National Governing Bodies: The Benefits of Affiliation


For those sports clubs and leagues who are serious about moving forward in their specific sport, there are NGBs (National Governing Bodies), recognised by England and responsible for managing clubs of certain sports. While it certainly is not a requirement, there are plenty of reasons why anyone would want to affiliate themselves with an NGB. Typically, those who have long-term aspirations when it comes to their sports league are the ones most likely to be affiliated – but why is that the case?

How can a National Governing Body help a sports organisation move forward? What exactly can they provide that makes them the natural choice for most leagues out there? After all, even National Governing Bodies need help sometimes. They aren’t perfect, which is why there are different means of funding for NGBs currently available. That said, here are some of the benefits of being affiliated to an NGB.

You receive guidance regarding club operations and how best to manage your club

While you might not need advice when it comes to how to run your sports club, this is still a valid benefit that clubs receive when they become affiliated with an NGB. You get as much help as you possibly can, and if you happen to be struggling with club organisation, the NGB provides as much guidance and training as they can. Most NGBs also offer coach’s training for those interested in broadening their horizons. Overall, advice from a National Governing Body can do wonders.

Official competitions open up for your club

Depending on the NGB that you become affiliated with, it opens up opportunities to compete in official competitions where that particular National Governing Body is involved. Most respectable NGBs have access to most of these official events, giving your club a chance to shine. That is one of the reasons why sports clubs with aspirations and a long-term goal tend to go for affiliation – even if there might be a hefty fee that comes with joining.

Funding and insurance

Clubs which affiliate with NGBs not only have access to insurance for their players, but they will also have access to funding depending on their performance. When it comes to National Governing Bodies, performance is what dictates whether your club moves forward – and the NGB will ensure that you receive as many opportunities as possible to achieve that goal. While this competitive landscape might not be for everyone, for a sports club with aspirations of success, NGB affiliation provides the perfect motivation.

To conclude, there are many more benefits that an NGB can provide for your sports club. Honourable mentions include access to officials and qualified referees during play, alongside volunteer training. These are the reasons why so many sports clubs have decided to affiliate themselves with their sport’s NGB. If your sports club has dreams of one day making it big and competing in official events, eventually reaching the world stage, a National Governing Body has plenty to offer.