A First-timer’s Guide to Getting a Maid Service Chicago for Your Home

One of the best feelings is coming home to a pristine-looking home. Everything is in order. The windows, floor, and tables are clean. No unwashed and dirty dishes are lying all over the kitchen sink.

But not everyone has the time to do some home cleaning. Sure, you can keep it clean, but not as flawless as when you’ve spent hours on cleaning.

That’s why a maid service in Chicago is a common choice. It helps Chicagoan homeowners keep their homes in order.

What is a Maid Service and How Much Does It Cost?

Maid service is also known as a cleaning service. As the name suggests, it’s an outsourced help where you hire people from a company to clean your home. You can choose from one-time services to recurring types.

A maid service Chicago can have varying rates. Some charge hourly rates while others have a fixed price depending on the services that will be rendered.

The average hourly rate for a maid cleaning service is $25 to $90 per individual. It is based on the national rate. The same average rate is also applicable in Chicago.

However, rates are slightly lower when you choose recurring services.

The size of your home can significantly affect the rates. A small house will be more comfortable and faster to clean than a large home. That said, you will have to spend less if you have a two-bedroom bungalow than a four-bedroom type.

Additionally, the conditions of your home at that point in time as well as the services that will be rendered are also considered. Most maid cleaning services offer upholstery and carpet cleaning as well.

You can get a free consultation from most companies. Their team will visit your home before your chosen date. From there, they’ll inspect what is needed to be done and will estimate the final costs.

Do You Have to Tip?

If you’re hiring maids from a company, it’s unnecessary to tip them. Also, they won’t be expecting some extra gratitude from their clients.

However, it’s not against the rule. You can certainly give them any amount. But, it’s best to add it along with your payment. Various companies pool the tips so that they can distribute it equitably among all their workers.

Tipping is also one good way of letting your housemaid help know you like their services. It creates a mutual understanding and is the right ways of helping your household help get through their daily needs. Though an excellent initiative, it is not required.

Do You Have to Be Present When They’re Working?

It is entirely up to you. The people you hire will work regardless of whether you’re in or you’re not. You can leave a spare key for them if you feel like they’re trustworthy enough.

But for most people, they try to be present during the first cleaning sessions. It can give you an insight on how reliable they are. Plus, you can provide them with instructions when needed.

Before hiring a particular company, it’s essential to know what others are saying about them. Be sure they are reliable, and there is nothing but praise for their work.