Here are three reasons why your wooden décor is damaged

Wood is a very dependable and durable material. Of course, a lot depends on the particular variety of wood, but for the most part, people can rely on wooden structures and items to last long and look good. With that being said, it is important to note that timber has a few very dangerous enemies that could damage it. Some protective measures can be taken to combat that. Here are three important reasons why wooden décor is damaged.

No. 1 – Rot

The No.1 and No.3 reasons on our list are quite related to one another, but they are very different nonetheless. Rot appears when the wood comes in contact with excess moisture for an extended period of time and a special sort of fungi appears.

Rotting isn’t an accident; it is a complex issue that takes time to develop. Sadly, it is mostly irreversible, meaning that if your wooden furniture or objects stay wet for too long and begin to rot, you’ll likely need to replace them.

No. 2 – Pests

Pests are not the most widespread cause of wood damage, but they are persistent and quite difficult to exterminate. Someone like a termite could chew wood and destroy an entire piece of furniture or an integral part of the building carcass.

Termites are more abundant in warmer environments, but if you notice them, quickly call the exterminators. Replacement of damaged goods could also be necessary.

No. 3 – Moisture

Moisture causes rot, but it can also damage wood in other ways. If water gets into gaps and under the surface, it can cause bumps and lumps which deform wood. A deformed piece of wood is not just non-aesthetic, it can also be a ticking timebomb which could cause the item to disintegrate and fall apart at any second.

If the moisture has caused lumps – it’s too late to fix and needs replacement. However, if you notice a leak and are able to prevent moisture damage, you can try and fix it before it gets out of hand. Otherwise, choose something waterproof, like charred wood from Degmeda which is breathable yet waterproof.