4 Essential Types of Footwear That Every Man Should Own

The stereotypical male is not likely to have a closet full of shoes and boots. Even so, there is no such thing as a pair of shoes that are perfect for all occasions. Even men who prefer to live simply need footwear that’s right for whatever they plan on doing next. Here are examples of four kinds of shoes by Merrell that need to be on hand at all times.

Something For the Workplace

The type of footwear you need for work depends on the nature of your employment. Men who work in offices need at least one or two pair of dress shoes for men that will go with their suits and other office attire.

Men who work construction and other types of outdoor jobs will need footwear designed to hold up well to the elements and provide protection for the feet. Even men who work inside in casual settings will want shoes that offer excellent support while they walk and stand on hard concrete floors most of the day.

Something For Exercising

There are shoes by Merrell designed for all sorts of physical exercise. A pair of walking shoes are fine for working out in the gym. The same is true for a pair of running shoes. They should provide excellent arch support, cushion the feet, and allow for a reasonable amount of air flow. Doing so eases stress on the ankles and lower legs, allowing you to get more benefits from your workouts.

Something for the Outdoors

Spending time outdoors is good for the mind as well as the body. Camping, hiking, or even doing yardword all require investing in shoes for men that are durable, comfortable, and hold up to a lot of wear. The same is true if you enjoy hunting and fishing.

It doesn’t hurt if they also keep your feet warm when the temperature is cooler. Always keep at least one pair of high-quality outdoor boots on hand.

Something For Formal Occasions

Even if you work in an office, your footwear will not be sufficient for any type of formal occasion. The black dress shoes that look so good at work will not look as nice when you slip into a tuxedo. It’s important to invest in a pair of formal shoes that will ensure you are properly dressed from head to toe.

Your best bet is to go with a pair of basic black formal shoes by Merrell rather than trying to go with anything that is currently trendy. Fads pass, but basic black is always in vogue. The right type of shoe design paired with a tuxedo you can dress up a little with the right accessories will serve you well for years.

Now women are desperate about choosing these or that pairs of shoes, Josef Seibel, Ara, Beautifeel, Clarks, etc. Men don’t need a huge collection of footwear to be well-dressed and prepared for anything. All they need is a few basic shoes for men that work for the types of activities they are likely to engage in sometime during the year. Take a good look at your collection today. If it’s lacking anything, it’s time to do a little shoe shopping.