore the destination city. A comfortable pair of sneakers is highly recommended, particularly the slip-on type.

Sneakers that are easy to get in and out of are perfect for travelers. You can get through security at airports with less hassle. You can also stay comfortable for longer when you have a pair of sneakers that hug your feet like a glove.

Just because you are going for sneakers as your main traveling shoes, doesn’t mean you have to make compromises in the style department. There are a lot of fashionable sneakers on the market. The latest collection of Gucci sneakers, which can be viewed through this link, is definitely worth checking out. You can never go wrong with Gucci sneakers.

Think About the Occasions

With the main – most comfortable – pair selected, you can move on to the next task: determining the types of shoes you need based on the occasions and events you have to attend during the trip. If you have a romantic evening planned, you want to bring an extra pair of high heels for that extra sexiness and flare.

If you want to spend a lot of days on the beach, on the other hand, sandals or comfortable flat shoes are the better options. Ideally, you can bring up to three pairs on a trip, as long as you have enough room for them in your bags. Three pairs will give you the most flexibility and plenty of mixing and matching opportunities.

Aside from the occasions or activities you will find during the trip, you also want to take into account the weather and terrain that you’ll be exposed to. Wearing high heels in a hot and sandy area isn’t something you want to try; especially if you don’t want to end up with irritated feet and blisters after only one day.

Don’t Forget the Materials

Speaking of considering the weather conditions when choosing traveling shoes, don’t forget to also think about the materials of the shoes themselves. The last thing you want is your favorite pair of suede shoes to be ruined because you accidentally exposed the pair to water.

Each material is designed differently. Sneakers that use suede or leather are stylish, but they aren’t always suitable for wetter environment. Running shoes with a lot of ventilation, on the other hand, will not suit your semi-formal and formal outfits. Choosing the right one to bring (and wear) is about finding balance between the extremes.

Soles are also very important, not just for comfort, but also for durability. Some shoes have softer soles to provide your feet with sufficient support, but they aren’t suitable for rougher terrains. Hard shoes, on the other hand, aren’t necessarily the most comfortable when worn over an extended period of time. Once again, you have to find balance between the extremes.

Learn from Experience

We’ve all been there; we traveled with the wrong pairs of shoes and ended up feeling miserable throughout the trip. The shoe mistakes you made in the past are great sources of inspiration for your future decisions. At least you know that not bringing comfy sandals when going to the beach is a definite mistake.

You can also learn from the experience of others. I share a lot of stories about my past trips and tips I gathered from experienced travelers; the article about summer clothing for children is definitely worth checking out. Be sure to do a quick search about the area you will be visiting and find out more about the best shoes to wear on your trip.

That’s it! Follow these tips and tricks, and you will always travel with the perfect pairs of shoes. Consider these aspects, weigh your options, and don’t forget to have at least one pair that you can wear comfortably over an extended period of time. Packing shoes will never be a challenge again.

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