6 Healthy Lifestyle Changes You Must Consider Right Away!

Staying fit and healthy requires effort but can also be fun. Life is more fun when you have a surplus of physical vitality and are running around feeling great all of the time. The respiratory attacking COVID-19 is giving us another reason to take control of our physical health. Here are seven powerful ways to do so.

  • Build all other habits around physical exercising
  • Yoga keeps you flexible and deep breathing uses all of the lungs
  • Keep healthy and fit to have fun and remain playful
  • Take responsibility for your knowledge-reading
  • Increase oxygen levels in your bloodstream
  • Eat iron-rich foods
  • Grow indoor plants

Make exercise a priority

Make exercise the main priority to enhance and maintain youthful vitality levels. Diet, meditation or nutritional supplements need to be built around physical exercising for increasing energy. If you have the choice of juicing your green leafy vegetables or going for a bike ride and having to eat a fast-food bacon cheeseburger, the bicycle ride will increase your energy levels more than the juicing vegetables will. Just do not make a habit of choosing the cheeseburger over the vegetables all of the time.

Vigorous exercise keeps air flowing through our system, our lungs strong and avoid the buildup of blocking stagnated toxins and blood clumps that blocks our circulation. Exercise routines should include challenging cardio, strength training and flexibility.

Yoga to keep your joints and lungs in shape

Your physical energy levels will suffer if your lungs cannot fully inhale air and oxygen. Your lungs and the respiratory system must be strong enough to distribute air and oxygen to your cells and blood. Your strength and vitality levels will remain high in extreme hot and cold weather conditions when your respiratory system is strong.

See yourself enjoying the advantages of the changes you are making immediately

You should enjoy the advantages of why you are spending money on supplements, whey protein powder or exotic green leaf vegetables. Think of increasing your physical energy as doing things for your cardio.

If you want to have energy because you want the stamina to finish a marathon next year, those goals are fine, but you need to see substantial benefits within the next couple of days. If you are increasing your energy levels to get through an aerobics class to fit into a size three jeans and you are starting at fifty pounds overweight, that is realistic, but too far ahead. You need to experience benefits now. Benefits are simply great health to have fun. For example, in yoga class, you will get into poses and breath deep. You are breathing in air and oxygen while parts of your respiratory system are opened from different angles.

Change your purpose of why you are making the changes. You can get the same cardio workout as you do in an aerobics class by going to a nightclub with your girlfriends and dancing all night, but you do have to dance aggressively to every song back to back for 45 minutes to an hour. You also must drink water to leave all alcohol along. You can drink nonalcoholic beverages; mudslides, colorado bulldogs (coke and milk) or orange juice.

Increase oxygen flow in your bloodstream

Oxygen in the bloodstream always was necessary for breathing easy, strong lungs and strong heartbeat. You must take responsibility to keep oxygen flowing through your bloodstream as a necessary precaution against COVID-19.

Low oxygen flowing through the bloodstream is caused by obesity. Obesity is caused by a lack of or insufficient exercise. The exercising has to be intense or at least challenging. Everyone was thrilled when the experts writing fitness magazine articles said walking is a complete fitness exercise routine. This was about 20 years ago. Everyone who started walking programs would not listen to anyone telling them they are not doing anything. They reminded me the professionals said walking is all the exercise they needed.

Walking can increase oxygen to the cells. You have to walk with the intensity equal to a marathon race walker. The fitness experts were writing articles that sold the magazines. I think people who put the effort into their fitness programs that built up a strong cardio system have a better chance of fighting the COVID-19 today.

Knowledge is power

Everyone right now would love to have knowledge on how to strengthen their respiratory system. Coronavirus attacks the human energy system and zaps physical energy. Reading different publications on ways to increase your energy and vitality gives you information that puts you in control of your energy levels.

Eat Iron-Rich Foods

Vinegar, any food with lemon and drinking any wine are blood thinners. Very often people feel tired because their red blood cell count dropped to low. Eating iron-rich foods will give you an immediate energy boost. Green leaf vegetables are rich in iron. Some dark green leafy vegetables include bok choy, romaine lettuce and spinach.

These are ways to boost your energy levels. Many of these I do every day. It is incredibly important that you do everything you have control over to stay strong and healthy.