Four renovations that make your house more environmentally friendly

Living a more sustainable and environmentally aware lifestyle is a preoccupation for many people at the minute who are seeking ways to lessen their impact on the world around them. You might, for instance, have already switched to a plant-based diet and removed all unnecessary plastic from your lifestyle. However, did you know that there are also ways that you can make your house itself that bit greener? Take a look at this article for four renovation ideas that make your house more environmentally friendly.

  • Solar panels

Perhaps the first thing that most people think of when making green renovations to their homes is adding solar panels to their roof. Solar panels absorb sunlight, which is then converted into electricity, providing an excellent renewable energy source for your home. Although every home can benefit from solar panels, they are, of course, especially effective for houses that see a lot of sunlight for most of the year; if you live in a warmer state such Florida, it’s worth considering investing in solar panels. California has already mandated that all new houses are built with solar panels, suggesting that this is an eco-friendly trend that isn’t likely to go away.

  • Green roofing materials

Your roof must be strong enough to withstand regular weather extremes, from wind and rain to scorching hot temperatures, even if you live in a generally temperate climate. However, there are many green roofing materials and contractors on the market; for instance, New Wave Roofing identifies green roofing in Denver to ensure that your roof is both protective and environmentally friendly. For instance, choose shingles for your roof made from an eco-friendly material such as clay, slate, wood, or fully synthetic shingles made from recyclable thermoplastic.

  • Eco-friendly insulation

Having a properly insulated home can in itself lessen your house’s carbon footprint, as you are less likely to need to switch the central heating on whenever there is a drop in the temperature. However, as with roofing materials, there are many eco-friendly insulation materials for you to choose from. For instance, cotton batts made from recycled blue jeans, scraps are among the most eco-friendly insulation materials available. Or, for a completely natural option, you could get home insulation made from sheep’s wool, which not only helps to regulate the temperature of your home but is also fire retardant.

  • Use reclaimed lumber

Your home renovation might involve structural alterations, such as splitting a room in two or building an extension. When doing this, use reclaimed lumber for woodwork. Using reclaimed lumber decreases the demand for newly sourced lumber, which not only decreases deforestation; it also decreases the use of environmentally hazardous materials used to manufacture new products. Using reclaimed lumber can also give additional interest and history to your home, making it unique in every way. Reclaimed lumber can be found from many different sources, from railway sleepers and old barns to decommissioned buildings, schools, and other homes going through renovations.