Essential Equipment for Your Landscaping Business

If you have a burning passion for all that is garden design, or a bright idea for a fantastic new brand, then pouring your efforts into making your landscaping business thrive could be the ideal avenue for you.

It takes more than a blissfully creative mindset, however, as the tools and equipment required to take on the biggest jobs range from the tiny to the tremendously large.

If you have the business plan, the ambition and the drive to get your enterprise up and running, here are some essential tools you may want to add to your collection.

Riding Mowers

Landscaping usually involves a great deal of mowing, and to get the highest level of precision possible, in the fastest and most efficient form, commercial lawn mowers are a must-have.

They are ideal for seamlessly navigating around obstructions, while still treating the lawn to the haircut of a lifetime. Moreover, you can save yourself a huge amount of time and energy when sat in the driver’s seat of a comfortable landscaping solution.

The Basics

It is important to get the basics covered if you expect to be delivering an all-encompassing service. Some of the essentials include hand trowels, shovels, garden forks, dibbers, rakes, pots, and of course, a decent pair of gloves.

A wheelbarrow is also incredibly handy to have around, as you will likely need to dispose of garden waste on a regular basis, and moving it one handful of twigs each time can take forever.

A great alternative to the wheelbarrow is a mini electric dumper, as this can help save you a great deal of physical strain, and it is a relatively cost-effective piece of easily transportable and reliable equipment.

Safety Gear

Along with a pair of thick gloves to protect your hands from any nasty thorns and toolkit accidents, investing in reliable safety gear is essential in protecting yourself in the heat of the action.

This might include safety goggles, hard hats and steel toe-capped boots, and making sure your overalls are sufficiently able to protect you is crucial.

Shredders and Wood Chippers

Disposing of waste material is a big part of the landscaping job, unless of course you decide to outsource that aspect. If you have the means to do so, however, this can make your services much more desirable, as having to wait for an external company to come and complete the removal can draw out the process significantly.

Shredders and wood chippers are great pieces of kit for breaking down excess material into manageable sizes. Better still, you can use the freshly chopped wood as natural flowerbed decoration or in some cases, as a superb fertilizer.

A Van

This may seem painfully obvious, but a van is usually an integral component of a well-maintained landscaping business.

Without the means to transport your equipment properly, or dispose of mess, you will likely find your business is confined to your local street.

It might be worth thinking about leasing or hiring a van, as this might prove economically beneficial in the long term.