Why an ABSN program is a great path for a nursing career

If you are considering changing careers or are just starting in the work world, nursing can be a great choice. There are many paths to take as a nurse, including specialties and managerial opportunities. Find out below why enrolling in an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program makes sense.

Start your dream career sooner

The ABSN is a fast-paced approach to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Within only one year, you can complete the program and be en route to be a practicing nurse.

If you have been thinking about pursuing a career helping others, then you are likely eager to start working in a hospital or another healthcare setting. With an ABSN designation, you can start sooner at the job than you would for a traditional BSN that takes a few years or longer, depending on the program.

Many employers prefer a Bachelor of Science in Nursing

While there are different routes to take education-wise to become a nurse, several employers prefer a BSN degree for its depth of experience and knowledge. Between the coursework and clinical rounds, a BSN prepares students to do well on the job and adapt to change effectively.

While an RN license will get you into the field, a BSN degree is a higher level of education. For that reason, many bosses in the healthcare industry prefer you have a BSN or ABSN degree. The ABSN is equally valid as the BSN, all the while providing the benefit of getting you into the area of nursing sooner.

Save yourself time and effort later

Getting an ABSN now will mean that you won’t have to head back to school later if you only get an RN license right now. If you want to move onto higher-paying positions higher up the career ladder in a few years, then you would likely have to return to school for the degree to open those advanced opportunities.

By that point, you might have more responsibilities than you do now. For example, you might have kids or be caring for your aging parents in the next short while. Pursuing education now while you have fewer obligations than in the future makes sense; it will save you time and effort down the road if you decide to pursue upper-level positions in the healthcare industry.

Open the door to more opportunities

On a related note, a degree from this list of ABSN programs will typically provide you with access to higher-up job postings than if you are an RN without advanced education. Thus, you can look forward to taking on a range of roles that are higher up than a registered nurse in the hospital, if that’s of interest.

Even if you think right now that you want to work as an RN and not pursue any other role, getting a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree now can provide you with the chance to explore your options later. If you find that after a few years you want to do something else, you already have the education to be able to do so.

Among the BSN jobs available are clinical research nurse, nurse educator, nursing director, and nurse manager. This is not an exhaustive list; there are many other positions available to you with the thorough education you receive as an ABSN graduate.

Pursue an in-demand role

Nursing is a field that is in high demand. With an aging population, there is a rising demand for additional healthcare services.

But you must have the proper training to pursue this line of work. Providing quality care to patients requires learning and practice, which you get by going back to school.

Knowing that there will be a 15-percent growth in jobs for RNs by the year 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, gives you the peace of mind that you will have job security. Rather than wondering whether you will have a job by the time you reach graduation, you will know that there are many doors open to you, according to this forecast.

What to expect as an ABSN student?

Get the preparation needed to be a practicing nurse or move to other positions in the future, such as a nurse manager who oversees a team. During the program that spans less than a year, you can anticipate a fast-moving program that includes courses, labs, and clinical placements.

An online ABSN program can accommodate a busy schedule and enable you to work while completing your studies. While you need to meet project deadlines and sit tests, you can complete them during the hours that work for you, whether that is early morning, afternoon, or evening. Research shows that younger adults are the most productive in the afternoon.

The nursing labs also form a portion of the program. These labs provide a place to practice your nursing skills safely without endangering patients. As for the clinical placements, they provide you with experience in a real-life setting to improve your techniques and feel more at ease when working in the area of nursing after graduation.

On salaries

Your earning potential will improve when you choose a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program as opposed to an RN license. While nursing is not a career to pursue solely for the money, having a good salary means you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Of course, the compensation will vary by experience, location, the specific position, and other factors.

Conclusions on the ABSN Program

As you embark on a nursing career, the accelerated track is one to consider so that you complete the BSN degree in under a year. Doing so enables you to enter the field in less time than the traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program.

With the degree, you will have many job options, which makes nursing a versatile career field. With many jobs projected to be created in the future, you can return to school knowing that your future is secure.

Nursing is a field that many students pursue for its flexibility and the positive impact on patients. Helping others is a rewarding way to spend your day, and the dream job is one that you can make a reality when you go back to school.