Protecting Your Home from Fall Foliage Damage

Pumpkin spice season is upon us! As leaves start to turn color during the fall season, they also drop and collect around different areas of your home. Protecting your home from the potential damage these piles of leaves can do is important.

Learning how to make short work of these tasks is easy – and will still leave time to make the most of the season’s fun activities!

Prevent damage from leaves, trees, and other debris by cleaning up your yard regularly, clearing out your gutters, and investing in strategic landscaping placement. Let’s take a look at how to implement these stragegies.

Partake In Regular Yard Maintenence

Regular yard cleanup is essential for preventing damage to your home. Leaves that sit for a long time can affect grass health and cause infestation of pests, like rodents and bugs. It can also cause drainage issues, leading to flooding or other harm from water.

However, yard maintenance limits risks like these. Rake and clean up your yard regularly. Pay attention to your front porch and any outdoor spaces, as well. Doing this wards off massive cleanups at the end of the season.

Another bonus from this activity is that your curb appeal will increase. Don’t be surprised when you receive compliments about how beautiful your property looks! Round up your kids to make it a fun family game. First one to make five big leaf piles gets a prize!

Clean Out Your Gutters

Emptying your gutters is important when you are trying to keep your home safe from fall debris. This chore avoids clogging and potential water damage.

This job is best done with two people to keep you safe. You will need a ladder to reach the roof, and someone should hold it as you climb up. A preventative measure to help with this is installing gutter guards. These minimize how many branches or leaves get stuck, which makes this task less time-consuming .

Monitor your gutters consistently. This will make you aware of any possible harm to your roof. Roof replacements and repairs are pricey, so be proactive to save yourself money in the long run!

Be Strategic with Tree and Landscaping Placement

Lessen potential damaging effects associated with fall foliage by being strategic with the location of trees, bushes, or gardens around your house. It is best for trees to grow with lots of space around them so their roots do not compromise the safety of your foundation as they get bigger. It will also protect windows and your roof from any falling branches should a storm arise. Work with a landscaper or arborist to help plan these placements and plant all greenery safely.

Nature poses risks to your home beyond the fall season, too. It is important to protect yourself from the elements. Does your home insurance plan have the type of coverage you need? Freeway Insurance Reviews consistently rate the company highly if you are considering changing your plan. They offer a variety of affordable plans in towns and cities across the country. Call or email them to learn more about their plans in your area.

Keep Your Home Safe from Fall’s Debris

Shield your home from the risks that come from this season’s vegetation remains. If you keep up with neatening your yard, clearing out your gutters, and staying mindful of brush placement, these risks are minimized. Don’t forget to plan your weekends for these chores, but make sure you leave time for hayrides and pumpkin picking, too!