5 Tips to Help You Get Your 5 a Day

A fibrous diet is extremely beneficial for our bodies. It helps to clean out buildup and bacteria from our intestines and reduces the risk of developing colon cancer. Fiber will help with regular toilet habits and will ensure stools and bowel movements are soft and consistent. This will help with constipation. Eating your 5 a day is one way to increase your daily fiber consumption. It can also minimize the risk of a number of serious health conditions. If you struggle to eat your 5 a day, or want to get creative with it, here are 5 tips to increase your intake.

Start in the Mornings

In order to get your 5 a day, you should start in the morning. Adding up to two portions of fruit to your first meal of the day can motivate you to stick to this healthy eating pattern. There are many ways you can get creative with fruit in the mornings. For example, you can consider adding a handful of berries onto your cereal or oatmeal, or eating half a grapefruit with your banana and peanut butter toast.

Choose Healthy Snacks

When you need an energy boost in the middle of the day, then you should choose healthy fruit or vegetable snacks, instead of fried or sugary alternatives. The carbohydrates that are found in fruit and veg are fantastic sources of energy. Combining this healthy, fibrous snack with a protein serving, such as cheese, yoghurt or peanut butter, will provide you with an extra serving of energy too.

Drink a DIY Smoothie

If you have a busy lifestyle and struggle to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your meals, then you should consider drinking some of your 5 a day. Making your own fruit and vegetable smoothies is the best route to take, as you can control what is in it and reduce your calorie and sugar intake, which can be high in shop bought versions. In order to make your juice drinks, you will need to research healthy recipes and look online for best blenders.

Try New Recipes

Trying new recipes or different varieties of fruits and vegetables in the week is a great way to keep your 5 a day interesting and to experiment with food. If you have the time to get creative, you can make your own root vegetable loaf of bread or zucchini pasta. By trying new things, you may come across a meal you love. You should select products that are in season, however, to reduce your carbon footprint.

Double Up Your Meals

Doubling up on your fruit and vegetable portions during meals is a great way to get 5 or more of your daily essentials. If you have 2 of your 5 a day during breakfast, lunch and dinner, then you can feel satisfied knowing that you have eaten more than the daily recommendation. People love variety and again, trying new recipes and getting creative is the perfect way to double up on your meals.

Eating your 5 a day can be delicious and fun. It is a great goal to set yourself and can benefit your health in a number of different ways. It can also make you feel more energized and functional.