3 Tech Questions Every Growing Business Needs To Answer

In this day and age, no matter how you conduct your business, there is a strong chance that your company interacts with technology in some way, shape, or form. If you sell physical wares, you may use a mobile card reader to accept payment and if you’re a retailer, you may have an ecommerce website or you may store information about your customers on your servers.

As technology progresses, so too will the ways in which your business uses it, especially if your company is poised for growth over the next few years. And with this in mind, here are three tech-focused questions that every growing business needs to answer.

Can You Use Technology to Grow Your Business Even More?

Even as you already use technology in your business, why not ask how you can use tech to grow your business even more? Social media is especially seen as a simple way to grow your business, as there are more than three billion social media users who you can promote your business to.

Optimizing your website for mobile devices, which is where an increasing amount of people browse the web and considering how your site shows up on search engines are some more ways you can use tech to grow.

How Does Your Tech Stand Up to Pressure?

Speaking of content that ends up being a success on social media, is your business totally prepared and fully equipped in case a post goes viral? What happens if you get an unlikely celebrity endorsement that takes you off guard? Your website needs to be prepared for a sudden influx of users and it also needs to be able to adapt as your business gradually grows and entices more customers.

Managing huge amounts of traffic to your site, whether that’s due to a popular tweet or a sales event, can be done with a load balancer. A load balancer makes sure that traffic will be routed to an available web server, which will help to reduce server load and ensure that your systems can handle the increase of visitors.

Is Your Business Secure Enough?

If you deal with any sort of digital data (e.g information about payments, names or addresses) then security should already be of huge concern to you. It’s up to you to perform regular checks on your company’s security methods to ensure that sophisticated teams of hackers can’t infiltrate your data storage system, gaining access to sensitive information about your company or your customers.

Failure to make your business properly secure isn’t just a legal concern, but it can have significant financial ramifications. A PwC report recently revealed that 69% of customers believe that companies are vulnerable to hacks and cyberattacks, meaning that there already are concerns about data privacy and security in consumers’ minds. Any actual successful hack conducted against your company could worsen that already fragile perception, potentially driving your customer towards your more secure competitors.

Although technology can sometimes be difficult to get your head around, it can be incredibly beneficial to your company – and ignoring it isn’t helpful. It’s best to ask these questions and get the answers now, solving tech problems as your business grows.