GO Eco-Friendly With Lux Wood’s Oak Watches

With smartphones taking over the field of gadgets by having multiple features, it’s almost natural for anyone to believe that watches would go out of fashion. However, think of it like this- would you buy a camera if you already have a phone? It doesn’t make sense to buy 2 products when 1 can do the trick. While the watch is a device that serves the sole purpose of telling time, it has a number of other roles that people wear them for without even consciously realizing.

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Have you ever caught yourself looking for a watch for a specific occasion? If yes, you know how important the role a watch plays in accentuating your looks when you pair the right kind of watch with your outfit. Moreover, people who wear a watch are always seen to be very conscious about time and punctuality. It not only speaks about a person’s fashion sense but it also tells a lot about their personality and character.

Moreover, if you’re stuck in slow-moving traffic where you can’t really take your phone out, doing so might be risky even if it’s just to check the time. There are times when your phone is dead or not near you, and that’s when your wristwatch comes in to rescue you and tell you the time. So, it’s justified to say watches will never go out of fashion.

As there are many technological advances with other gadgets, even watches are evolving in design. Whether it’s the dial of the watch or the strap, you can find so many variations that let you choose what resonates with your sense of style. If the market saw signs of watches becoming less popular, the watch industry wouldn’t have been investing so much in newer designs and features.


If you wonder where to buy wooden watches from, one of the unique brands in the watch industry is Lux Woods. If you ask what is so special about Lux Woods, it’s the right brand for people who want to do their best in keeping the environment safe while not compromising on style. Lux Woods watches are made from wood which makes them environmentally friendly, unlike many other non-biodegradable materials that pose a threat to the environment.

When you buy a Lux Woods watch, you make a direct contribution to keeping this world a cleaner and better place to live in. The watches only have tiny metal parts here and there, like screws, the hands of the watch, and the band clasp.


Besides the fact that each watch is made from wood, another contribution that the brand makes to society and the world is by working in association with two organizations. While one of these organizations aims to feed poor children to fight hunger in poor children around the world, the other organization aims to plant a billion trees by 2025. With every watch purchased from Lux Woods, the brand is able to take a step closer to help these two organizations better.


For people asking where to buy wooden watches, Lux Woods has a collection of watches in various designs. One of their most popular designs is the Oakwood collection. These watches are stylish and are made from a variety of woods, like Chanate, walnut, and Koa. They have a large dial with numeric markings on them. You can buy a watch from the Oakwood collection based on what tone of wood you would prefer.

The watches from the Oakwood collection are handmade, pretty much like any other watch that Lux Woods makes. Moreover, since every craftsman designs these watches right from scratch, while the basic design for each collection stays the same, there are unique elements to each watch. For instance, every watch would have its own patterns based on the wood used. Additionally, since these watches are made from wood, the creativity of the maker coupled with the texture of the wood makes these watches as unique as the people who wear them.

Wooden watches make for great gifts as well. To make them even more special, you can ask the seller to add engravings on the back of the dial. It can be a quote or message or even the name of the person you plan to gift it to.

Wood is growing in its popularity as a raw material used for making watches. Nobody would have thought about wooden watches, but today, premium watch brands like Lux Woods and many others are bringing amazing wooden watch designs to people. For people who ask where to buy wooden watches, you would find many online stores. Watches made from wood are lighter and easier to carry off. Not a lot of people think about buying a wooden watch since it’s a relatively newer idea. However, if you wear one, you would definitely stand out in a crowd.

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