Beautiful and Modern: 5 Home Trends to Consider in 2019

Want to create the space of your dreams and increase the value of your home all at once? Incorporate these 5 beautiful and modern home trends for 2019.

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In 2017, Americans spent $316 billion on home improvements and this figure continues to rise year upon year. Are you planning to join the fray?

If you’re going to be making changes, you may as well be on trend, especially if you’re planning to sell your home soon.

Drop that color chart, pull up a chair, and check out the most happening home trends for 2019 first.

1. Old is New Yet Again

Something old may be nothing new as far as trends in home decor go, but vintage keeps reinventing itself and cropping up in new ways.

This year, it’s retro pendants and sconces that are in the limelight.

There are so many ways to incorporate a little bit of yesteryear in your modern home design.

Versatile velvet is back, making an appearance in soft furnishings, sofas, and drapes. Primary colors and graphic shapes a la the Memphis movement are back from the eighties to lighten our lives.

Old style tin panels are making an appearance in ceilings and backsplashes once again. Mixed metals are staying the course – get creative with silver and gold, bronze and stainless steel in the same spaces.

2. Getting Together Around the Table

Smaller homes have meant the demise of the dining room. Yet, all is not lost – the kitchen nook is back, albeit with a difference.

The continued preference for open-plan spaces means kitchen islands and free-standing counters are on their way out to make space for dining tables.

Now you can entertain your guests while you finish up cooking or enjoy those comforting kitchen-table-talks over coffee that filled your childhood.

Banquette kitchen nooks are taking a window seat everywhere there’s space. With a bit of creativity, you can fit a bench seat in anywhere. Designers are using empty entryways, half walls and blank walls to bring comfort and communal dining back into the kitchen.

3. Sexy Statement Pieces

Goodbye linear design, hello curves. Chairs, coffee tables, and other furniture are all taking on a more rounded appearance with soft edges, smooth fabrics, and puffy seating.

It’s almost the sixties all over again, but not quite there yet.

Another eye-catching development in trendy decor is the statement ceiling and floor. Painting your own floors is the DIY movement of the decade and one of the few places where geometric is still on trend.

Finish it all off with the high drama of an eye-catching console table. First prize is a custom-designed artisan piece although a one-of-a-kind flea market find will do just as well.

Who doesn’t love a four-poster bed? They’re the comfort food of the furniture world and they’re creeping back into all the best bedrooms.

4. Embracing Mother Earth

The color and vibrancy of nature itself are at the heart of 2019 design trends. Even Pantone’s color of the year, living coral, tips a hat to Mother Nature.

Other natural tones and hues are highly fashionable this year too, bringing granite, wood, marble, and pebbles into the home.

Floral is in, even for wallpaper, and the real thing in the form of potted plants is still big news.

Daylight is being invited to the party, and swish outdoor spaces are more important than ever before.

Green innovations are the perfect way to compliment a natural theme in your house.

This extends to using ethically-sourced sustainable materials, recycled and recyclable items throughout. Frivolity is out. Simplicity and purpose are in.

We have the up-and-coming generation to thank for this ongoing focus on eco-friendly options.

It’s just one of the recent home design and decor trends made popular by millennials. Read more here about how this influential set is impacting home design.

5. Black is Back and Red is Too

Black never really went away but it’s back in focus this year. Add a little drama with furniture, prints, finishes, fixtures and even walls in this somber shade. Black is making its way into bathrooms once again.

Millennial pink is still hanging in there fitting in with the feminine tones and warm colors that are so in vogue right now. Think blush, bronze, and dusty pink.

Say goodbye to gender differentiation in your design. Pink isn’t just for girls anymore.

If you have a lot of white space in your home, liven it up with daring indigo, emerald, and hunter green accents. Tonal reds are creeping back into living spaces to add fiery warmth and a comforting vibe.

Burnt yellow brings cheer, happiness, and life to any room.

Kitchens are also stepping away from clinical colors. Grey and white are still okay, but you can add some spice by painting cabinet doors, redoing your backsplash, and adding bold brassy taps.

Home Trends That are Out in 2019

Fashion is fickle. Some elements that were all the rage last year have fallen out of favor now. These are:

  • Lacquered furniture
  • Rose gold
  • White quartz counters
  • Overdoing the mid-century vibe
  • Succulents
  • Excessive eclecticism
  • Statement upholstery

It’s sad to see some of these old favorites go but when it comes to home design, onward and upward is the way to go.

You never know what the next flavor of the month will be, so it pays to stick with timeless classics when it comes to expensive design items.

Own Your Space

One of the biggest and most refreshing new trends in home decor for 2019 is making your own decor choices and sticking by them.

Do what makes you happy. Add your unique personal touches wherever you see fit.

Whether you love one of the above home trends or like to mix it up from corner to corner, you’re the one that has to live with it.

Be bold, stay inspired, and keep reading my blog to stay on top of what’s hot and what’s not in the world today.