DIY Data Recovery May Not Be a Good Option For You

Data recovery is not as easy as it sounds. Many factors need to be looked upon in a data recovery process. When you try attempting DIY data recovery, the chances are that you might end up making it even worse. There are three reasons that one should not attempt DIY data recovery.

  1. Hard drives are very delicate
  2. It’s not an easy task
  3. A wrong move and your hard drive is gone forever

Many individuals have come across to lose their hard drives permanently as they attempted to recover their data on their own. Most of the time what people do is, they bang the hard disk, put it in a freezer, shake it if it still doesn’t work, open it finally and dust it over. It does not help you to recover your data. Instead, it makes you prone to lose your data forever.

Reason #1 – A hard drive is a very delicate thing. You cannot handle it roughly. When you open it to look at what’s wrong inside, you don’t know that you are only making it weaker. A drive contains a lot of delicate components such as disk platters, actuator arms, spindles, etc. These components are so fragile that even a single bit of dust could harm them. This is the only reason that professional data recovery services like SalvageData work in a cleanroom so that these delicate components don’t fall victim to permanent data loss. The disk platters are crafted with glass, light aluminum alloy, and ceramic, and they contain the data in a hard drive. When something comes in contact with these platters, the dust, fingerprints, and debris tend to attract them.

Reason #2 – Data recovery is compared to rocket science. It is never an easy task, no matter what type of damage it is that you have with your hard drive. You need to have the accurate knowledge, apparatus, and a clean environment to handle with it. If you think that running disk repair utility would solve all your problems, you are wrong. Recovery tools are never drive-friendly as they leave the chance to overwrite it. One wrong option, and voila! You lose your data permanently.

Reason #3 – A typical data recovery setting needs a lot of things within it. It requires a cleanroom where even air cannot come through because the air may contain dust. It also comes with a particle enclosure that stops the dust to enter the room. The person who recovers the data wears an outfit along with protective gloves, masks, and many things so that the platters do not get in touch with any dust or debris. In a cleanroom, they control the temperature and humidity levels for the sake of the hard drive’s welfare.

Once you come across a mistake with DIY data recovery, you are never likely to recover it back. Hence, it is the best idea to hire data recovery services so that you can have your peace of mind and be sure that your data is going to be recovered safe and sound.