How Has Mobile Gameplay Affected The Slots Industry?

For many people, when someone mentions the word ‘slot games’, their first thought is going to go not to the many slot machines lining up in casinos across the world, but instead to the hundreds of different slot games that can be played online. The world is becoming much more virtual and much less physical, and when it comes to playing slots and easier online casino payment methods, this trend is one that looks set to continue.

But the online slots industry is not limited to laptop or desktop computers – far from it. Today, all kinds of mobile devices are on hand (literally) to allow people to play online slots wherever and whenever they want to.

How has this ability to play slots anywhere and everywhere affected the slots industry?

More Players

The first point to think about when answering the question of how mobile gameplay has affected the slots industry is the number of people who are now able to play these games who wouldn’t have been able to before. Mobile gameplay has opened up slots and online casino games in general to a much wider audience.

For one thing, we all seem to be incredibly busy all the time. Work takes up so much of our day, and then attempting to socialise, spend time with family, take part in hobbies… it all adds up so that even our free time is much more limited than it ever was in the past. If physical casinos were the only option, only a small percentage of those wanting to play would be able to make it there to do so. With online gaming on mobile devices, everyone has the same chance.

Plus mobile gaming opens up whole new world to those with disabilities that might make it difficult for them to head to a physical casino or betting shop to play. And of course, it means you can spend just a few minutes playing whereas the journey to and from the casino would take a lot of time.

More Money

With more and more people enjoying the chance to play, that means more and more money is being put into the slots industry. This can only be a good thing; designers and developers will be able to spend more time creating additional games which in turn makes the entire experience a much more fun one – seeking out new slots and trying them out is all part of the enjoyment factor.

And of course, when more money is being put into the slots (albeit virtually), the prizes and jackpots are going to be bigger and more frequent, and this benefits everyone.

More Regulations

The bigger the mobile slots industry gets, the more regulations need to be put into place to ensure that people aren’t scammed, don’t lose all their money, and can play safely. They are also put in place to ensure that casinos are able to work efficiently, and that the gaming developers are able to continue their work.