The best degrees for career stability

Career stability isn’t what it used to be. Back in the day, you could land yourself a guaranteed job and stick with it until retirement. This is becoming less and less common, with more redundancies and higher unemployment. Anyone that has experienced job insecurity will know that it’s not a happy time. Being unemployed or constantly thinking about getting laid off is bound to cause stress. So, what career should you pick if you want a stable and guaranteed job? This guide will look at some of the most stable careers out there.


Every business needs an accountant. Whether they’re a one-man operation or a multinational conglomerate, they need someone (or a whole team) to help them balance the books. It’s just part of the cost of doing business. Some people might tell you that with the increase of automation, there is less demand for accountants, but this isn’t the case. In fact, the predicted growth of the accounting profession is around 10% over the next 10 years. One of the best things about being an accountant is that you can move easily between different industries. You don’t need to know a product or service inside out to balance the books. This makes it much easier to pick up a new position.


The world will always need teachers. This noble profession has been around since records began, and it’s growing all the time. It’s also one of the most secure professions there is. A good teacher can easily pick up a job wherever they go. From kindergarten to high school, teaching is a rewarding job that offers new challenges every day. College teaching isn’t as stable, thanks to the higher competition and specific entry requirements. However, if you can get tenure, you can enjoy complete job security.

Doctors/ Dentists

If you really want to give back to your community, and you have the grades to do it, working in healthcare is one of the most rewarding professions there is. It’s also really well paid. However, if you’re just chasing money and success, you should consider an easier path. Becoming a doctor or dentist requires years of hard work and dedication. And, you might not make it all the way.


Nursing is a slightly easier path into healthcare and is just as rewarding as being a doctor or dentist. With accelerated nursing programs, you can get fully qualified in as little as 16 months. However, don’t think that the life of a nurse is an easy one. They often have to work long and arduous shifts, pick up a lot of the slack and deal with some seriously traumatic situations. If you can hack it, you will get the opportunity to help a lot of people. Plus, you will always be in high demand.

Software Development

We’re living through the Age of Information, and software developers are on the front lines. If you’re serious about tech and you want to make your mark in the internet age, becoming a software developer is an exciting and well-paid career. With the right skills, you can be part of the machine that is making this world a better place to live. Plus, as a software developer, you can pretty much work from anywhere in the world.


If you’re worried about robots taking over, you should pick a career that’s safe from automation. Working in care is something that will always be done by humans. Sure, it’s not the most glamorous career choice, but it is extremely rewarding and easy to find work. You will work with the most vulnerable people in society and help them get through the day-to-day.

Computer Science and Information Technology

This covers a lot of the other computer-based positions available. If you’re a tech geek with a knack for picking up new skills, a career in computer science and information tech is an excellent choice. It covers everything from network administrators to web developers and everything in between. This is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, so it’s a great place to be if you’re looking for job security.


This is one of the most stable career paths around. In a world that is constantly being built, there is always a demand for engineers. Be warned, though; you will need some pretty solid grades in mathematics and science. Plus, you’ll need an appropriate bachelor’s degree. However, once you’ve gained all the right qualifications, you will be almost guaranteed a job.

Police Officers and Detectives

If you’re looking for a stable career, you should definitely consider joining the police. There will always be crime, and there will always be a need for people to keep the peace. It’s not an easy job and comes with its fair share of stressful situations, but it can be extremely rewarding. Police officers and detectives also benefit from strong unions and great pensions. That means you can secure your retirement without having to save extra money.

Truck Drivers

Some people think that all cars will eventually be self-driving. That may be true but being a truck driver is a great job for the time being. Goods need to be moved around the country, and there is always a demand for drivers. If you fancy a life out on the open road, you should consider this career. Be warned, though; it can be a lonely life if you’re not great at being on your own.

Military Careers

Fancy a career serving and protecting your country? Then perhaps a military career is right for you. You will benefit from amazing job stability, but the career also comes with some significant downsides. For example, you will have to leave your family for months at a time, and you might have to go and serve in a dangerous and unstable region. On the plus side, you can work your way up the ranks, earn decent money, and travel the world whilst getting paid. It’s one of the most exciting and adventurous careers around, but it’s not for everyone.