4 Ways You Can Spend Your Work Break

It’s important to remember that people aren’t robots, and if you want to succeed at work, it is vital that you take breaks. No one can concentrate for hours on end.

The question is, how should you spend your work break? There are four main options.

You can choose to play an online game briefly, opt to go for a walk and get some fresh air, talk to your colleagues in the break room, or even do some stretches near your desk. Doing these activities will improve your productivity, because you are momentarily allowing your brain to focus on another task.

1. Play an online game

Why not play an online game on your phone? Rather than spending time scrolling on Instagram, try a game that will force you to think creatively and even use your problem-solving skills.

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An online game is both a quick and easy way to spend your break, as it will allow your brain to focus on another task and give you a much-needed breather from your work.

2. Go for a walk

If you don’t have a looming deadline, why not go for a walk as Huffington Post suggests? This is beneficial if you have been sitting down at your desk for long periods of time, and it may even give your mind the creativity boost that it needs, given that you are surrounding yourself in a new environment.

Plus, you will get some much-needed exercise, which is always beneficial for your health and wellbeing.

3. Talk to your work colleagues in the break room

People are social beings, and it is for this reason that The Muse recommends that you talk to your coworkers during your break. Why not spend some time in your company break room? These are individuals that you likely have to work closely with on some projects, and it would benefit you to get to know them better.

Not to mention, you may find that you get along so well that you become friends in the process.

4. Do some stretches

In the event that you don’t have time to step away from the office to exercise, considering doing some stretches, instead. As Healthline states, stretching improves your health and stops your body stiffening up from sitting in the same spot for far too long.

Keep in mind that no matter how busy you are, you can always make room for a 10-minute break. Once you go back to your work desk, you will realize that you are more productive and your mind will not wander as much, either. It was exactly what you needed in order to revitalize your mind and wellbeing on a daily basis.

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