Enjoy the Vegas Heat with Vegas Pool Parties

If there’s any place in the world where you can party all day, it would be Las Vegas. Known as the Sin City, the area is littered with casinos, high-end hotels, and clubs. There, you can enjoy parties day in and day out.

If you’re not much of a nightclub person, you can enjoy Vegas pool parties. These are hosted by day clubs and a great way to beat the Vegas heat.

What are Day Clubs?

Day clubs are a lot like nightclubs. However, they only operate during the day and often have a giant swimming pool where people can lounge and socialize.

Like the majority of the nightclubs, they also offer various drinks for both men and women.

Besides good drinks and a crowd of happy people, Vegas pool parties have the hottest DJs. Many party-goers choose a pool party where their favorite DJs are playing the latest dance music. After all, a good set of tracks can boost the mood and uplift any party.

Are There Dress Codes at Day Clubs?

Las Vegas doesn’t have strict dress codes. You can dine at a luxurious-looking restaurant without having to wear a dress. Lots of tourists go there wearing simple jeans and tees.

But pool parties are rather strict with what you have to wear.

Given that it’s a pool party, women are mostly required to wear a swimsuit. They usually have to wear a wrap or a sundress on top of it. Plus, they are encouraged to wear heels and do their makeup and hair.

On the other hand, men are supposed to wear board shorts, T-shirt, and flip-flops or sandals. Outfits, including sneakers and sports jerseys, won’t get you farther than the admission door.

Each of the clubs has its dress code. It’s best to check the day club of your choice beforehand so that you prepare your outfit.

How Much Does it Cost?

Rates depend on the day club. The more well-known the club is, the more expensive it tends to get. But if you’re going to one, you should have some cash in your wallet.

Drinks cost around $12 to $15, and beers start at $8. Many other drinks are around $30 to $50.

Getting into a pool party in Vegas can start from $20 to $50 for girls and $30 to $75 for the guys. But that’s usually just the cover charge to get into the club alone.

If you want to get a table, bottle service, or other amenities and services available, those would be additional charges. Additionally, you have to pay for the service fees. Prices don’t include tips either.

When do Pool Parties Start?

Pool parties in Vegas start around March and continue until October. That means you have months to prepare. You can check out day clubs in the city and find the place where you feel you would enjoy best.

Vegas generally has hot weather, so pool parties are incredibly popular.

Experiencing the party life, whether at a day or nightclub, is a must-do when you’re in Vegas. And don’t worry, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.