4 Fun Suggestions On What to Do With Your Basement

You have a basement, but what’s it doing for you? If the answer is nothing, now is the time to change that. Homeowners all over the area have called contractors to help them convert their

Markham basements into functional living spaces. Here are some ideas on what you could do with the basement.

Another Bedroom For a Growing Family

The family continues to grow and some of the kids are now sharing their rooms with siblings. That’s fine when they are younger, but wouldn’t your eldest child love to have his or her own space? You can make it happen by calling an Ajax basement contractor and converting the basement into a bedroom.

The first occupant of the new bedroom will love having space they are responsible for keeping tidy. In the years to come, the other kids will each have a chance to claim the basement as their own. Doing so ensures everyone in the family feels less cramped and there’s a way for everyone to enjoy a little more privacy.

A Suite for Your Guests

What happens when you have guests for the weekend? Do some of the kids give up their rooms so the grandparents have a place to sleep? If you convert the basement into a guest quite, everyone gets to stay in their own bedrooms.

Your guests will love having their own space. Consider including a kitchenette in the space complete with a small refrigerator and range top. It wouldn’t hurt to add a full bath in one corner of the space. That makes it all the easier for your guests to feel more at home. It also helps to prevent lines forming outside the bathroom upstairs. A contractor who has converted quite a few

Markham basements can provide some practical suggestions.

A Family Room Everyone Can Enjoy

The nice thing about a family room in the basement is that no one sees it without being invited into the space. It’s fine if the kids leave their games set up or you leave your craft project on a table. Keep the upstairs tidy for guests who drop by and let the family live comfortably in the family room. Your Ajax basement contractor can provide some ideas of how to choose features for the space and ensure its practical and comfortable.

Your Own Craft Room

Are you tired of having to gather your craft project off the dining room table when company is coming? Would you like to have a space where all your supplies can be organized and easily at hand? Many contractors have converted Markham basements into craft rooms that are complete with plenty of overhead lighting, lighting for detail work, and even plenty of cabinetry to keep supplies organized.

Do you have an idea of how to put your basement to good use? Call an Ajax basement contractor today and arrange for a consultation. After taking a look at the basement and determining what it will take to finish and convert the space, the professional will provide a quote for materials and labor. In just a month or two, the basement will be one of your favorite rooms in the home.