Elite Email Advertising: 4 Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Are you a Mailchimp email marketer looking to improve advertising effectiveness? Click here to learn 4 effective email marketing strategies to dominate inboxes.

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Check your inbox.

You probably have at least one email from someone soliciting your business. Email marketing strategies are constantly evolving.

Because they work. You can pump up your own sales with the right email.

Here’s how.

1. Make It Pretty 

People have predictable preferences when they read online. They don’t want to stare at huge blocks of text.

You can break up it by using images, bullet point lists, etc. If you decide to send out a weekly or monthly newsletter, you should think about hiring a designer to create a template.

Play around with different fonts and colors as well. Too often, business owners stick to the default email option.

Your message doesn’t need to look like a piece of art but it does need to be broadly appealing. Test it out the design internally before you ship it out to your customers.

2. Give Something Away  

Nobody can resist free stuff. One of the best ways to drum up interest in your company is to offer something for free or a severely reduced price.

You don’t have to give away your actual product. Let’s say you work in financial services. You can offer a free e-book about how to get out of debt or how to save for big purchases.

If you sell a commodity like hats, try offering a steep discount. You’ll recoup the money later on if the person becomes a repeat customer.

Send the offer to everyone on your email list. As long as you give people the option to unsubscribe, you shouldn’t worry about bothering people. Your customers want to hear about good deals!

3. Be Personal- Not Gimmicky 

Being too personal can backfire spectacularly. Businesses really aren’t your friend. So it seems strange when they try to rely on a sense of intimacy that isn’t there.

If you know a customer frequently buys product A, you can add them to a list that receives a message whenever product A is on sale. The message is personal because it caters to their specific interests but it doesn’t overstep.

Be careful addressing people by their first name. It can be off-putting for some customers. It depends on your industry.

4. Email Tips 

It takes skill to craft the perfect email. Whatever your content is, there are style tips that have been proven to be helpful.

For example, keep the subject line short. If it’s too long, people will be less likely to open your email.

Send the email at the right time. You want your customers to be in a relaxed, browsing mood when they see your message.

Finally, keep track of all of your data. Analytics are critical.

Do most customers open the email? Have your sales been affected? A Pipedrive Mailchimp sync can help you keep track of everything.

Winning Email Marketing Strategies 

The best email marketing strategies are fluid. Don’t bind yourself to a rigid idea. Your customers will appreciate a customized approach.

Check out our blog for fresh ideas. We can help boost your sales.