Being Fashionable need not be Expensive

One of the greatest misconceptions people have is that fashionable needs to be expensive. The reason for this misconception is that most fashion bloggers tend to write about the big fashion brands. The truth is, if you are making an average living, you may be discouraged if you assume that all fashion accessories are costly.

The more expensive brands make a lot of money. They can spend money on marketing, press releases and hold shows. Therefore, most of the information online will be spoon fed to those fashion bloggers.

Enough of that. How can you look fashionable without breaking the bank?

Make one investment at a time

When you have a little money to spend on clothes and shoes, do not go for the cheap stuff that you see while you shop. Choose one nice stuff at a time and go with it. It is best to go for one that is not too, but that will last that several cheap ones that will not last for as long as you need them to.

Do a review of what you have

People tend to accumulate things and sometimes end up holding on to things that are rarely used. Therefore have a good look at what you have and make a list. Do you have too much pink and no blue? Do you have hundreds of clothes but none are the 21st century?

What about your shoes? Choose the clothes that fit the vision you have for yourself. You may want to take one day off and try on all the clothes. Get rid of all the things that are not great or that do not fit.

If you find that the items you no longer use still look great, consider selling or trading them. This way, you will create enough money to buy the clothes that will suit your style a great place to sell your items is eBay.

Material quality

Knowing the quality of the jewelry, you intend to buy is very essential. The market is flooded with different wristwatches of different designs and quality. With consideration of your woman’s style, it will be easy to find the ultimate diamond rings for women that she will be proud of.

Therefore you must ensure that the material fits your style, dress code, and makeup. If you are buying the watch as a gift to a friend, ensure you understand their taste and favorite colors.


Designer pieces for women are loved worldwide give every woman a classy appearance. Taking into consideration the type of watch design is very essential. This will help you eliminate all the possibilities of getting confused by the different options.

However, not all designer pieces are suitable for certain fashion styles. Some may have an admirable design but have a poor construction style.


It’s easy to get overpriced for a watch that is of low quality or does not meet the qualities of your best watches. Watch prices vary with style. Vintage watches are commonly overpriced but work great to ensure that the woman’s taste is diversified. Doing a deep research on different watch will give you a standard price that you can trade for.


When buying a watch for your girlfriend or yourself, your occupation must be considered. Occupation determines her dress code and style. This will also help you choose the right design of the jewelry with notable colors. Women, who work in an official environment, will need a stylish watch that does not outshine your style or does not diminish your dress code.


Shopping for a watch that you will love and never get bored of is not easy. This can be a very complicated task. However, with these tips it is difficult to make mistakes. Plan and do a detail research without overlooking minor details. Additionally, be flexible and open to changes in case you buy the wrong watch. The process may not be a smooth one but it will be a worthwhile journey.

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