Go Green This Time! Gift Your Loved Ones with Lively Home Plants

Flowers have always been a great gift to be given – Be it housewarming gift, or anniversary, birthday or just a Father’s Day, a bouquet or an arrangement of flowers exclusively makes a fabulous gifting idea, isn’t it? But, have you ever thought what if the flowers get wilted? Undoubtedly their charms and beauty fades away within a few days and you have to just throw it in your dustbin keeping rock on your heart. Why not make some changes in the gifting ideas this time that would be cherished life long? Who doesn’t love plants as a gift? With people becoming more and more conscious towards living in air purified environment, accepting home plants as an eco-friendly gift will really cheer them up.

We all are bombarded with lots of advertisements, banners etc to save our Mother Earth. Have you ever thought that a simple idea of gifting foliage can not only play an effective role in curbing pollution, but will also liven up your space. However, with innumerable websites coming up with different types of home plants, selecting the best can be quite a daunting task. However, in such instances, Floweraura.com is there to provide a hassle-free search for different types of home plants, compare the prices, opt for the best and finally deliver them to the recipients’ doorstep.

So, are you the one who is thinking to gift your loved ones with a memorable and lively gift? Listed down are the names of some of the beautiful house plants with their benefits:

Prospering Luck: Said to bring good fortune for the bearers, a lucky bamboo plant is sure to liven up your indoors. However, the positive effect of bamboo plant is completely intended on the number of stalks available. It is believed that its position must be at East or in South east corner of the space.

Discovering Green Thumb: Like bamboo plant, money plant is also considered to bring luck, wealth and prosperity. This plant is touted more especially for the financial gains. Apart from it, this plant plays a major role in imparting beauty to the home. When placed in an aquarium, its branches root out till the bottom and partially floats thereby giving a mesmerizing look.

Enhancing Beauty: Another beautiful plant that cannot be ignored is none other than Syngonium plant. This plant makes a beautiful gift owing to its arrowhead resembling leaves and foliage. However, it requires less maintenance, hence, can be the best option to be kept indoors. It is generally believed that Syngonium plant when placed in front of the sharp corner or angles is sure to reduce anxiety and stress.

We all have come across the word foliage plants. Foliage plants is nothing but a plant that has a wide collection of leaves. These leaves are arranged in the decorative form and have a beautiful ornamental shape. Our modern environment data says that we must own more and more plants to curb with air pollution. These foliage plants with bushy leaves have the power to eliminate toxins from the air. However, this makes the plant a perfect gifting option for any occasion. Listed down are some of the foliage plants:

Croton Plant: If your objective is to embellish your home with something colourful, Croton plant plays a major role and enhance the festive mood. The beautiful color of leaves makes a great decorative idea for any coffee table or side table. In Chinese medicine, this plant has been used to cure lesions and constipation.

Poinsettia Plant: A famous Christmas plant maybe we all are unaware of is none other than Poinsettia plant. The red leaves in conjunction with the green ones make a great Christmas gift. This plant makes a great gifting option for any festive season.

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